Dianne Feinstein, Alex Padilla, Jackie Speier, Anna Eshoo and the rest of the congressional members who voted to support Merrick Garland for attorney general were either oblivious or just plain ignorant. He is a classic Marxist as he is using the FBI to monitor and arrest any liberty oriented person who speaks out about the harm any public school is doing by indoctrinating students with critical race theory.

He should be removed from office because his actions violate the U.S. Constitution.

What is even more shameful is that his son-in-law allegedly works for the very publisher of CRT, the so-called educational materials, Panorama Education. That company has received millions of tax payer dollars from the government, which is a perfect example of an unethical practice by Garland where he uses his power to stop parents from opposing CRT as his family benefits financially. 

Obviously, these congressional representatives who are supposed to represent us just have no concern for ethics violations or violations of the Constitution by government officials.

Bernard Ames

San Carlos

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(35) comments


Thank you for your enlightening letter. CRT theory was developed by neo-marxist professors to help divide our country into racial identity groups for leftist political purposes. California's recent law permits teachers to indoctrinate our school children with leftist propaganda.

Tommy Tee

LOL Sure, Ed.

Ray Fowler


I don't know if either you or Ed has spent much time on any local high school campuses lately, but Ed is correct... kids are being indoctrinated with leftist ideology, and the straw stirring that drink is the leadership of the CTA.

For about the past half dozen years, the CTA has provided posters to its members and those posters have been prominently displayed on classroom doors and windows. Now, posters promoting anti-bullying messages or posters opposing racism and hate are certainly something everyone can get behind. However, when poster messages cross the line into left wing propaganda, that is a problem.

While posters that advocate political resistance, social justice, diversity of race, religion, orientation but omit diversity of thought or support BLM and other progressive talking points are great learning tools for a class focused on politics, those themes cannot become the core values of our children's education just because the CTA leadership is immersed in leftist ideology. Send me your email address and I'll send you photos of the posters.

Would you care to offer a rebuttal other that "LOL"? No one should be laughing...

Ray Fowler

The crickets are deafening...


What utter nonsense, Ed! That’s like saying that German children shouldn’t be taught about Holocaust and how Christianity made Hitler’s WWII possible. “Leftist propaganda”, what BS!

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Hey Jorg,

I stopped by the Sons of Norway and confirmed that you can be called a knucklehead. In English and Norwegian. ROTFLMAO


Your point? Or, did you just want to show that you didn't get mine? As usual.

Terence Y

Wilfred – where did that one come from? Is it a response to a previous thread, or just from left field? Either way, it’s spit out my afternoon tea hilarious. I’m gonna have to dub it a Wilfred-ism.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Hello Terence,

True story about the Sons of Norway and the word knucklehead. We had a good chuckle at Jorg's expense.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Jorg, in the game of who can be more pendejo, you are the undisputed champion. Men of intellect do not think or debate as do you. Now, tell us what you accomplished with your degrees and book writings. How have you benefited your fellow man? BTW, in the world of achievement, bragging is distasteful and unnecessary. Only under performers need self aggrandize.

Terence Y

Wilfred – that’s even funnier. Now was it just a chuckle or was it more of a guffaw? BTW, you and Ray are on a roll and I’m enjoying quite a few chuckles reading the commentary.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr


It was a hearty guffaw. I am glad to return the favor of providing some humor. You know I enjoy your wit as well.

Ray Fowler


The utter nonsense is your claim that Christianity is responsible for the 15-20 million people killed in Europe during WWII. Can you cite one... just one... credible, reliable and authoritative scholar or historian who agrees with such nonsense?


Ray: Seriously, you have never read or learned anything about how important religious support was for Hitler’s war efforts? I’m really surprised, someone as relatively well educated as you. Then, I’m afraid it is too much for me to educate you, other than refer you to the obvious starter source: Miss Google. Good luck, and get ready for your life’s shock! Try Christian support for Hitler, as just a starter.


Ray: BTW.: Hasn't religion somehow been behind, or at least one of the reasons for most, if not all wars, including our attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq, after George W. Bush claimed that God had spoken to him and told him so? Imagine, a made-up fantasy figure roaming around in our president's head, getting him to start unnecessary, unwinnable and extremely costly wars! How low have we sunk?

Ray Fowler


The question is straightforward... Can you cite one... just one... credible, reliable and authoritative scholar or historian who agrees with such nonsense?

You made the claim. No amount of Googling or searching every database on your "flat earth" will support the statement that Christianity made Hitler's WWII possible. None. If you cannot support your claim, then do the gentlemanly and honest thing and acknowledge that as much as you would like blame religion for WWII, it's simply not true.

