I think what Ken Abreu is trying to say in his Sept. 15 letter “How to decide on a candidate,” is people should look at each candidate’s character when it comes time to selecting who to vote for between Trump and Biden.

The word character is defined by the Webster’s Dictionary as: 1). the sum total of the distinguishing qualities of a person or group; (2. a person having notable traits or characteristics; 3). a moral excellence and strength; and 4). a distinctive quality. When growing up in the ’60s and ’70s, we were taught by our parents, family, school and church that “character” meant being honest, forthright, steadfast, personable, compassionate toward others and have good morals, to list just a few of the qualities we all strived for. These are all qualities that Trump does not have.

The race between Trump and Biden for president is not about politics, because Trump does not have any politics. His only concern is what is good and profitable for himself. Trump just wants money and power. He’s a poor leader and manager. He’s a bully and a name-caller. He blames everyone else for his mistakes and ignorance. He’s told thousands of lies so far. He’s a pathological liar and a cheater. Trump has caused the divisiveness, violence and chaos in our country. Kellyanne Conway said it best when she recently said, “The more chaos and violence, the better for our side.”

Vote Trump out and vote Biden in.

Michael Oberg

San Mateo

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Gloria Gael

Chris's favorite pasttime is name-calling and defending our traitorous president - even when Putin sends mercenaries to kill US soldiers who fight to protect our country. His time might be better served by frequenting our local watering holes and fighting with police. But I know he's just too principled to do any such thing.

Terence Y

Ms. Gael-Hyslop, didn’t you previously write you wouldn’t waste your time or energy on hating Trump because he wasn’t worth it? But yet, here you are. I guess you’ve realized Trump is worth your time. Don't worry, it’s okay to vote for Trump. I’ll keep your secret.


Mike: Besides outlining Trump’s embarrassing lack of character, you managed to get some typical Trump supporters to expose their own lack thereof, as well as their misunderstanding of what your LTE was all about. Instead, their well known slant towards superstition came to light again, - as a substitute for meaningful comments, something we have learned to expect by now from someone with such low regard for the US Presidency that they find Trump not only acceptable, but preferable to a president with character, education and intellect.

Ray Fowler

Good afternoon, Jorg

I'm crushed. I submitted a couple of posts to this thread mentioning what you refer to as "superstition." Could explain why those posts are a "substitute for meaningful comments"? You're a daisy if you do...

Oops... I forgot to mention another reason so many Christians choose Donald Trump. Some of them feel abandoned by the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton referring to half of Donald Trump supporters in 2016 as a "basket of deplorables" was not a wise choice of words. Going back to 2008, Senator Barack Obama described many of those same folks as bitter, and added that some of them cling to their religion. He was described as an "elitist" and as someone who is "out of touch" with those voters. Who said such things about Barack Obama? Hillary Clinton.

Terence Y

Blah blah blah, Trump bad, you’re bad. Another JUNC (Jorg’s Umpteenth Nonsense Claptrap) comment. Why are Democrats committing elder abuse by pushing a brain-dead Biden, who has had two aneurysms, can barely utter a sentence, sniffs the hair of women and girls, and allows kids to scratch his hairy legs? Yeah, nice candidate with character and intellect you’re backing. Maybe you and Oberg can get together for a whine and cheese date and get on the right side of history, just watch out for Colonel Sanders.

Ray Fowler

Hello, Michael

About this time in 2016, Salena Zito wrote in "The Atlantic" that the media takes Donald Trump literally but not seriously, and his supporters take him seriously but not literally. It's unlikely that folks at MAGA rallies four years ago actually thought Donald Trump would build a wall along the border from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. However, they did think he would do a better job in trying to stop illegal immigration. The media? If they don't see a steel barrier along every inch of the border, they will write that Donald Trump is dishonest.

Does Donald Trump bluster and blather his opponents with bellicose rhetoric? Yes. IMO he would be better off attacking the failures of socialism instead of his opponents' personalities... but he doesn't... and the media takes the bait and swings at every pitch.

