With regard to the front page story “Gun sales up across county”; (Daily Journal, July 19), may I suggest that a better alternative to putting more guns in our neighborhoods is to continue our prayers for peace and vow to put each day in the hands of a wise and loving God, who is always here to help us come together as one and live each day with honesty, respect, compassion and understanding.

Michael Traynor


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Both Prayer AND Guns......The best answer

“People who are not governed by God will be ruled by tyrants,” said William Penn, founder of the English North American colony, the Province of Pennsylvania."


Mr. Traynor,

Nice thoughts for troubled times. I don't have a prayer as such, but I found a couple of quotes that may apply.

"You can never learn that Christ is all you need, until Christ is all you have"-- Corrie Ten Boom

"Work as if you were to live a hundred years, pray as if you were to die tomorrow"-- Ben Franklin

Terence Y

Mr. Traynor - if we prayed for everyone to believe in the United States of America and in enforcing our nation of laws, especially the penal code, we wouldn’t need to pray for peace or for more guns in neighborhoods. Those issues will straighten themselves out. BTW, violence comes from people, not guns.


Have you been praying for victims of the pandemic, or the floods in Europe, or fires here in California, - or gun violence, for that matter? If so, how has that worked?

Ray Fowler

Yes, neighbor...


Keep praying so you won't prey.


Jorg --- It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall and see how you fair when it's time for your "Pearly Gates" inquisition.


Lou: Don’t hold your breath! I’m not superstitious, and I don't believe in nonsense! Just the impossible stories in the Bible are proof that it is all made up. And so are the hundreds, if not thousands, of “gods” invented by man.

Ray Fowler


A while ago, in the comments section, I objected to your use of pejoratives and derisive terms to describe persons who do not agree with your political views. You responded by asking me how would I describe persons who disagree with me. I answered... "neighbor." Then, I recommended that you read Luke 10:25-37. If you didn't read it then, I would ask that you read it now. It's online and would only take a couple of minutes.

The story in Luke 10:25-37 could not be further removed from superstition. I'm confident even you would say the story is not nonsense. The lesson the story teaches is not something that is impossible to achieve. Here's the question... whether you pray or not... regardless if you practice a religion or none... if everyone applied the lesson in the story, wouldn't we all be in a better place?


Ray: What on flat Earth does that have to do with Lou’s nonsense about my predicted encounter with some imaginary Pearly Gates? And your persistent reference to the neighbor story is simply common humanism and not something religion has monopoly on. The motto should be: “Be good for goodness’ sake”, not to score some points with an imaginary fantasy figure way up high.

Ray Fowler


Did you read the passage? It has more to offer than "be good for goodness' sake."

With respect to Lou's musings... let's just go with his scenario. After speaking with St. Peter, you find yourself going south... waaay south. Do you recall in mid-February, some liberal social media users, who were not being very neighborly, posting that Rush Limbaugh was going south? Think of it, Jorg... you and Rush Limbaugh together for eternity. That might be an incentive for you to reconsider religion... just to get away from Rush.


Ray: Only if I were superstitious, which I have never been, and never intend to be, as long as I have a functioning brain.

Ray Fowler


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