I would love to see a Black Lives Matter mural in my town. And I’m delighted to see that the plan is have the mural made by a person of color.

Helen Hansma

San Mateo

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I'm all for murals. Just don't use our streets as your canvas. If you really what to get the public's attention and spread your message, rent space on a billboard.


I saw this BLM coming with the catering to the flag movements The fist is Black Panthers and the Olympics non participation not love the world meaning I truly woinder iif the Pedophile group will be next? Read about them headed the way of BLM and be aware once you open the doors to all they will come Be proud of yourselves for being inclusive and inviting the including of all and sit back and watch Rome burn.


There seems to be a lot of hatred and opposition expressed whenever the subject of murals comes up by those opposed to the mural suggested by any org/person. I will throw another idea in the conversation.

Take a poll or vote of the citizens as to the top five murals they want. BLM, MAGA, confederate flag, swastika etc. Put them all up in the same location and charge people a fee to shoot paint balls at the ones they don't like so they can pay for their vandalism. Use the money to help a charity agreed upon such as the Red Cross, Salvation Army, United way etc. That way the racists and bigots can put their money where their mouth is.

Christopher Conway

not a bad idea


(1) No BLM mural in SM. It would be an open invitation for riots and burning our city by those groups with alternative motives. Do we want to be another Portland, Minneapolis, Oakland, or ??? Burning and looting? I submit we are better off, and safe without them.

(2) Blacks plus other minorities now add up to a majority of SM population. If they weren't treated well they probably wouldn't be here.

(3) All lives matter.

Christopher Conway

I am looking forward to a MAGA 2020 mural in my city and I am hoping that the person completing the mural is white. In other words, a person with no color.

Tommy Tee

Wow. Racist much? That would be one ugly mural.


I think the funniest thing about a maga mural is that "maga" translates into "easily fooled idiot" in the black country of Nigeria.

Christopher Conway

What race might that be Tommy? instead of calling you names back, what if I were tell you that I am a direct decedent of Chief Pontiac of the Ottawan tribe up near modern day Detroit. Look up Antoine De Comptes Labadie and work back from there. That's right native American Tommy, decedent of a chief. Then what if I were to tell you I self identify as Irish Republic Roman-Catholic. If you can remember, that category of people were lower than both the Jew and the African American in the eyes of the KKK back in their heyday. So before you throw out such a derogatory term as racist Tommy, please know who you are talking about. I think you owe it to the term you so freely throw out.

Tommy Tee

Conway--you are the master of derogatory insults, so don't go there. I really don't care who your descendants are (btw you misspelled that). That does not give you, or anyone else, a pass. You're not special.


And what if you are not what you say you are?

Christopher Conway

Racist - a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

So again, you called me a racist , what race do I say is superior Tommy? or do you feel you don't need to back up your statements?


Your Indian Ancestors are probably crying for you are not a loving human being. Everything you write shows this to be true.

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