I would quibble with your point re: divisiveness, violence and chaos. They were not created by Donald Trump. Plus, your reference to Kellyanne Conway is wholly out of context. She pointed out that violence and chaos were hurting Democrats politically... she did not promote violence and chaos as a way to help Republicans.

I understand your position, but if the election was only about character, Bob Dole would have been elected president in 1996.


Ray, I take issue with "divisiveness, violence, and chaos were not created by Trump". Trump is front and center in the causation of hatred, anger, division and violence. Trump appeals to his base at every opportunity with name calling and untruths. The nonpartisan Anti-Defamation League has given the statistic of 100% of all domestic terrorism the last two years has been from young white right wing men using assault style weapons. 18X with 47 deaths. When was the last time Trump reached out all Americans on the pandemic, on healthcare, infrastructure? "Good people on both sides" indeed.

Ray Fowler

The political and cultural landscape over the past few decades have pushed different groups... or tribes... into isolation. That was happening well before Donald Trump even started to think about a run for the presidency.

The left owned the civil rights movement in the 1960s, and since then, our country has made great strides in overcoming racial inequities. That work is not over. However, the movement was not based on hate. However, hate and divisiveness have become the weapons of leftists. Identity politics is now the cornerstone of the left's strategy to divide not unite. That effort has been going on well before 2016. You have to look no further than Ferguson for proof. In 2014, a white police officer shoots and kills a young black man. Tragic. The left's hate becomes violence and chaos in the streets. But when the facts were examined... no indictment, no evidence of criminality, and no civil rights violations. Yet, even today, that incident is held up by the left as proof of systemic racism. Again, Americans were divided along the lines of the left's hate and identity politics before January 20, 2017.

That hatred continues. Remember Berkeley later in 2017? The leftist group Antifa shows up to prevent speakers from expressing their opinions. How did they accomplish this? Violence and chaos in the form of arson, assault and vandalism.

I won't act as Donald Trump's apologist and even try to defend what I termed earlier today his "bellicose rhetoric." I have not been to one of his rallies and don't plan on attending one. I see snippets of them on TV, and I'm guessing he addresses pandemic, healthcare and infrastructure at the rallies. Maybe not.

For the record, Donald Trump's remark about good people at Charlottesville refers to protestors for and against taking down Confederate statute... he did not include neo-Nazis or white supremacists in that grouping of good people.

Rel... we are on totally opposite sides of this issue. I am reminded of Voltaire's quotation... not the one most people think of... you, know... I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say. He never said that. What he did say was... think for yourself, and allow others the privilege to do the same. (Sorry... not exact quotes... from memory) So, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and allowing me to do the same.


Thank heavens for Pres.Trump, a man of outstanding character. Millions of Evangelical Christians would not be supporting him if that were not the case.

Tommy Tee

Outstanding (grab them by the *****) character. LOL

A man bereft of empathy and decency.


Lou: You mean the ones so detached from reality that they believe Adam&Eve started the human race and that the Noah’s Ark story was not made up? Oh, sure, - they would certainly back a liar and cheater like Donald Trump.

Terence Y

Look everyone! We have Tommy dishones-Tee and Jorg the JUNC (Jorg’s Usual Nonsense Comment) man colluding with hate of their great President Trump. Must still not be any contact from their Democrat overlords for their next hoax. I guess it is asking too much for these two lemmings to think independently.


Terence Y: Who are YOU, of all, accusing others of name calling? I believe psychologists call it projection.

Ray Fowler

Hey, Lou and Tommy

Some on the left and right scratch their heads while trying to figure out why Christians, in large numbers, support Donald Trump. Years from now, smarter people than me will probably figure out why. For now, it looks like Evangelicals may have made a deal with the devil.

Maybe not...

Donald Trump supports religious freedom in a way we don't see in the Democratic Party's platform. While some see Donald Trump's appearance at St. John's Church with a Bible during recent riots... riots not peaceful protests... as pandering to Christian voters, the left side of the aisle did not condemn the violence and chaos in out streets while it was happening. Plus, during their convention, the Democratic Party was silent on such violence and chaos. But the appeal of Donald Trump to Christians goes deeper.

