About 70% of Republicans still believe the election was stolen despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Still, they have bought into the idea that if Trump says it’s so, then it’s so.

There is no arguing with someone so entrenched in the vast conspiratorial nature of these claims. “Stop the Steal” is a creation of the felon, Roger Stone. It has no merit, but it is the gospel for so many Americans. More disturbing is the notion of “civil war” surfacing. Many Republicans believe they are not being heard; that the insurrection was triggered by the fraudulent election; that the violence, they claim, of the mostly peaceful BLM protests this past summer should be just as problematic. Of course, any violence is abhorrent, but Black lives have not mattered for 400 years, and the visible injustices of murdered black people is deeply rooted in the racism that befouls this nation.

I want to hear the concerns of Republicans. I really do. But it has to start, as Mitt Romney eloquently stated in the electoral college certification, with the truth. And the truth is, our democracy at its core is about free and fair elections. Along with the courts, even the Trump-appointed-then-ousted cybersecurity chief Christopher Krebs said that these were the most secure elections in our nation’s history.

Start with acknowledging Biden’s legitimate place as president, and I will begin to listen to your concerns. Until then, the divisions will only deepen.

Jordan Sher

San Carlos

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Ray Fowler


You said you don’t “hate” Trump or his followers then continue by musing "just wondering how anyone can be that dumb and so easily fooled by a con-artist like Trump." It gets better. You say your "vast circle of friends" are "far better educated and more accomplished than a typical Trumpster." I guessing that's not the case.

Your loathing for persons who do not share your personal political point of view, your rejection of religion, and utter disdain for persons who have not had the opportunity to complete post secondary academics have been made quite clear in these pages too many times to count. For you to say you do not detest the 74,000,000 Americans who voted for Donald Trump truly distorts all logic and reason. And... according to you, those Trump supporters are also un-American and unpatriotic... even veterans who voted for Donald Trump.

Trump supporters are not uneducated. However, you believe they are because a number of them have not graduated with at least a bachelor's degree from a college or university. If that's your criteria for education... OK... you win. But that is such a shortsighted and demeaning way to measure the worth of someone. It does not take into account years of experience in acquiring knowledge and skills while building a career in whatever field they choose. Such a non-degree education includes the lessons learned in working with others, putting together an action plan to solve a variety of problems, running a business, accepting responsibility, helping others achieve success, and raising a family. So, I reject your labeling them as uneducated.

Which brings us to an interesting point. Looking at the varied demographics of persons who supported Barack Obama at the polls... you will find many, many persons who were uneducated by your standard. Is it fair to conclude that you believe uneducated Trump voters are bad because they supported Donald Trump, but uneducated Obama voters are good because they supported Barack?

It's 2021... we can all use less hate. Do you have any ideas about how we can achieve unity?


Ray: You have completely misunderstood me when I call Trump supporters “uneducated”. That has nothing to do with degrees or formal education, but a lack of understanding of the US Presidency’s job requirements and how badly Trump has flunked. Bad enough to vote for him the first time, when the majority of us clearly saw how unqualified he was, but to vote for him again? That bugles my mind, after he had 4 years to really show us how inept and unqualified he is, - which again the majority of us understood. How in the world can anyone in his or her right mind think that Trump has done a good job, considering how he has messed up just about everything he has touched, and shied away from the most important jobs, like the pandemic, for which he even received a road map from his predecessor. And on top of that, believing that he won by a landslide, just because this liar-in-chief said so, - even before the election? Frankly, Ray, I don’t know what else to call it, besides stupidity and lack of education, or perhaps you prefer lack of understanding instead? That’s fine with me.

And, isn’t it sufficiently embarrassing for the country that as many as 74 million thought this guy was good enough for the most important job in the world, after what he had shown us, - and the rest of the world? Then he is stupid enough to top it all off with not only embarrassing, but outright criminal behavior after he realizes that he lost! What a shame for the country to have had such a misfit in the WH, - someone with zero respect among world leaders. What a change from what President Obama left us with!

Ray Fowler


I really like your name. It can be used in such a prolific manner. You could be the Jorg-meister or Jorg-adopolous (ancient Greek hero) or maybe... famous Yankee, Jorgi Berra.

You have touted your "superior" education so many times in print that it truly sounds like you are denigrating anyone without a college education. I feel the guy or gal who earned a degree in the School of Hard Knocks has acquired an education every bit as valuable as someone graduating from college.

Now, you have tried to explain your position... you are not saying they are uneducated but rather they don't understand what's going on around them. OK. However, in the same breath you suggest anyone who opposes Trump has such great understanding. That simply is not true. Sorry.

Just when I thought you might turn your focus toward positions and away from personalities, you ask how can anyone "in his or her right mind think that Trump has done a good job" followed shortly by you don't know what else to call it "besides stupidity and lack of education." Then, back to the same ol' ad nauseam stuff you've been saying for years.

I guess you don't understand how offensive and annoying your questioning someone's mental state and abilities sounds to others just because they do not agree with your political beliefs.

You remain a "very stable genius."

Terence Y

Another blah, blah, blah, Trump bad, Trump supporter bad JUNC (Jorg’s Usual Numbskull Criticism) comment from someone with a severe case of sophomania and who hates Trump more than they love America.


Thank you Jordan. You can't change the minds of anyone who only thinks about their wallets and not their Country. Many of President Trump's followers are blinded by propaganda just like the German people were. It's just sad.

Ray Fowler

Hi, Jordan

It has been a long, long time since we last spoke. Looks like things are going well for you... I'm glad.

