In the upcoming Nov. 3 election Proposition 18 asks the voters if we want to let 17-year-old vote in a primary election if they will turn 18 by the general election.

I say let them vote. Young people around the world have shown passion for multiple issues including gun control and climate change. In school they discuss numerous topics pertaining to our world, on a daily basis.

Seventeen-year-old Greta Thunberg (Sweden) was Time Magazine’s person of the year in 2019 for her activism involving climate change. She has made it very clear to many adult leaders around the world they need to be part of the solution and not the problem. If Greta ran for president I would probably vote for her.

So don’t tell me 18-year-old people should not vote. They are scared about the future, as am I. It’s their time (turn). Frankly, in this country we have too many old politicians who need to retire. We are in dire need of new leaders who have the ability to listen and compromise.

While we are talking about leadership, we need more women involved. The current leader in New Zealand in power since 2017 seems to be doing well with only 25 COVID-19 deaths in her country. What are we doing wrong in this country?

I am clear on what the problem is with the leadership in this country and we can help fix it Nov 3.

The simple solution is to vote (always) and wear a mask.

David Thom

San Carlos

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(6) comments

Dirk van Ulden

Now that is scary! Greta for president? Do you let your kids rule the household? Kids of 17 are not rational yet and are easily influenced, that is science. No, they should wait and vote once they have reached maturity.

Tommy Tee

She's a helluva lot more intelligent than the clown in the White House.

Terence Y

Tommy instabili-Tee, you’re four years too late – your favorite clown, Treasonous Obama, is no longer in the White House. And your new clown, brain-dead Biden, doesn’t have a chance.

Tommy Tee

Love ya, Terence!

Now you're going from desperate to panicking, just like Trump.

Terence Y

Dear readers, I think we broke Tommy inferiori-Tee. Tommy’s been relegated to one or two sentences because he has nothing to add. Maybe Tommy can explain why we have evidence of Papa Joe Biden pawing little girls and sniffing their hair and now we have Hunter with, and in some, explicit photos of minors and relatives found on his laptop. I guess the Hunter apple doesn’t fall far from the Joe Biden tree. Any day, Tommy, you can do it.

Dirk van Ulden

Ah, another darling of the left. She has not proven anything other than using talking points provided by her parents and sycophants. She reminds me of a spoiled girl demanding an ice cream cone. And you believe she is on the same level with a person who prior being a president amassed billions, hired thousands and actually did something for the world's economy? Let poor Greta go back to school please and learn her ABCs.

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