The two recent reviews of new Netflix documentaries (“The Great Hack” and “American Factory”) titled “Film on factory is first Netflix project endorsed by Obamas” by David Bauder in the Aug. 24-25 edition of the San Mateo Daily Journal were illuminating and deeply disturbing to say the least. Both tackled complex issues facing us as individuals, as a nation and as citizens of the universe.

Without your reviews, I would have missed them as would have so many of my friends and colleagues. These two productions have been crucial to my understanding of the dark side of social change, technology and globalization.

We cannot afford to go any further without making a strong commitment to the future though research based knowledge. I am trusting the American youth, among others, to take up the mantel for these imperative changes. My generation stopped a war. Let’s see what you can do.

In the meantime, be informed, mentor and be open to change even if it is frightening.

See these two important documentaries on Netflix: “The Great Hack” and “American Factory.” Pass the word. Invite a friend over to see them with you. If you do not have Netflix, find someone who does. Take a pizza if necessary.

Truett Clifton-Vizvary

Palo Alto

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Dirk van Ulden

American Factory is a tragic story that is ironically endorsed by Obama? Aren't he and Clinton primarily responsible for the loss of jobs to China? He has some nerve to stand there with his Michelle and smile at us suckers. The movie sends several messages. I don't see many folks from here migrate to China. The way they treat their personnel is worse than slavery and they make them feel great, although joyless, by consistent indoctrination and job loss threats. Former GM workers that made $40+ per hour with benefits are now 'happy' to get a lousy job at a Chinese glass factory starting at $14? I am not sure what the overall message of the documentary is but let's praise the Lord that we finally were able to elect a President who is bringing jobs back and who do not have to work under the conditions portrayed in the film.

Cindy Cornell

I also recommend the documentary series Dirty Money.

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