As a divisive, gubernatorial recall looms, California legislators from both sides of the aisle have found some common ground: offshore wind. AB 525 — a bill that would get the ball rolling for offshore wind development in California — passed out of both its committee hearings with overwhelming bipartisan support. The bill has two Republican co-authors alongside ten Democrats in the assembly.

AB 525 — and offshore wind in general — has something for everyone. Offshore wind will create more good-paying jobs, and improve air quality. But most of all, developing this untapped resource will allow us to meet our clean energy goals on time, and maybe even ahead of time. Strong coastal winds can provide clean, reliable energy that will strengthen our grid and would serve as the perfect complement to solar energy. When the sun sets, coastal winds pick up speed and have the technical potential of powering 157% of California’s 2019 energy needs according to a report from Environment California.

Tapping into just a fraction of this potential will allow the state to deliver clean, reliable energy to Californians even during the hottest days of summer and provides numerous benefits that both parties can get behind.

Elizabeth Nickerson


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We’re told that wind would replace solar at night but as meteorology records show the wind doesn’t always blow at night. So we’ll still need natural gas generation at night. But Dems want to shut down fracking in CA which would shift our natural gas generation needs to other states for a net zero impact on emissions. The capper is the elimination of natural gas which is the only backup source of energy and heat for homes in a blackout.

Meanwhile solutions like Bloom Energy's emission-less process of generating electricity from natural gas were ruled against by the City of Santa Clara. Inexplicably there's almost no mention of the hydrogen/solar cycle that can inexpensively solve the night time electrical storage problem. It’s almost as if some prefer the issue to a solution.

Terence Y

Intriguing idea, Ms. Nickerson, but is this another attempt by the state to pick winners and losers? Or will this venture be open to private companies without wasting taxpayer funds? Regardless, what is the expected return on carbon investment? How much coal-based energy is required to build wind turbines and powertrain assemblies, transport wind turbine from manufacturer to installation site, power the tools necessary to site the turbine, ongoing maintenance, etc.? We already pay for one boondoggle in the train to nowhere; I’m not sure we want to foot yet another losing proposition.



You talk about waste of taxpayer funds yet you make no mention of wasting taxes on Trump, the grifter, and his administration the past four years.

Terence Y

Nice try, Taffy, but the list of idiotic boondoggles by Obama-nable or Jo(k)e Biden far exceed anything you could ever try to attribute to our great President Trump. I’d tell you to get back on your horse and try again, but I think your horse got tired of your mount and dismount shenanigans and has left for greener pastures.

Ray Fowler


What about the money spent on the Russian collusion investigation? And while the left is at it... maybe a little less time spent on Putin and more on Xi?

So, voters embracing the Democratic Party decide they want want a new president and they elect one. OK. Folks in China who would like to embrace democratic ideals can just go out and elect a new president, too... oh, wait a minute... that's right... they can't. Here's a thought... maybe we can learn more about how the CCP influences world events by taking a journalism class at Tulane University...

I heard Uyghur ski jumpers are practicing for the Beijing Winter Olympics by launching off ramps built near the barbed wire fences enclosing their "re-education camps."

More baijiu, please... we're gonna need it.


Good morning Ray,

First things first. I will go with Wild Turkey 101 rather than the baijiu. I try not to buy Chinese unless I have no choice.

Russian collusion. I don’t see it as a waste of money. I think there is a reasonable doubt on anything Trump is involved with and worth investigating. The real waste of money is the salary of the Republicans in the senate and AG Barr, AKA, “The Fixer”. They did not find collusion but they did find obstruction of justice and the Repubs looked the other way. As for the cost, I think it was in the 30 million category. Pocket change by today’s standards. Don’t forget the the witch hunt by the right for a little oral stimulation of Uncle Bill would be in the neighborhood of 70 million. BTW, if the conman would have opened his tax returns and there was no Russian connection like he said they probably would not have gone after the collusion angle.

I see I could have made my previous comment a little clearer. I said wasting taxes on Trump and should have said wasting taxes both on and by Trump. Things like his billions of dollars in farm subsidies to make up a portion of the billions lost by way of his personal grudge tariffs.

Terence Y

Blah, blah, blah, Taffy continuing to beat a dead horse. I find it odd you aren’t worried about the billions of dollars in damage caused by idiot Antifa and BLM goons or the 2 trillion dollar “infrastructure” package proposed by boondoggle Biden that spends less than 7% on true infrastructure. Yet you’re happy to waste money on a phony Russian collusion investigation based upon a fictional Democrat dossier? Oh wait, you fell for the phony collusion because it fits your TDS narrative. If at first, or second, or hundredth time you don’t succeed, try, try again.