Ray Fowler


I'm sure we will hear more crickets from you re: your false claim that Christianity made Hitler's WWII possible.v

Now... your other false claim re: religion being responsible for most if not all wars. Following a similar claim made by more than three years ago, I responded with the following... "I did research a list of nearly 200 wars throughout history. The description of each war included an estimate of the number killed. Those figures were supported by 185 scholarly citations. Let me report the results for wars involving over 1,000,000 deaths. Before Emperor Constantine embraced Christianity in 313 AD, more than 55 million persons died in wars. Those wars were not inspired by Christianity or Islam (which was not founded by Muhammad for almost another 300 years). After Emperor Constantine forbade the persecution of Christians, over 160 million deaths (not including World Wars I and II) may be attributed to wars primarily in Asia and Europe that were not inspired by religion. (Of that total, the Mongols are responsible for 30 million deaths.) The most significant number of deaths associated with religion would be the Crusades and the Spanish conquest of the Americas as well as wars fought by the Ottoman Turks in Europe. They total 35 million and 5 million, respectively.

World Wars I and II resulted in about 90 million deaths. Horrible. However, those wars simply were not inspired by religion. Japan did not invade Manchuria to replace Taoism with Shintoism, and the Nazis did not subjugate most of Europe for religious reasons. Those conquests were primarily efforts to get other peoples' stuff... it's that simple. One last item to consider... Mao Zedong is responsible for killing 35 million (or more) of his people, and Stalin is responsible for killing at least 15 million of his own people. Both Mao and Stalin were atheists. So, when you look at the inhumane history of humanity, you will find that most wars in the past were not inspired by religion."

Game, set and match...


Ray: The first words I learned as a small child, was what I saw on the belt buckles of German soldiers: “Gott mit Uns” (God with us). Do you really think that was a coincidence? Yeah, right.

Research has established that without support from Catholics and Protestants in Germany, Hitler probably wouldn’t have been able to pull WWII off.

Here are a couple of articles, among a huge number of references to religious support for Hitler.





Ray: You twist things around again! I didn't say that WWII was started for religious reasons! Where on Earth did you get that from? I said German Christians through their support made it possible for Hitler to gear up to and start WWII. Get it now? That is an established, well researched fact, and not at all too farfetched to understand.

Ray Fowler


It's late and I'm celebrating the Dodgers victory over the Giants.

No response to the inarguable facts presented in my earlier post that show religion did not play a role in most of not all wars as you claimed? I'm not surprised.

Now, you have softened your claim by saying that Hitler "probably" would not have been able to start WWII without help from Christians. When asked to name one... just one... scholar or historian who agrees with you, all we hear is crickets.

I will look at your references and report back tomorrow why they do not support your false claim. Why am I so confident that they do not say what you are claiming they say? Because you have thrown citations around in the past that do not support your claims. Belt buckles? Really? That's your proof?

I am starting to think you did not study science, but you may have studied alchemy.

Ray Fowler


I'm starting to feel sorry for someone so steeped in exaggerated and false stories told and retold in the old country that he now believes them to be actual events.

Germany lost WWI, and its defeat turned to rage as the victors made clear their intention to punish Germany. Remember, Germany had about seven million men under arms at the end of the war and they were located primarily in France, Belgium and Russia. Some of those enraged Germans blamed the left for their defeat, and some of them wanted to restart the war. Fortunately, that did not happen. However, some of those enraged soldiers came home to a chaotic Germany... one of them was Adolf Hitler.

Hitler and others stoked that rage, fed that nationalism, and coupled with an economic collapse, he and others were able to convince Germans to assert themselves once again nthe world stage. Do you honestly think support from German religious leaders was the reason the Nazis rose to power and embarked on WWII? Do you honestly believe Christianity was the linchpin that guaranteed Nazi success? I'm still waiting for you to cite one... just one... scholar or historian who says so.

BTW... you have still not validated your claim that religion has caused most if not all of the wars in the world... waiting for that, too.

While we're at it... Wilfred has asked for some sort of corroboration of your vaunted claims of scientific achievement. You know, Jorg, everyone who wears a lab coat to work is not a scientist... more to follow.

Ray Fowler


Here's more as promised...

The articles you cited do not support your claim that Christianity enabled Hitler to start WWII. You still have not referenced an authoritative source to support your claim. I'll have more comments about the articles later today... but here's a snapshot:

First article from Church and State magazine... known for its liberal activism and decidedly anti-Catholic bent. No scholarship. The author is best known for his writing about dinosaurs.

Second article from the Theopolis Institute… an organization founded by a theologian tried by his church for heresy (acquitted) and who wrote about the effect of dungeons and dragons on religion; the actual writer of the article has penned several books on religion but he has no background in history.

Third article from the Holocaust Encyclopedia (no author listed)… the article does not develop a definitive link between the Nazis ultimate rise to power as a result of Christian support; it does chronicle Protestant and catholic resistance to the Nazis… that doesn’t sound like Christianity was enabling Hitler.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Good morning Mr. Fowler,

I appreciate the self control and analytical replies you provide Jorg. It provides excellent contrast to Jorg's, dark, comic book mentality and world view. Thank you.