I am not a Biden fan, but I acknowledged his victory a day of two after the Nov. 3 election. And I agree with you... if more folks could move past what did and what did not happen in November, we could focus on other issues. Oh, there's plenty to talk about... Joe's cancelling the Keystone pipeline and his orders on immigration are huge mistakes... IMO. There are others...

But I wanted to address your comments concerning "murdered black people." Two weeks ago, I wrote, "In Chicago, 575 Blacks (mostly young men) were shot and killed in 2020. Where is BLM... no, where is the Democratic leadership in that city? And Chicago has the No. 10 murder rate in the country. The other nine cities are run by Democrats as well."

We hear a lot from the left side of the aisle about systemic racism, but the incomprehensible and senseless slaughter of Blacks across the country, year after year does not engender outrage and protests. Why?

I have asked that question more than once... more than twice in these pages... no response. Now, to be sure... an extremist who targets someone because of race or a rogue police officer doing the same is simply not acceptable... on any level. Again, we have seen the outrage and protests when those things happen, but where are those reactions to the tragedy of the thousands of "murdered black people" that happens every year especially in jurisdictions controlled by Democrats?

Terence Y

Mr. Sher, you could start with acknowledging the truth that Biden stole the election, and then I will begin to listen to your concerns. Until then, let the divisions deepen. After all you’ve had 4+ years of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Of course, judging by some commenters, TDS is a lifelong affliction.



You could start by acknowledging the truth that Biden won the election. For months you have blabbed about massive fraud and provided no evidence other than your OAN and Giuliani hearsay. You need to join the real world, not your imaginary one.

Terence Y

Sorry Taffy, but only in your imaginary world was there a Republican to Democrat party switcheroo. Your imaginary world probably includes a moon made of cheese. Please open another bottle of wine, cut some cheese, close your eyes and enjoy the ambience. Then wake up and join the real world.


Sorry Terence,

Once again the only fact you produce is the one that proves your tinfoil hat is too tight.

Terence Y

Sorry Taffy, you’re not really in a position to determine what facts are until you return to the real world.


"... that the violence, they claim, of the mostly peaceful BLM protests this past summer should be just as problematic."

The riot at the Capitol gave violence a new dimension, but that should not diminish the destruction and looting at BLM protests, which were given a press pass (pun meant) and set the stage for more.


So, Jordan, isn’t it evidence enough, that Trump said he had heard rumors from someone who had heard that someone, somewhere had seen someone pulling something out from under a table somewhere, - a clear sign of voter fraud in an election that he should have won by a landslide. How much harder evidence do we need?


Mr. Sher,

A very good letter with the obvious spelled out very clearly. Unfortunately you are preaching to the choir. Those right wing Republicans that believe in massive voter fraud only need a little common sense, something that is not very common among many of them, to understand why they are wrong. The down ballot Republicans did better than the Democrats and if the election was rigged there is no way they would have done well. You don’t sabotage part of your enemies weapons and leave some alone to use against you.

In the words of their idol on Feb. 23, 2016 after the Nevada caucus, “We won with poorly educated, I love the poorly educated.” IMO The gullible poorly educated accounts for a large portion of the 74 million votes he got in November.

Patrick Henry

Jordan- I think you are mistaken. Those of us who believe the election was stolen don't need to come together with you nor have we asked to come together with you. How did you get it in your mind that we need to be heard by you or that we would need you in anyway to do anything. As a Trump supporter, you need to realize we don't want anything from you and you can start by realizing we don't care for a moment what you think.


PH: That’s Republican logic: against double and triple-checked evidence to the contrary, backed by the courts, they believe a notorious liar like Trump, just because he says so.

Christopher Conway

Jorg - again my response to you is the same to Jordan, you have demonstrated over and over that you hate Trump and his followers like me. Why would you think for one moment we would some how want to join forces with you or come together with you in any way? Why don't we just agree to disagree, you will not convince me and I will not convince you? I can live with that, the question is can you?


Chris: I don’t “hate” Trump, only what he has done to this otherwise find country and its reputation around the world. I don’t “hate” his followers either, - just wondering how anyone can be that dumb and so easily fooled by a con-artist like Trump. In my vast circle of friends and family in several countries, not a single one has been fooled by Trump, probably because they are far better educated and more accomplished than a typical Trumpster. How can anyone have such a low regard for the US office of the Presidency, that they find someone as inept and unqualified as Trump acceptable, - not to mention his immorality and dishonesty?

Terence Y

Another JUNC (Jorg’s Usual Nonsense Claptrap) comment destined for the junkyard. Jorg’s hate and TDS appears to be alive and well. We can only hope Jorg isn’t a super-spreader.


TY: I know you don’t mean to, and it is obvious you don’t understand it, but you keep proving my point every opportunity you see! Actually, I don’t need your help, - people with a basic sense of logic understand anyway, and would never dream of voting for Trump.

Dirk van Ulden

Yes Jorg - over 70 million voters who are dumb, idiots and represent half of the voting public. How can you possibly maintain that all of them lack basic sense and logic? Many of us were not particularly fond of Trump because of his outbursts and Twitter traffic but we supported his agenda, and will do so again for the next elections. And, why are you not railing against Biden for being an indoctrinated Catholic? The other half of the voting public must have been unaware of his religion or are they also dumb and lack logic? Jorg, you are truly God's gift to the earth, thank you!

Terence Y

Jorg’s thought process: I can’t refute Terence, or anyone else, so I’ll write some nebulous blather in the hopes it’ll fool readers into thinking I can actually defend myself. Meanwhile, I don’t want to waste another opportunity so I’ll add more of my usual illogical nonsense.

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