Donald Trump has criticized China's treatment of its Muslim Uighur minority... Joe Biden doesn't have much to say about them. Donald Trump unabashedly takes on anti-Semitic elements in our own government. He has taken a stance against religious intolerance, and that appeals to a lot of people. But the key policy that draws Christians to Donald Trump is his pro-life stance. The Democratic Party goes so far as to ignore pro-life moderate Democrats. Donald Trump is the most pro-life president to serve, and the current Democratic Party ticket is probably the most pro-choice. That makes a decision to support Donald Trump an easy one for many, many Christians.

It's simply amazing that Democrats are already challenging a potential Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, based on her Catholic faith... the same faith practiced by Nancy Pelosi.

Christopher Conway

Michael- we get it, you hate Trump. Next time try not to just copy and paste one of your old letters because they all sound the same. Orange mad bad, we need to replace him with Old Mush brains. Can't wait for a new replacement for RBG who came up a little short in her game to cheat death and hold on to power. The death of RBG definitely let's us know that God is on our side and this is what happens when you think you own a seat on the Supreme Court. Uh, sorry, no you don't and Trump is going to prove that to you this week. Ding, dong the witch is dead.

Tommy Tee

Ding dong the witch is dead, God is on your side? Making God a Republican or Democrat by saying he's on "your side" is to set aside the second commandment as no longer relevant. Such attitudes, indeed, betray the commandment by placing God on a side. And your "ding dong the witch is dead" comment is far from Christian. If you are going to profess to be a Christian, you should act like one. RBG did much for the country. Your wife, daughters, and all the women you know have benefitted from her good work. RBG was a champion not only for women’s rights, but for all human rights and justice under the law.

Terence Y

Uh-oh, Tommy insincere-Tee is at it again, this time by trying to claim the moral high ground while he continues to spew lies and divisiveness. Don’t forget the wives, daughters and other women who you will never know who have benefitted from Ginsburg. I’m surprised Tommy mendaci-Tee isn’t blaming the Russians for her death. Maybe his twin, Jorg, will take up that cause.

Christopher Conway

Hey Tommy- Christians want witches dead, it's what we do - just for your information. Can't help getting the tune "When the Saints Come Marching In" out of my head today. I just feel sorry for all the unborn little girls this woman assisted in stopping from taking their first breath. I am sure old Ruthy has a lot of explaining to do right now in front of St. Peter. Wouldn't want to be her.

Ray Fowler

I wondered how long it would take to introduce Ruth Bader Ginsburg's passing into this forum... not long.

A friend of mine sent me the MoveOn petition that objects to filling Justice Ginsburg's vacancy before inauguration day in 2021. I wrote to my friend, "Justice Ginsburg was a great American of intellect and accomplishment beyond reproach. Even persons who disagreed with her positions on legal matters agreed that her understanding of the law was second to none. While the term 'icon' is sometimes tossed around too loosely, it most definitely applies to Justice Ginsburg." However, I did not sign the petition.

Chris, I agree in principle with many of your viewpoints, but I disagree with your characterization of Justice Ginsburg. I just don't see how name calling advances the conversation.

I'm sure we'll now see an impassioned response from RBG's supporters.

Cindy Cornell

Ray Fowler - don't count on it. Most people are exceedingly disgusted by the right wing comments in this paper. It likely threatens the survival of the Daily Journal.

Ray Fowler

Hi, Cindy

Thanks for your expressing your viewpoint. Some persons contributing to the comments section resort to name calling and even refer in a mean spirited way to supporters of politicians they don't like. I think both sides give as good as they get...

I choose to treat both sides respectfully. I feel everyone can do so without being negative. It is a matter of choice.

Enjoy your week...

Terence Y

Well, Ms. Cornell, if you can stop the left wing-nuts in this paper from name-calling and insulting Trump and patriots, I’ll be glad to stop returning the favor. Until then, turnabout is fair play. And I think the SMDJ will do fine, as there appears to be plenty of left wing-nuts with a subscription.


Ray, you are asking for a miracle for Chris to stop his name calling.

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