Surprise. Surprise. Its back. Yes, our yearly drought. I would guess that eight of the last 10 years we have been under some form or water rationing. The last water storage dam was built in 1975 (during Jerry Brown’s rein) with no more storage added since then. In 1975, the population in California was 22 million.

Today it’s 40 million, which should not be shocking to anyone because a sixth grade arithmetic student could have predicted it by extending the population growth curve from 1975 to the present.

So, here we are in another water rationing year whose full impact will likely be felt when it becomes mandatory after the recall election is over. But, instead, what we do have is an expensive high-speed rail that was supposed to have been cancelled at least two years ago. I just hope they order enough water tankers for the train that can help distribute water.

Is there a moral to this impending disaster? Choose your elected officials wisely because they are the people who are supposed to lead, plan and manage, among other things, the resources to support the present population.

Victor Carboni

San Mateo

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Residents only use about 10% of our water and the salmon and agriculture get the rest. The voters passed Prop 1 in 2017 to raise the Shasta Dam and undertake other water projects but almost nothing has been done. It’s time to hold politicians in Sacramento accountable for our increasing water crisis. Far better we spend money to increase our water supply than spend $20 billion for a one track railroad from Merced to Bakersfield.


Mr. Kahl,

Like the movie line, "If we build it, they will come". It works in the movie but not in reality, something the right wing knows very little about. You build all the dams you want but until God sends the rain there will be empty canyons behind them. Kind of like this year. Remember all the rain we got this year? I think it was one afternoon the first week of February, or maybe it was the second week.

Terence Y

Sorry, Taffy, your analogy is not applicable. If you don’t build it, you will never store any water, even if it did come. Everyone knows many major reservoirs were filled near capacity and above historical averages just two short years ago. That reality shows us that Mother Nature blessed us with plenty of rain. And what did our genius governors do? Let half that water flow out to sea. Sounds like they shot themselves in the foot trying to save a non-existent fish. As Mr. Carboni said, choose your elected officials wisely.


Equally, guilty are the anti-climate change folks

Terence Y

Thank you for your letter, Mr. Carboni. Everyone knows this continued water rationing idiocy is due to the man-made self-inflicted wound of wasting half our water out to sea to save nonexistent fish. It seems the powers-that-be don’t realize that the union labor giveaway to build a train-to-nowhere could be switched over to building new water storage reservoirs. Actually accomplishing something all Californians would benefit from. Now that would be a legacy to be proud of. A boondoggle high (actually low) speed rail from Boonies, CA to the Sticks, CA? Not so much.

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