When I opened my paper to Matt’s column, seeing the headline I expected to read about his reaction to the mayhem and chaos that took place in Washington Jan. 6.  

What I read was a screed saying how disappointed he was that he was unable to go to Sacramento or Washington to join with his fellow Trump supporters in assaulting the meeting place of our senators and congressional representatives. He notes he wanted to show support for the president in his fraudulent claims about the recent election that he lost. He told about going to Los Gatos, and as if he were a representative of the president greeted the protestors walking there. He also told of an awful event of a marcher being attacked and how he subdued the miscreant.

There was neither mention of the horror in Washington nor no condemnation of the incitement by the president of a group of thugs to protest an honest election of the president of the United States.

Mr. Grocott needs to examine his values and perhaps read the Constitution and the country’s election laws.

Jon S. Levinson

San Carlos

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Tommy Tee

Terry--Right! Lou Dobbs tried that BS "Antifa" photo and had to go on air and said he was wrong. It has been debunked. Sorry, T.

Terence Y

Nice try at deflection, Tommy. If you actually read my comment, you would see the word “video” and not “photo” so whatever you’re blathering about is not related to the video. It appears they have now arrested this left-wing insurgent for inciting the riot so I guess that deflates the faux outrage from these numerous blah, blah, blah, insurrection this and insurrection that letters of late. BTW, if patriots really wanted to do something, half a million patriots could do a lot more damage. Sorry, T.T.

Ray Fowler

Hello, Jon

I read Matt's column... it's not a screed... not even close. He made no mention of wanting to travel to DC to assault the government. Like another LTE published today, you appear convinced that Matt was remiss in not mentioning the violence in DC last week.

I responded to that other letter, and I think my verbatim response is applicable to your letter. It read, "I understand you wanted Matt to comment on the mob in DC, and further condemn the riot. However, it's Matt's story to tell. Hopefully, expressing your position in the DJ that Matt should have included a condemnation of the extremists will assuage your frustration. A frustration similar to those who waited for the Democratic Party's leadership to condemn last summer's violence across the US."

Matt is a Trump supporter... no doubt. That is his choice. You also made mention of the Constitution and the country's election laws and recommended that Matt review them. I would encourage you to do the same.

While I am no Biden-supporter, I would not travel to DC or Sacramento to protest the election. In fact, I acknowledged and stated several times publicly that Joe Biden is our president-elect just days after the election. Do you think it's possible that a Trump supporter like Matt could attend a rally as a peaceful expression of support for Donald Trump without challenging the election?

Wouldn't attempts to bring unity to our country be served best by giving all points of view the opportunity to be peacefully expressed? Wouldn't attempts to bring unity to our country also be served by condemning extremist violence regardless if it is right wing extremism or left wing extremism?

So, how about it, Jon? I'm pledging again to stand against extremists' violence. Will you join me?

Tommy Tee

Well said, Ray. And I'm sure you'll agree that it's terrible a traditional inauguration won't take place, and the possibility of disruption at all 50 state capitals is un-American. Let's hope it doesn't pan out and these phony patriots don't get their way.

Ray Fowler

Thanks for the compliment. Yes... it's terrible the inauguration will not take place in the traditional manner. The arrival... swearing in... then assumption of office can send a powerful message to friend and foe alike. Then, a chance for Americans to show off a little... a gala and parties to welcome a new president.

I'm OK if any folks want to demonstrate... make speeches, carry signs, etc. That is not un-American. Hopefully, disruption... we're not talking about interrupting traffic as protesters cross the street... with violence attached will not pan out.

Tommy Tee

Hi Ray--Thanks. I, too, am OK with people lawfully demonstrating, making speeches, carry signs, etc. That is NOT unAmerican at all. I was a referring to unpatriotic insurrectionists, like the ilk who vandalized and desecrated our scared place of democracy.

Terence Y

Tommy, I agree it wasn’t very patriotic of Antifa, especially since we have video of an Antifa protester bragging about posing as a Trump supporter and breaking windows at the Capitol. Thanks for bringing their vandalism to our attention.

Terence Y

Blah, blah, blah, another day, another TDS letter writer who conveniently memory-holes the death and destruction wrought by the idiot BLM and Antifa goons and the storming of the Capitol during the Kavanaugh hearings. Is there something in the air causing all these folks to come out of the woodwork? Great job, Mr. Grocott.

Tommy Tee

Ah, The Baron of Blahs. Good day, Terence.

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