I am compelled to respond to a recent letter titled “Unjust votes” (published in the Nov. 6 edition of the Daily Journal). Let me start by thanking Mayor Sue Vaterlaus, Councilman Mike O’Neill and Councilwoman Sue Beckmeyer for voting for what the vast majority of Pacificans want. Pacificans soundly rejected rent control. I fought very hard for that and I am a lifelong Pacifica renter. The threat of rent control is the major cause of what has happened. I will never stand for taking one person’s right and giving it to someone else. They clearly do not understand that rent is not permanent, it is market driven, yet their hypocrisy runs deep.

Most of the signers own homes and I’m sure they would sell them for market rate today yet they expect other property owners to yield to their demands. Their socialist ideals were rejected and the shame and embarrassment is on them. I am proud and happy for the councils and cities that rejected the idea that rent control works. Clearly Mayor Pro Tem Deirdre Martin and Councilwoman Mary Beir are generous and compassionate, to the exteme in many cases. It never ceases to amaze me why this group attempts to bring partisan politics into local issues. In many cases “social justice” is the buzz word for socialism (note small “s”). Under Newsom’s direction, the gold will come out of your pocket. Good bye “Golden State.”

Chris Redfield


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I watched the Pacifica council meeting I was amazed the council voted no as they seemed so sympathetic to the people with the possibllity of loosing their homes I see no landlords having to worry about paying the rent putting food on the table and sleeping in their cars labeling rent control as the vixen in trying to help your neighbors seems so heartless.. Passing this ordinance would help those in need of housing not landlords lobbying to eliminate being able to evict ant charge double after evicting current tenants Pacifica needed the Seniors to appear and ask them where do we go? They have no choices to rent here almost like a victory the chance to help your neighbors was eliminated by the chosen few. Too bad they can't see the forestgfor the trees making the divide between those that own to be priviledged few than those that depend on their rent and sleeping in their cars..That's how I see it what was needed was the Seniors at the San Mateo almost in bathrobes to put faces on those Seniors who need help. The opportunity to step up and help was ignored in their votes so sad, What a triumph you proclaim!

Christopher Conway

Chris- sounds like you have officials in city hall that listen to the voter. Must be nice.

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