In response to Matt Grocott’s “My experience Jan. 6” column about being a Trump supporter: How can any sane or compassionate human being possibly support Donald Trump? Or even worse, STILL support him after Trump’s (and his supporters) actions of the past week?

If Matt Grocott is still declaring himself to be a supporter of Donald Trump, he has NO place (nor should he ever have had) in the elected leadership of our city of San Carlos.

Grocott, over his years on San Carlos’ City Council, always struck me as being somewhat of a pompous ass with a fairly closed mind, but this is confirmation that he does not in any way represent our city or its citizens.

Scott Highton

San Carlos

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Terence Y

Sorry, Mr. Highton, but I have, and will continue to support our great President Trump, even if it’s to continue triggering you and other TDS-infected folks. BTW, if Mr. Grocott was elected to the San Carols City Council, I guess people did think Mr. Grocott represented the city and its citizens.

Tommy Tee

Terence--This is the best part of living in the USA: You have the right to support a corrupt, narcissist, sociopathic, insurrectionist. God Bless America!

Terence Y

Tommy, you’re mistaken. I didn’t support Treasonous Obama.

Tommy Tee

Oh, sorry Terence. Remind me how many times Obama was impeached. Remind me how many of his staff and cabinet deserted the sinking ship like rats, remind me how many of his own party disowned him. I must have been asleep during it all.

Terence Y

Tommy, it sounds like you’re ranting just for the sake of ranting. Thanks for not trying to defend Treasonous Obama.

Patrick Henry

Funny thing is, I couldn't even repeat Mr. Highton's words in my comments as they were censored. How does the air smell up their on your pedestal Scott.

Christopher Conway

Scott Highton- calling Mr. Grocott a Pompous A$$? you sure you wanted to go there?. I love Trump and I will always love Trump. If you think for one minute we will sit around and let our city councils be run by people who limit access to government because they support the 45th president on United States you live in the wrong country. It is this type of letter from this type of writer that makes me want to jump right back into it and fight for my president and people who openly support him.


Chris: What would Trump have to do or say to lose your support for him? Anything? Nothing? What if he admitted that he has been faking shallow religiosity all along, just to fool the naïve Evangelicals? No?

Patrick Henry

Good question Jorg. If president Trump said he would not longer go after the criminal left in our country, then he would lose my support. As long as he continues doing what he has over the last 5 years, my support is rock solid.


Thanks for your response, PH! Still waiting for Chris', or did you speak for him too?


So crimes by the left or minorities are to be prosecuted but crimes by the right and white privileged are nothing to worry about? Sounds like a Trump supporter.

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