There is nothing in your comment to waste keystrokes on so I will just ask you a question.

Why does the economy do better under Democratic presidents than under Republican presidents?

Terence Y

Taffy, I guess if I couldn’t come with any valid counterpoints or rebuttals, I’d also claim it’s a waste of keystrokes and try to change the subject. BTW, the answer to your question - it doesn’t. Enjoy your Wild Turkey.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr


What data supports 12/1:23pm assertion?



Glad you asked. I am sure you probably did a sneak peek on the search engine and have a good idea but I will give you a few links just incase you are busy with the grand kids. There are more links available and I didn't check these to see which side of the aisle they are on.





Ray Fowler

Tafhdyd, mi amigo

You wrote that you'd pass on baijiu unless you had no choice... that may be the only thing on the menu in the future...

Re: Russian collusion... you believe "there is a reasonable doubt on anything Trump is involved with... " Well, the independent investigator concluded there was no collusion... and where were the obstruction indictments? Oh, that's right... they're were none.

When are we going to move into 2021? You cannot possibly be happy with the Biden mess at the border. And where in the world is Kamala Harris? Your thoughts?

"... personal grudge tariffs"? Let's ask Putin and Khamenei how much they like the Donald's personal grudge tariffs. If the Xi lives up to his 2020 agreement to purchase more goods from the US, Uncle Joe may reduce the tariffs put in place by the Donald. We'll see...



C'mon man. Obstruction indictments...Muller said there were ten possible but he can't do anything because of the Justice dept ruling that you don't indict a sitting president. It is up to the congress to impeach and the Grand Eunuch Party with no testicular fortitude wouldn't do it.

No I am not happy with the border and they didn't listen to my solutions so what can I do?

We will have to see how the tariffs go. One thing comes to mind. When do we get to see his tax returns that he promised back in 2016? Oh that's right, he lies about everything. How foolish of me to believe a person when he says something.



Sorry, Mueller, not Muller. Don't want to upset Terence with a mis-spelling.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr


Thanks for the reading material. It was informative.

Ray Fowler


Pardon me, miss... your sarcasm is showing.

The collusion investigation was a total bust. Of course the Donald is going to label the investigation a hoax, but the way Dems conducted the investigation, it looks like Trump was right. Indictments... Papadopoulos, Cohen, Stone, Flynn, et al. indicted for lying to the FBI or Congress. What the what?! Lying to the FBI? How does the DOJ spell l-i-e-s? That's easy... F-I-S-A. Don't gt me started on Peter Strzok's dishonesty. Lying to Congress? Oops... I forgot... no one lies IN Congress. Wait a minute... what about good ol' Schiff lying, on the floor of Congress, about having hard evidence against Trump for collusion but never producing the evidence or having to answer for his lying? The DOJ didn't stop Mueller from pursuing criminal charges against Trump... he could not find evidence of a high crime or misdemeanor. So, the Democrats had to invent some charges for two separate impeachment proceedings.

Well, we agree there is a lot of work to be done at the border. I understand your solutions have not been implemented, but the question still remains... where in the world is Kamala Harris?

Tariffs... we agree again. We'll have to see how they play out. But I'm guessing that before Joe turns off the TV around 8 p.m. for bedtime, he silently thanks Trump for putting tariffs in place against XI... that way, Joe didn't have to do it. (With what happened in Anchorage during the summit with the CCP in March, it's doubtful Joe would have set up tariffs on his own.)

Trump tax returns... going backwards, again. Tafhdyd... I have said many times that I have not agreed with some of the things Trump has said and done as president... and one of those things is... "Hey, Donald! Don't say you're going to make your tax returns public if you have no intention of doing so!" So, while I will not assume or pretend to act as Trump's apologist... in the words of the most disliked Democrat over the past 20 years... "What difference at this point does it make?"

Ray Fowler


Don't worry about misspellings... I wish I had a nickle for every time I misspelled a word.

Terence Y

Taffy, thanks for the shout out, but I’ve become accustomed to your misspellings. I’m more afraid of your mister-spellings - using the incorrect homophone. I apologize for trying to help you polish your message. After all, even when it’s wrong, it sounds better when it’s written well. It may be able to lend credibility when there is none.



