Obama presented the flight of our manufacturing jobs overseas as a historical tide which cannot be fought or reversed, and instead proposed taking a college degree as the panacea to our unemployment problems and to the marked drop in earnings experienced by our middle class.

Forgetting the fact that historically only 30% of Americans earn college degrees and much fewer people actually use them to earn a living. Our good people followed his enlightened advice and the results are there for all to see: the scandal of fraudulent colleges that Obama’s administration had to close and the huge burden of student loans incurred by students who took the easy way of irrelevant degrees offered by yet another private enterprise gaming and half-baked progressive policy.

Meanwhile, we import large numbers of electronics engineers and computer scientists through immigration. Obama’s progressive voters thought and still think that slumbering their way through some easy, irrelevant college degrees for the masses is the miracle cure to all their woes, while our media still presents them as innocent victims of the greedy rich single mothers of two confusedly holding out useless diplomas in useless subjects, self-medicating on opioids and voting for whoever promises to forgive their $30k wasted student loan.

Meanwhile, the guy who tells them the plain truth and works hard to actually find good solutions to their plights is being impeached. In the end, we will get the leadership and the future that we truly deserve.

Virgil Stevens

San Carlos

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(4) comments


Please spare us your wisdom.

Dirk van Ulden

Yes JME, the truth hurts, doesn't it!

Christopher Conway

It is in the Opinion Section genius. Virgil, keep them coming. Good letter

Cindy Cornell

You mean the founder of Trump University?

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