According to dictionaries, liberalism is associated with general broadening of the mind, being openminded, not prejudiced, strict or rigorous, but favoring individual liberty and political and social reform. While not all liberals agree on everything, most liberals in the United States agree that equal opportunity for all people is a good goal. So, being called “liberal” should be a compliment, right? Not exactly how Trump supporters have twisted it around. In this crowd the word is used as a derogatory label, especially when they have no real answer to a question or challenge.

I have a vast circle of family and friends in many countries, mostly Northern Europe. They are all very well educated, successful and accomplished, as well as solid members of their various societies. Not a single one has anything good to say about Donald Trump, instead he is considered a raving lunatic. The only Republican among my close friends, a U.S. citizen, wouldn’t even dream about voting for Trump. Are these people bewildered and fooled, or is it more likely that the far less informed and educated, and far less accomplished, Trump followers are? And if we look at Trump, follow his Twitter and TV antics, consider his incessant lying, his inability to attract and keep qualified people for important jobs, as well as his many outright stupid statements, what is there to admire and support, especially for someone occupying the most important and powerful office in the world?

Jorg Aadahl

San Mate

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Dirk van Ulden

What Jorg fails to mention is that not a single Northern European news outlet, be they newspapers, radio and television media, uses an objective news service. Virtually all their sources are from the NYT and the Washington Post, hardly credible,objective news sources. I know, I read and watch the European news. If Jorg's friends were so highly educated, not to be confused with intellect, they would wonder why the news in Europe is so slanted against our President. Instead, like Jorg, they exhibit arrogance and condescension, not even realizing and appreciating that they live under the umbrella of US protection. Like Jorg, they are not educated but simply snarky and just loved our former wet-noodle president who was similar to their failing 'leaders'.


Besides missing my point, do you mean, Dirk, that the vast majority in Europe, with access to both international press services and TV, are just as “bewildered” as the steadily growing majority here in America, who form their opinion about Trump based on what they see of him directly, and what they learn he has done? And my friends, including graduate engineers, lawyers, scientists, professors, writers, physicians and business owners and executives, don’t have the intellect to judge Trump, but his MAGA hat followers do? How in the world can anyone in his/her right mind support such an immoral liar, someone so demonstrably inept, unqualified and incompetent, - someone totally incapable of attracting and keeping qualified people for important governmental jobs. Besides, “over there” they have even more direct reports about Trump’s behavior, where he wastes no time making a laughingstock of himself, and where he falls flat on every account compared to his predecessor, President Obama, who is admired and respected like few world leaders. So, the question becomes, Dirk, - from where do you get such a twisted opinion of Trump? Don’t you watch him on TV, and don’t you understand how he is lying to his gullible and easily fooled followers, - demonstrating neither education, nor intellect?

Dirk van Ulden

And - who cares about the European opinions anyway? You select your friends who apparently agree with you and base their opinions on what is spoon-fed them by the CNN and the likes. Your arguments are so stale and certainly irrational. You are dismissing a large section of the population that somehow cannot measure up to your circle of friends which in itself is insulting and presumptuous. As we used to say, dream on cowboy, your friends will be even more flabbergasted after the next election. Will you return to the Utopian European world when that happens so you can commiserate with your highly educated but uninformed circle? Vaya con Dios!

Christopher Conway

Let's show Jorg what we think of his continual diatribe about how smart he is and his international friends who we can care less about and elect Trump for a 2nd term. I don't know if you were born in America Jorg, but in America, parents teach their children not to be an arrogant, pompous tool. It is unbecoming of any American, if you are indeed one.


Thank you, Chris, for your inadvertent substantiation of my point! I have to admit, though, it was a surprise to see you question Trump’s Americanism! I thought you admired everything about his character.

Gloria Gael

Well, then, it looks like your parents succeeded on that, Chris!

Christopher Conway

That is because I came from a wonderful American family. Thanks for noticing Gloria

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