There you go again, bringing in more details and facts to disrupt my shoot from hip simple comments. I know all of his worker crooks were indicted, I was talking about DJT. If he was a private citizen there was more than enough to get him on obstruction. Unfortunately being President, that falls in the lap of Congress and it is the constitutional power of Congress to judge a sitting president, which, as I said, the GEP wouldn’t do.

Going forward in reverse. Tax returns…”What difference does it make?” They definitely are relevant to the current affairs because like gum on your shoe, Trump is still sticking around trying to subvert America. It goes to credibility and accountability. What is he hiding? If there are ties to foreign money and loans etc. which he denies, at least it will confirm what many people suspect. Heaven forbid that if he is able to run for office again at least 10 or 20 million people that voted for him just for the heck of it will maybe think twice. I know that 30 million of his gullible base will vote for him even if he is doing time in the big house.

Ray Fowler


You posted something at 10:04 a.m.? Isn't that kinda early for folks on the left side of the aisle to be rolling out of bed?

Just kidding...

I'll rebut one comment then follow with a suggestion. Re: Trump and taxes... you wrote, "What is he hiding? If there are ties to foreign money and loans... " When the same types of issues were posed about the Biden family and the CCP, social media platforms and the MSM just ditched that story... a couple of weeks before the 2020 election. A good chunk of Biden voters did not know about that story and enough of them said knowing about it could have changed their vote. Enough to change the election? We'll never know...

OK... the suggestion. For four years, conservatives heard virtually on a daily basis... Trump's a liar! Trump's a racist! Trump is corrupt! Well, what percentage is there in continuing to do so? So, can we pleeeeze fast forward the discussion to things happening today? How will the left now answer... Biden's a liar! Biden's a race baiter! Biden is corrupt! See Biden's comments on Georgia's voting laws, systemic racism, and reopening schools. Georgia's laws are not more restrictive and the Atlanta shootings were not motivated by race. Then there is ignoring the science surrounding reopening schools in favor of unions who contributed heavily to the DNC.

Joe... don't ask... TELL your VP to get down to the border NOW. While Biden's open border policy has created a crisis, the fixes should not be partisan. About 75% of Americans support a secure border. Do it... do it, now.

Coming full circle... let's move the debate forward. Yeah, I know... Trump was a xenophobe with his "Muslim ban" in 2017. It matters none to the left how many times conservatives explain that the seven Muslim-majority countries placed on a travel restriction list by Trump were from a list of countries identified with potential terrorist activity by... wait for it... the Obama administration. It was not a ban and it applied to everyone from those countries not just Muslims. If it was a Muslim ban, the Trump administration would have prohibited travel to the US by persons from all Muslim-majority countries. That's 49 different sovereign states. It didn't happen.

Hey! Biden is stopping travel from India... does that make him a xenophobe?

So, can we pleeeeze fast forward the discussion to things happening today? Trump and Republicans are racists. If that's the case, what do you call Democrats referring to a black US senator as "Uncle Tim?" What do you call it when a Democratic Party committee chair in Texas calls that same senator an "Oreo" and the committee rejects the chairperson's letter of resignation for using that racial epithet? Bigger picture... how do those incidents speak to the Democratic Party's philosophy of compassion and unity?



Maybe we will get to the end soon. My short rebuttals/comments/wise guy remarks etc.

You mentioned Biden family obviously because of the dealings with Hunter. I mentioned only Donald. If I brought in his family we would be here for years.

You mentioned for four years the conservatives heard that Trump was a liar almost daily. There its a reason for that, Trump lied almost every day about something.

You mentioned Muslim ban, yes just seven countries with terrorist ties. For Donald, IMO, it was two birds with one stone. Stop terrorists and stop people he doesn’t like. Side note, he tweeted for Illhan Omar and the “squad” to go back to their own countries. That tells you one of two things or both. One, he doesn’t like Muslims and minorities or two, he doesn’t know she is American. Travel ban from India is for health reasons. We are getting a hand up on the virus and we don’t need a slew of new strains to spread here. 26 other countries are doing the same.

You and I both know that politicians from both sides don’t always engage the brain before making statements. “Uncle Tim” and “Oreo” are not acceptable. The bar has been set so low by the past four years it may take a while for civility to return, if it ever does.

Finally…..Unity. In case you missed it just a few hours ago Moscow Mitch made another declaration of unity.

