A young man came upon me one day and immediately became incensed and agitated when he saw I was wearing a red Make America Great Again hat in public and nothing was happening to me.

Giving me several stares and in complete astonishment, he comes right at me in a very agitated state and says to me, “Man, what nationality are you?” Why exactly he came up to me and asked me this question was not clear. I calmly replied to the young man that I was American. He responded to me in an even more angry and agitated tone as if the answer I gave him was not sufficient and that I somehow owed him one. “No man” he says, “Don’t try to be funny, you know what I mean, what color are you?”

I remained calm even though you can feel the adrenaline building in this young man’s body. Not wanting to upset this total stranger any further than he already was, I slowly answered him clearly, “Why I am red, white and blue, inside and out.” Frustrated with my answers and the fact that I am 6-foot-4 inches and 225 pounds, he decided to just walk away.

We went our separate ways in peace and understanding avoiding any violence or profanities. I think it was very beneficial for both us and a teaching moment in these very trying and racially charged times. As a Trump supporter, I am just doing everything I can to defuse the hostile environment we find ourselves.  

Christopher P. Conway

San Mateo

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Hey Chris, everything is hunky dory correct? Maybe at Camp Conway, what about here?


Christopher Conway

It appears that a firefighter is making an accusation that he faced unfair discriminations while working for the city of RWC due to his race. What he is alleging is illegal and it is up to the courts to determine the validity of his claims. As far as everything being great with me and my family, yes, we are very happy.


Good for you, Chris. Thanks for being the trailblazer! We are ALL "AMERICANS." Let's wear the MAGA hat. Fly the American Flag. And count our many blessings.

As I used to hear on the radio every morning upon waking as a kid "For a world united in peace, let us bow our heads in pray."


You do know that maga translates to "easily fooled idiot" in Nigerian, don't you?

Tommy Tee

Mike nailed it. When you go to a high school (Serra) during your formative years and there's 1.1% black students, how can you really be talking about race? I went to a school that had 50%. Not an expert, but I understand racism much better. You have no clue, and your white privilege is showing.

Christopher Conway

My letter was about non violence, why again are you whining about non-existent racism? Try to stay on point. Racism is not the answer to every problem our society encounters.


@Chris Conway

Non DIVERSITY breeds ill will. Even when you attended Serra Hs there was either no AA or only a couple. Can you actually walk in THEIR shoes, Chris?

Read this below, this would not happen to you.


Christopher Conway

Well, since my classmate at Serra is the all time leading home-run hitter in Major League baseball history, I don't think I could come close to walking in his shoes. I am however flattered by the question.


Class of '69 grad says Go Padres!!


Barry went to Carey school, then Serra.


What exactly are you doing?

Christopher Conway

What is exactly are you asking me?


What else are you doing to promote nonviolence?


Christopher, you may be shocked but I would like to commend you for your letter encouraging nonviolence during these times. It is better than violent reactions which are often the result of confrontations everywhere from the school yard to nations capitals.

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