Thank you Jorg for showing us why we have the Electoral College and why it is important (“Liberal ... or what” letter to the editor in the Jan. 10 edition of the Daily Journal).

Just because your group of friends are like-minded, does not mean you represent the entire country. President Trump won the election because he appealed to the most voters across the country, not just in coastal hot spots. Also, Jorg shows us why the Democrats lost in 2016 and will lose again in 2020. Rather than be introspective and ask honestly why they lost the election, the masses on the left simply reduce the loss to a bunch of uneducated, uniformed voters who must have been swindled. Trust me, plenty of smart and successful people voted for Trump and will do so again.

Hard to argue when stock markets are at an all-time high, unemployment is at an all-time low and millions of people have gotten off of government assistance since Trump took office. Perhaps the reason Jorg doesn’t know any Trump supporters is because of how they are treated in liberal areas. Until the Democrats can bring something tangible to the table instead of “free” stuff and “anyone but Trump,” the losses will continue to pile up.

Joe Guttenbeil

Redwood City

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“Trump won the election because he appealed to the most voters across the country”? Really? Last time I checked, Trump lost by 3 million votes against Hillary, - more than Bush II lost against Al Gore, while he “won” the EC by a single vote. President Obama won both the popular and the EC votes by comfortable margins. Twice. That being said, do you really believe that after all Trump’s lying and exposure of what an inept leader he is, there are still enough gullible voters naive enough to be fooled by him? Or, do you trust that the usual Republican tricks and voter suppression, including foreign meddling, will do the dirty job again, - like in 2016? If so, do you applaud this too obvious dumbing down of the United States, losing the hegemony that President Obama rebuilt after the disastrous Bush administration?

In order to better understand what brought us into the current dreadful situation, I can highly recommend Kurt Andersen’s “Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire – a 500 Year History”.

Dirk van Ulden

Hey Jorg - you and Rep Schiff should team up. Both of you are great at writing parodies.

Gloria Gael

All good points Jorg. Just because the stock market is doing well, that doesn't mean that the country is in good shape. Still millions are homeless, while children are locked in cages at the border, there is an unprecedented housing crisis everywhere, and only the elite can afford college.

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