Asked if he was going to step in to try to help Cheney keep her post, McConnell told reporters in Kentucky that "100 percent of my focus is on stopping this new administration." When asked if he was concerned that so many Republicans believe the false claim that the election was stolen he pivoted again with "One hundred percent of my focus is on standing up to this administration. ... What we have in the United States Senate is total unity from Susan Collins to Ted Cruz in opposition to what the new Biden administration is trying to do to this country," McConnell said. 

We could go on like this for days but why? It is 5 o’clock in Cancun so I think I will tip a tequila. Wish you could join me.

Ray Fowler

Tafhdyd... my last thoughts... you can have the last "at bat"

You mentioned Donald, and I said "Biden family." OK... we'll go with Joe only. His name got Hunter some plum jobs. So what? That happens in a lot of families. However, access to Joe was a commodity harvested by his son. Joe said he was not involved with Hunter's Chinese business dealings, yet Joe shared office space in DC with Hunter and... wait for it... Chinese energy company CEFC. Then there are the emails on Hunter's business laptop referencing Joe.

Lies... Donald exaggerates and some times connects the dots with making up stuff. No doubt. You're not trying to suggest Dems do not engage in the same, are you? Joe's description of Georgia's voting laws was so untrue... WAPO gave him four pinocchios. At the risk of going backward in time... didn't Joe drop out of a presidential race after being caught lying? So, when it comes to the Donald... let 'er rip. I won't challenge things said by him that are clearly false, however, Dems will have to own their own dissembling.

Your comments re: Trump and Muslims appear (to me) to be more anecdotal than analytical. I agree with you... the Donald certainly doesn't mind chastising people he doesn't like... but I wouldn't say he dislikes Omar because she is Muslim or from Somalia. He probably doesn't like her for the simple reason she is not very likeable, and her progressive ideology is not the problem. Omar is anti-Semitic, wants to dismantle the police in her district, and she describes the 9-11 terrorist attacks in this way... "some people did something."

You're a xenophobe if you stop travel from the country where COVID originated, but you're not a xenophobe for stopping travel from a country that is seeing a spike in COVID cases. OK...

We agree. “Uncle Tim” and “Oreo” are not acceptable. Where we don't agree is that those epithets were not the product of some Dem pols not engaging their brains. It is racism pure and simple.

Unity... that train has left the station with Engineer Joe in the locomotive's cab pushing the throttle full forward. Mitch says, "100 percent of my focus is on stopping this new administration." Well, duh. Americans don't agree with Joe and plans to federalize elections, open the border, make DC a state, and pack SCOTUS. Yes... Mitch opposes that agenda because it's strictly a power grab by the DNC. The next thing you know, ol' Joe will support moving the All-Star game out of Atlanta.



I have to work on my taxes and have other irons in the fire so I will just make a couple, of quick comments before I lose this game like the Giants today.

Not sure how China got into the xenophobe context. We were talking about a Muslim ban and If banning travel from India was xenophobic. I have other problems with the China ban but not xenophobic.

Mitch...Opposes because of a power grab? IMO I think not. Before Obama even took office he said the main objective was to make him a one term president before he even put his plans on the table. I know it is just my opinion but I think it is because Obama was younger than the old white guard, smarter than the old white guard and blacker than the old white guard and they resented it and didn't think he belonged there.

I keep forgetting to mention the Judge wanting the memo released that was to AG Barr that he said cleared DJT. Maybe we will get some answers there, or maybe not.

Ray Fowler

Hey, Tafhdyd

You get the last "at bat." No argument... just clarification.

China and xenophobe clarification... After the Donald created travel restrictions in January 2020 re: China, Joe said Trump was xenophobic. Joe has now created travel restrictions re: India... is he xenophobic? That's the context.

Travel ban clarification... Trump's travel restrictions for Muslim-majority countries (from the list created by Barack) was not a Muslim ban; it restricted the flow of immigrants from those countries. While the executive order was challenged in federal courts, the Supreme Court sided with the president.

Dirk van Ulden

Hello Elizabeth - I am not sure where you get your information but based on California's peak demand for electricity of 30,000 megawatts we would need to construct thousands of wind turbines. Current installations have a mean capacity of less than 2 megawatts. Those wind turbines are, just like solar, intermittent sources and do require backup. If you would like to see our coastline despoiled by those forests of turbines and you can live with significant avian mortality, please continue to support that bill. Wind energy should be part of our energy portfolio but not to the extent that your source seems to advocate.

Newell Post

I believe peak demand for California is closer to 50,000 MW. https://www.caiso.com/documents/californiaisopeakloadhistory.pdf

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