Matt Grocott

In 1974, Earth, Wind & Fire introduced a love ballad titled “Reasons.” If you are expecting this column to be about the ballad or the band, sorry to disappoint. This piece has nothing to do with the popular hit or the band. Rather, this writing has to do with our unpopular governor, Gavin Newsom and his administration.

After my previous column, I received an email from a reader who communicated disappointment because I did not include the numerous reasons for ousting Gov. Newsom from office. Jojo wrote, “I hope you do a column on why Newsom should be recalled to jog people’s memories. It’s easy to forget all that Newsom has done wrong.”

Like the radio DJ spinning the tunes per listeners’ requests, I am putting this one out for you Jojo and, as you advise, to all who may need to have their memories “woke” to the reasons to recall Newsom.

However, before we look at those, let’s look at the one reason Gov. Newsom desperately wants to stay in office and be reelected to a second term. It’s simple: Gavin Newsom has always wanted to be president of the United States and, as any politician will tell you, there’s a huge advantage to running for higher office if one is currently in office. There are a variety of reasons, which I won’t go into now, but if you give it some thought, you can come up with plenty of your own.

Perhaps the most obvious reason for firing Gavin Newsom as governor, which all of us know about and have not forgotten, has to do with his attending a dinner with lobbyists and donors at “The French Laundry.” Afterwards, photos emerged of him and numerous guests and no one was wearing a mask. Meanwhile, Gov. Newsom had been preaching to the rest of us to stay home, not go out unless absolutely necessary, and if we did go out, stay 6 feet apart and wear a mask anytime we were outside the confines of our home.

Of course, even before the infamous “French Laundry” incident, Newsom was busy exercising as many tyrannical orders as he could get away with under the guise of “emergency powers.” Unfortunately, with a Legislature controlled by Democrats, he had little to check his blood thirst for exercising authority.

I can’t imagine how people have survived who’ve had their businesses labeled “nonessential” and forced to close their doors. Of course, with every business shuttered or permanently closed, thousands lost their jobs and with it, their only source of income. Many have had to drain what little savings they had, including what was supposed to be for retirement.

Actually, I do know how three families managed to survive. They sold their homes and moved out of state. One to Idaho, one to Virginia and the third to Texas.

Do you know anyone who owns a restaurant business? I know a few and I know it’s been difficult for them with Gov. Newsom’s orders causing them to close, then allowed to open again, then told to close … but wait … you can open … but only if you shell out money to add certain features like outdoor dining with canopy coverings and gas heaters. There are two certain ways to kill a small business: add uncertainty and top it off with added expenses. Gov. Newsom has been an expert at both.

Need another reason? Got church? Not in Gov. Newsom’s California you don’t. You may go to Costco on Sunday afternoon but not church on Sunday morning. Fortunately, lawsuits were brought against the governor by several churches. He lost because his orders violated God given, natural rights, enumerated in both the U.S. and California constitutions.

Next, ask yourself this question: Did your children attend school in person last year or were they forced to try and learn remotely via Zoom? If your children go to public school, of course it was remote learning, if you can call it that. Here again, Gov. Newsom displayed his privilege. While your children stayed home, his went to a private school in Sacramento with in-person attendance.

There’s much more I could write about Gov. Newsom’s mismanagement, like forest fires out of control and the lack of water for farmers. But before closing, I need to revisit Earth, Wind & Fire’s love ballad. Thinking about it, the song does have something to do with this piece if you listen closely to the lyrics. You see, it’s not about a love that lasts, it’s about a one night stand. And after the initial ecstasy of love making is over, disillusionment settles in. That’s exactly where we are with Gov. Newsom.

It’s time for change. A change from Democrat to Republican, white to Black, Newsom to Larry Elder. Please vote.

A former member of the San Carlos City Council and mayor, Matt Grocott has been involved in political policy on the Peninsula for 17 years. He can be reached by email at

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(10) comments


You left out an important "reason."

Governor Newsom is a Democrat and you're not.

Terence Y

Mr. Grocott – thank you for yet another great column. Ignoring Newsom’s personal failings such as his sleeping with his campaign aide’s wife, Newsom’s professional failings are much more numerous than what you’ve listed, but I’m not sure Mr. Mays would publish a 5,000 word essay. However, I’d like to add a few more highlights…

Newsom appearing to forget all about identity politics when the LA Times and other newspapers are smearing Larry Elder as the black face of white supremacy – I guess being “woke” is no longer a gain when you’re going to lose your reign.