Ray Fowler

A mascot in search for a team...

Ray Fowler

Sorry, Jorg...

Later this afternoon, I am meeting a good friend who is moving to Colorado. So, I will not have time to wade through the drivel you have offered up as scholarship to support your false claim that Christianity in Germany was the root cause of the Nazis rise to power and allowed Hitler to start WWII. I guess German rage against the punitive Treaty of Versailles, a shattered economy, Germany's desire for revenge, and England and France's reluctance to stop Hitler after the Nazis claimed the Sudetenland have nothing to do with the Wehrmacht's blitzkrieg across Europe...

The articles cited by you and penned by a dinosaur expert, fringe cleric and author with no training in history are just not making it... they are uninformed, unconvincing and unremarkable. If you can find a real authoritative source, send it to my email and we can debate it like we have debated other subjects in the past. Of course, if you want to move that discussion into this forum, we can do that, too. Your choice.

While you're at it... any rebuttal to your other false claim about religion and war?

Wilfred Fernandez Jr


How do you equate Critical Race Theory with facts of WWII? Come on genius. Show us what your graduate degrees provide you.


Wilfred: Read the comments, and you may understand what we are talking about. Maybe not. German children are being taught about Holocaust, - as an example of painful history being recognized, as opposed to those trying to hide from our embarrassing past.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Conflating is not what an intellect with graduate degrees does. Evading is what a knucklehead caught in another mistake does. Your grade is "F" for this embarrassing effort to save face.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

BTW Jorg,

Let me know if want to have an adult conversation about societal evolution. Only intellectual bruts need to point at ancestral misbehavior as indications of continued wrongdoing.

Terence Y

Mr. Ames – thank you for your letter, again showing the hypocrisy of the Democrat Party. It looks like you’ve struck a nerve because you’ve initiated the usual blah, blah, blah, personal attack comment from Taffy (not his real name and not a descendant of Rip Van Winkle since we can see he’s still living in the past) because he has nothing of value to contribute.


Mr. Ames,

I am not sure if your name is legally Bernard Ames or if you use it as a pen name but the one thing for sure is you are obviously a direct descendent of Rip Van Winkle. You had to have been asleep during the four years of the Trump administration. That is the only way you could have missed the corruption and violations of the constitution and ethics violations by Donald and his clan that you accuse others of doing.

Ray Fowler


You're correct... tough to miss almost four years of the left's false narrative about Russian collusion. And the beat goes on...

Look's like liberal media darling Katie Couric had to edit an interview with RBG to make sure it conformed to the left's narrative. Looks like emails are good documents until the media ignores Hunter's emails about the Biden family business... influence peddling. I said months ago we should wait until we get a full investigation about Hunter's business dealings... looks like that's not going to happen. Remember Joe saying (more than once) that he knew nothing about Hunter's business relationships even though Joe and Hunter and a Chinese businessman shared office space? Now, we're learning that Joe and Hunter shared bank accounts... corruption? ethics violations? Ya think?

But before we stray too far... do you agree with AG Garland characterizing angry parents as domestic terrorists?



I won't get into a he said she said debate about who was the most corrupt and unethical. The Trump clan has that department wrapped up. For every Joe and Hunter gotcha there is probably 5 Donald and Ivanka and Don Jr. and Jared and Eric and and and on and on gotchas.

To your last question. I think AG Garland no doubt had a bit of an overreaction to the situation from what little I have been following. I have enough irons in the fire without looking for more things to get into. On the other hand, maybe a bit of overreacting is better than ignoring or under reacting as the previous AG. Instead of "hang Mike Pence" chants we could have "hang Principal Jones" chants.

BTW, first pitch at 6:07 tonight. "Be there or be square" for those under sixty DJ readers.

Ray Fowler


You're correct... plenty of ethics issues to go around, but the way the media ignores or minimizes the Biden family business is HUGELY different from how the Trump clan has been treated.

Garland is just flat wrong to even suggest parents complaining... some loudly... about CRT are domestic terrorists. It's plainly inarguable.

I'm sticking with my prediction... Giants win division, Dodgers win the series. Actually, the team that wins tonight will win the series.

Ray Fowler

Good morning, Bernard

Well, I don't know if AG Garland is a Marxist, but his moves to squelch the First Amendment at school board meetings is alarming. Parents are not domestic terrorists just because they oppose (sometimes very loudly) the politicization of school curricula.

AG Garland's nomination to the Supreme Court has been debated in these pages. As you recall, the Senate did not take action on President Obama's recommendation to appoint Garland to our highest court before the president termed out. Maybe ol' Mitch McConnell was right for the wrong reasons,,,

Back to school boards...

“In the first place God made idiots. This was for practice. Then He made School Boards.” Mark Twain, 1897

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