Your article titled a “One cent tax could be on 2020 ballot” should have been placed on your editorial page, not posted as a news item. The reason is to call this a “1 cent” increase in the sales tax is to take a position in favor. That term is what the proponents want the voters to think of when they consider this measure on their ballots. Of course, increase is not “1 cent,” it is in fact, roughly a 10% increase in the sales tax. It is a much higher percentage of the state portion of the sales tax.  

A 10% increase is an enormous additional tax (your article says $100 billion over 40 years.) Now we are talking real money. I don’t blame the proponents of this idea from playing the voters for dopes with this “1 cent” term, when it is 1 cent on every dollar and we will have a 10% sales tax in most jurisdictions.     

The list of dream projects is loose (sounds like the fraud of high-speed rail) and designed to keep the directors and staff of each agency funded with their incredible salaries well into the next generation. It will be interesting to see when the voters smarten up and stop funding these boondoggles.  

Rich Martin


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