I totally enjoyed your newest guest perspective by Craig Wiesner in the Oct. 4 edition of the Daily Journal.

It reminded me that we as a nation had gone though a seditious event about 90 years ago in 1933 at the beginning of the Roosevelt administration. Unlike the 147 Republican Congress members who chose to pander to our treacherous outgoing president with his preposterous claims of “fraud,” a cabal of highly regarded industrialists with names like Dupont and Morgan appeared to have prevailed upon a serving Marine Major General Smedley Butler to head up a march on Washington by thousands of veterans and others right up to the White House and proceed to "help the president govern." Fortunately for our republic, General Butler ratted them all out and demanded a congressional investigation of the coup attempt. Never heard of this? Shame shame, mount up your favorite Google and check it out. The Dickstein Commission ensued but stopped short (mysteriously) of indicting the top names. Maybe bring your feather duster and clean off some of the old volumes about the general sitting in our library and enlighten yourself.

Fast-forward to today. The same Republican party appears to once again be throwing out the democratic norms that have endured in our nation and warp the political fabric to try to produce their desired result. There are responsible Republicans such as the Lincoln Project and many individuals who see the older versions of their party as not being in keeping with the seditious wing that presently holds sway. They bravely call out the morally deficient among them. Let’s hope the legal system and honest citizens come out on top and we don’t revisit the dark and for too many, the unknown past in our own history.

Mike Caggiano

San Mateo 

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Ray Fowler

Hello, Mike

This is not the first time you have recounted this story in these pages. Major Genral Butler was taken at his word by House committee members concerning discussions about a coup, yet there were no indictments. According to you, this was a mysterious development. Indeed. Can you explain why two Democratic Party congressmen, John McCormack and Samuel Dickstein, who were leading the investigation did not move forward with indictments to protect FDR? Can you point to any evidence that implicates the Republican Party of complicity in the discussion between a bond salesman, allegedly representing interest on Wall Street, and Major General Butler?


Mike: As the majority of us have known all along, it is the Republicans who lie and cheat, just like Trump: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIwj6_kTp9g

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

The Democratic Party had rejected Joe Biden for president since 1988. That says it all, doesn't it.


I guess it wasn’t seditious when Democrats implemented a plan to impeach Trump with no proof of wrong doing before he took office. I suppose it wasn’t even seditious when the FBI used a false dossier to get a FISA court warrant to spy the President. And even though the Muller investigation was a complete flop, Democrats proceeded with a one party impeachment. What was seditious was the deafening silence from Democrats as rioters killed 20 men, woman and children and destroyed $2 bil in private property across the country without a hardly a peep from Democrats.

Tommy Tee

Spot on, Mr. Caggiano.

Terence Y

Mr. Caggiano – you win! What do you win? The prize for 250 words of jibber-jabber which can be summarized as, “I blame Republicans for everything.” As usual, I’m not surprised by your effort to demonize Republicans and change the subject since you’re unable to list a treasonous Biden accomplishment. Sorry, Mr. Caggiano, the world has seen Biden kneeling in submission and also giving aid and comfort to the Taliban.

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