Losing over $30 billion to EDD fraud – criminals really are making out like bandits.

Giving favorable treatment to campaign backers or to groups funding his wife’s organization – quid pro quo?

Higher costs of living, rising crime rates, releasing thousands of convicted felons, failing schools, homelessness, more companies leaving CA than coming into CA...

And for you greenies out there, how about Newsom authorizing the building of a few new natural gas power plants to add to the electric grid because so called “green” energy is costing too much green, without providing enough energy. Wait, do we need to follow the money to find out why local governments are outlawing natural gas in new homes while this banned natural gas is used to power natural gas plants?

Vote YES on the recall. I’d prefer everyone for Larry Elder, but any other Republican is a good choice.


Mr. Grocott,

You offer a number of reasons you think Governor Newsom should be recalled and some are valid and some may be a stretch. Your points could be discussed for and against but I get the feeling you have forgotten the word hypocrisy. One point in particular is about the Governor’s dinner. It seems that both yourself and others that tout the same list consider an ill advised dinner with a dozen people to be a greater sin than your past administrations leader lying to millions of Americans about the seriousness of the COVID virus and causing the death of thousands and thousands of unsuspecting people. I won’t list them again but a partial list of lies is in my reply in the comments of the LTE “COVID vaccine as accessible as ever” on Aug. 24th.

Unfortunately your well presented letter about your position lost all credibility with the first lines of your last paragraph. “There’s much more I could write about Gov. Newsom’s mismanagement, like forest fires out of control and the lack of water for farmers.” Since when does the Governor of California, Democratic or Republican, have control of mother nature. Why would the Governor call for lightning strikes to set the state ablaze and then shoo away the clouds to prevent rain and snow in order to cause a drought? FYI, almost 60% of the forest lands in California are Federal lands with the remaining 40% divided among the state, private, commercial and native tribal ownership. Maybe you should give Donald a rake and put him to work.

Ray Fowler

Tafhdydicus... good morning, buddy

I resisted piling on Gavin with respect to his COVID gaffes, and I wrote last week, "Some recall advocates have criticized the governor’s personal behaviors during the COVID lockdown, but it may not be fair to hold Gov. Newsom’s personal COVID gaffes against him. While those gaffes might have been exercises in poor judgment … everyone makes mistakes." However, other COVID gaffes by Gavin have been disastrous. Gavin's lock down led to businesses failing and kids falling waaay behind in school. He withheld COVID info from the public, and let teachers unions, who have contributed nearly 2 million dollars to the campaign opposing the recall, decide when to open our schools. So, I have stepped around the mess created by Gavin's personal COVID errs.

As you recall, I also said that neither wildfires nor drought can be blamed on any governor. However, as our state's chief executive, Gavin is the person elected to tackle rising taxes, gas prices, crime, homelessness, and poverty. Did Gavin inherit those problems from Jerry? Let's just set that question aside and keep it rhetorical for now. Those issues are much, much more important than forgetting to wear a mask at dinner.

Have you heard from Wilfredo,lately?



First things first. I haven't seen Wilfred since last week when he was on a few comments. No doubt he will check in when something tugs on his line.

We agree on the weather and that not wearing a mask at dinner is hardly reason to recall Gavin. I also understand your "stepping around" the mess and holding him accountable on a number of other items. I also said above in my reply to Matt that he had some good points. It is unfortunate, IMHO, that his hatred, or maybe dislike would be a better word, of the left leaning folks let him put keyboard in use before engaging brain with his fire and water statement.

Ray Fowler

Yes, Tafhdyd... I have always found you to be gentlemanly, and your acknowledgement that Matt "had some good points" in his column is proof.

I feel both sides of the recall debate understand we need to start fixing some serious problems in the Golden State. The question is... who should be occupying the top spot in Sacramento to lead our recovery?



Actually the top spot in Sacramento should be me but I don't have the time or energy now to do it. Furthermore, I considered running for city council in San Mateo 15 years ago but people said my campaign slogan wouldn't be the best.

"If you want to play, you have to pay. Higher taxes all the way." At least I was an honest politician.[smile]

Ray Fowler

Hah! I'd get a PO box in San Mateo so I could vote for you!

Tommy Tee

Just say NO!

Dirk van Ulden

Excellent Matt, thank you. We have TV commercials featuring ultra leftists like Sanders exhorting us to vote NO on the recall. He claims that we are destroying our democratic principles by voting Newsom out. Say what?

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