Combining Caltrain with BART makes no sense because Caltrain is a success and BART has become a failure. And, the two systems have different technologies. On Caltrain, no one harasses you, tries to grab your handbag or touches you. On BART, the addicted and the mentally ill harass passengers, which makes for a scary ride. There are formidable barriers to BART improvement because BART’s problems are problems of the neighborhoods in which it operates. Those problems flow into the BART system.

The man who killed Nia Wilson and knifed her two sisters on a BART platform, had presumably jumped the fare gates. He had been released less than three months before the murder, from a maximum-security facility for mentally ill convicts.

And this is who can be on BART with the paying passengers. Leave Caltrain alone. And leave BART alone.

BART’s general manager has led BART to substantial improvement since his arrival in 2019. Let him continue without distractions. As for a seamless ride around the Bay Area, there isn’t much that’s seamless around the Bay Area, so why should transit systems with different technologies be?

Jane James

San Mateo

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Ray Fowler

Dirk and Terence

Hey, guys... good to see you in the trenches. I'm still recovering from some medical stuff earlier this week, but remember... el buho esta mirando.

Terence Y

Ray, good of you to make an appearance. I hope you’re recovering nicely. I’m trying my best to keep up with Dirk – lately he’s been on fire and his wry sense of humor is shining through. Any reason why “el buho” instead of “el aguila”? Better focus in the dark vs the light? Very appropriate. BTW, our homework-challenged buddies have been conspicuously absent these past few days. Maybe we’ll see responses to your unanswered questions?

Ray Fowler

Yes, their absence is conspicuous and the silence is deafening.

I came across a family crest with an owl, so buho just seems appropriate given the connection to the surname.



Not sure who you are including when you say homework-challenged buddies. I have been around even though you don't like anything I have to say. BTW, find any bamboo fibers yet?



Is the medical work doing anything to fix the clock around the 5 PM hour?

Ray Fowler

Hey, Tafhdyd

Thanks for thinking about me... the procedure/surgery went as well as can be expected, but the clock is still stuck at 4:59 pm until I get cleared.



Bummer, we can't solve the worlds problems until 5 o'clock. Until then I will tip one for a speedy recovery.

Ray Fowler

Thanks... as always... pal

Dirk van Ulden

Jane, shame on you! We need to more inclusive and don't forget equity. Yes, we should allow the same characters on CalTrain and let them ride without paying the fares while annoying and molesting you.

Terence Y

Good point, Mr. van Ulden. Since the SM-FC school district is attempting to win a race to the bottom in removing advanced math classes, why shouldn’t we force Caltrain to also join that same race to the bottom in combining with BART? We have to promote “systemic” change, don't we?

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