Gov. Newsom is a rich hypocrite that must be recalled. On Nov. 6, 2020 – before Pfizer or Moderna vaccines were rolled out – and while Newsom mandated masks and social distancing of the public, Newsom was photographed at the French Laundry Restaurant not wearing a mask, indoors, rubbing elbows with rich medical field lobbyists.

Newsom’s meal cost $450 each, for him and his wife. Newsom allowed $39 billion (not million) in fraudulent unemployment benefits to be stolen by criminals during COVID, and Newsom locked your children out of K-12 public schools for over 15 months (because he feared public school teacher’s unions) — meanwhile Newsom’s four children attended $63,000 per year per child private schools with in-person classes starting August 2020.

Newsom’s so rich his childhood friend was Gordon Getty, son of oil magnate J. Paul Getty.  Newsom is a rich, elitist, snob who intentionally hurt your children while his children thrived. Recall Newsom.

Mike Brown


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Wealth and politics:

Donald J. Trump

$3.7 billion

John F. Kennedy

$1 billion

George Washington

$525 million

Thomas Jefferson

$212 million

Theodore Roosevelt

$125 million

Andrew Jackson

$119 million

James Madison

$101 million

Lyndon B. Johnson

$98 million

Bill Clinton

$80 million

Herbert Hoover

$75 million

(to name but a few)


Are your figures adjusted for todays dollars or are you saying that George W had half a billion dollars 250 years ago?


These figures are all derived from 24/7 Wall St.'s 2016 valuation of each president's peak net worth. For purposes of 24/7 Wall St.'s valuation, a president's peak net worth may occur after that president has left office.[13] To allow for a direct comparison, all of the figures have been adjusted for inflation to 2016 U.S. dollars.



Thanks, I thought that was the case but I appreciate the clarification. Of course we know how Trump lies and inflates his value so I would guess 2 billion if he is lucky, but that is a story for another day.

Terence Y

Bumbling Biden losing Afghanistan and leaving tens of thousands of Americans and Afghan allies behind enemy lines – priceless. Stolen elections have consequences.



Other than an obvious malfunction of your tinfoil hat, what does Afghanistan have to do with the recall of our great Governor Newsom?

Terence Y

My dear Taffy, I’m just following the lead of your response to JME so instead of your usual tinfoil hat shtick, you may want to re-read your comment before asking a hypocritical question. Meanwhile don’t forget to vote YES on the recall and for Larry Elder as our next governor. Thanks in advance.


Thank you for reminding us of our elitest governor.

Terence Y

Mr. Brown - thank you for the informative Recall Newsom letter. I’d like to add a few more King Newsom highlights: tremendous increases in crime, especially violent crime in Democrat-controlled cities; the release of thousands of inmates into the CA wild; gas taxes and prices rising – seemingly every week; sending elders infected with COVID back their nursing homes to kill more elders; ineffective lockdowns which killed the CA economy; continuing to fund the boondoggle train-to-nowhere; idiotic fire, water and electricity policies turning CA into a third-world state; the continuation of spending taxpayer dollars to fund non-Americans. Vote YES on the recall.

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