Why would any country want a U.S. form of democracy? When the people say “no” to war, the government goes ahead with its plans, and Iraq is a prime example. Our form of democracy has brought destruction to other countries, and it has bombed their populations killing their people and destroying their cities. America has gone out of its way to destabilize and overthrow every democratically-elected government that seems to work for the 99% but not for the 1%, and the list is long.

The United States is the furthest thing from a true democracy, you know, one person, one vote? What we have in this country is an oligarchy, where democracy is disguised as the dog-and-pony show of only Democrats and Republicans. There are no other voices in any presidential debates, and these two parties make sure of that.

In a real democracy, we would have more of a parliamentary form of government where every political party with ballot access has a seat at the table, and there would be no corporate or private financing of any candidate to keep the corruption out of our politics. There is no democracy when the candidate is beholden to its donors and corporations are treated as persons.

Cynthia Marcopulos

South San Francisco

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Generally agree, but think our Democracy is the only/best one in the world

Agree in that every time read/hear/etc in the news that XYZ has the most money and most likely will win because of that...is so wrong. Money buys an election ?!?

Boils down to the voters who mainly read/listen/watch political ads for their voting decision.

But to remove or reform our political campaign system would be impossible at this time. As there is too much money involved.

From the TV/Radio/Cable organizations feeding off of each side...the collateral materials organizations...to the lobbyists and the recreation/dining/hotel/travel/etc/etc businesses that feed off of them...to finally the politicians who are swayed by all of them/that..,

Terence Y

Ms. Marcopulos, maybe you can convince folks in the Bay Area or the state of CA to do a pilot study. In addition to your requirement of banning all donors, private and corporation, from contributing to any campaigns, we’ll also need to ban all PACs from shilling for their candidate of choice and we need to stop the endorsement train, too. I’d endorse that. However, the fly in the ointment may be that everyone and their kids will register a new political party. I’d be okay with a Marcopulos political party, as long as you’re okay with a Terence political party. And Ray and Ed political parties. I'm not too sure whether Jorg could qualify as a political party, though. He’d have to start living in the present instead of continually living in the past.


Good points, Cynthia! The previous comments clearly show that they didn’t get your points, despite expressed so clearly. Not all that unusual, though. For some, the truth seems to be either too uncomfortable, or simply too difficult to understand, leading to nonsensical comments. Believe you me, I’m used to it, - even comments often sounding ridiculous, - like those below.


Perhaps you’d prefer a real “democracy” like China or Russia which call themselves “democracies”. When the US created the first successful constitutionally based democracy with a rule of law in 1776, most governments then though we’d fail.

The US has contributed significatly to a freer world order in the 20th century by defeating authoritarian governments in Europe and Asia in WW-I and WW-II. We are still the worlds' most indispensable county for opposing authoritarian governments. We don’t have a parliament system because it's less representative of the peoples' will and is less stable. Our government is still a work in progress and it remains to be seen if we can survive the Democrats’ quest for one party control through the press, education and social media.

Ray Fowler

Hello, Ed

A tired and worn out cliche seems to fit this LTE... hey, Cynthia... if things are truly as bad here as you belueve they are, what's stopping you from moving to one of those other countries?


Good morning Ray,

I am a day late to the party but thought I would throw in my 3 cents. I am glad I finished my coffee before I read the comments, I would have spit it all over my keyboard.

I was thinking of the same cliche when I read Terence and Ed’s comments. Terence is in an alternate universe and always rants about stolen elections and the current America last policies as he calls them. I am surprised he didn’t mention it this time. He mentioned living in the present, not the past, but I think in his mind Trump is still the president, hardly living in the present.

Ed brought up the quest for one party rule by the Democrats but obviously forgot about the past five years. Four years of the Trump wannabe dictator administration and another year of the Trump party trying everything they can to obstruct justice, suppress voters and subvert democracy.

I have to go write a few Christmas cards so hopefully folks will get them by the 1st of the year with DeJoy’s slowed down postal service. Catch up with you later.

Ray Fowler

Always good to hear from you...

I still feel the Dems commitment to create single party rule is much more a concern to our constitutional democratic republic than Trump ever was... That being said... as an NPPer... I hope the Republicans run someone else in 2024. The progressives march to a socialist state may be an even bigger concern... the track record of socialism should be enough to send Bernie, AOC, the Squad, et al. packing.

Terence Y

It looks like my friend Taffy decided to come for air. Unfortunately, instead of relevant commentary, Taffy just regales us with his usual alternate universe shtick. It’s hilarious that Taffy bellyaches about me living in the past when in the next paragraph, Taffy goes back further into the past to rail against our great President Trump. Of course, hypocrisy is a mainstay of rabid Dems so we’re not surprised. BTW, Taffy, your 3 cents is only worth 1 cent, or less, thanks to inflation due to your buddy Biden’s America Last policies. How’s that for living in the present? As usual, I notice you still can’t list an Uncle Joe accomplishment.

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