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San Bruno school officials further advanced a proposal to sell or lease a former elementary school campus currently used as a driving range at the foot of Crestmoor canyon.

The San Bruno Park Elementary School District Board of Trustees voted 4-1, with Vice President Andrew Mason dissenting, to approve seeking requests for proposals at the former Engvall Elementary School campus.

The decision Wednesday, Aug. 14, moves forward an initiative by officials seeking to fix the constraints long limiting the district budget by overhauling its configuration and considering alternative uses for facilities.

Board President Teri Chavez said she appreciated the chance for officials to receive and consider requests for proposals for the 21-acre property currently occupied by the San Bruno Golf Center at 2101 Sneath Lane.

“I think we should be open to all options so we can make the best decision for the school district,” said Chavez.

Under the decision, officials will open a window to parties potentially interested in purchasing or renting the school facility which was closed in 1989. Chavez said she was willing to consider either outcome, as well as the potential for a hybrid approach, while noting officials have yet to make a final decision on the fate of the property.

It also advances a process initiated when officials agreed to announce the property as surplus, making it eligible for other uses. The site at the gate to Crestmoor Canyon is currently rented by the driving range, but school officials reserved the right to purchase the remaining value on the lease if alternative uses are preferred.

The opportunity to consider new uses for the former Engvall campus aligns with similar efforts by officials to sell or lease other district properties. Officials agreed late last year to sell the recently-shuttered El Crystal Elementary School for $13.5 million to the Stratford School, which also leases the former Crestmoor Elementary School campus.

El Crystal Elementary School was closed as part of a pivot by officials away from a system built around neighborhood schools to a regional one with larger campuses. Officials are hopeful the transformation will free the district from the budget constraints which have hamstrung operations for years.

The revenue generated by the sale will help pay toward the rebuild of existing facilities which need to be revamped and improved to accommodate more students, as it can only pay toward facility needs and not operations. Officials will use the sales money in tandem with the $79 million raised by a recently-approved bond measure.

The El Crystal Elementary School site is not the only school with a murky future, as officials agreed earlier this year Rollingwood Elementary School could be sold or leased too. The timeline for the campus has yet to be determined though.

The vision to reconfigure the district was crafted by former Superintendent Stella Kemp, who announced earlier this year her resignation in favor of taking a similar job in Santa Clara.

Following the administrative overhaul, some trustees questioned whether the property realignment would continue in Kemp’s absence. Chavez though said she favored carrying out the plan, in an effort to keep a promise made to voters who supported the bond financing facility improvements.

Considering the variety of potential moving parts, Chavez said she appreciated the opportunity to examine the level of interest in the Engvall site.

“I just think we need to wait and see what are all the options coming back, so we can make an informed decision,” she said.

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