I write regarding Jonathan Madison’s Sept. 7 column, “Sleight of Hand,” in which the author argues that Gov. Newsom’s campaign is deceiving voters with simple tricks. Amusingly, Mr. Madison’s own attempt at sleight of hand couldn’t fool an average voter, much less Penn and Teller.

Simply put, no discussion of removing the governor from office is complete without thoroughly analyzing the person who would replace him for the rest of his term. In his column, Mr. Madison egregiously fails to provide any discussion of the candidate who nearly all polls show would replace Gov. Newsom if he is recalled in the Sept. 14 election. That man, Larry Elder, is a far-right radio show host who recently argued against the minimum wage and in favor of the idea that hiring managers in California businesses should be allowed to discriminate against women who may become pregnant.

If elected, Elder would also immediately remove California’s masking requirements in schools, placing the community’s children and teens at greater risk of contracting a deadly virus and spreading it to our most vulnerable neighbors. It’s blatantly apparent that Elder, who has never held a position of leadership in public office, is woefully unfit and dangerously unqualified to serve as the chief executive of our state. Voters should soundly reject Elder’s dangerous candidacy in this grievously undemocratic recall election with a no vote on or before Sept. 14.

Jay Ford

San Mateo

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Terence Y

Mr. Ford, you may want to take a gander over to Mr. Marlin’s letter as he highlights reasons why Newsom is woefully unfit and dangerously unqualified to serve as the chief executive of our state, even though Newsom has held a position of leadership in public office. Seems to me, we have nothing to lose by voting Yes on the legal recall, and then voting for a replacement candidate. For me, I’d recommend Mr. Elder because I believe he has the best chance of making California great again. Currently, we’re nowhere close with Newsom, and not even moving in that direction, as Mr. Marlin has documented.

Tommy Tee

Good letter, Mr. Ford. Agree 100%. We don't need a misogynistic talk show host. Remember the last time there was a successful recall? A republican was elected, who went on to triple our debt.

Ray Fowler

Hello, Jay

While I am no fan of Larry Elder, I agree with Jonathan Madison's call for a change in leadership. However, what I find curious about comments from left leaning readers is that they rail against Elder... that is their prerogative... but they offer little or no defense of Gavin's failed leadership.

Jonathan's column does not even mention Elder. Could you share your point of view concerning issues presented by Jonathan... or Ron Marlin's "California 'shake up'" LTE which appears in today's DJ?

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