Another day, another Grocott column that makes me go, huh? Early on, Mr. Grocott says, “Biden administration won’t allow A National Day of Prayer to be held at U.S. Capitol this year. Followed by, “Biden mentions everything except God during National Day of Prayer proclamation.” I read four newspapers a day and haven’t seen either of these headlines. Would Mr. Grocott be so kind as to point out which paper or papers posted these headlines? Possibly the Epoch Times, a newspaper as far right as a paper can get? Which specializes in falsehoods and distortions?

He finishes his column with, “We are in desperate need of a Third Great Awakening. God help us.”

I submit that we just had that Great Awakening. Eighty-one million people realized this country couldn’t survive another four years of Donald Trump and did something about it. Now we just need another 74 million Americans to come to the same conclusion.

Steve Ortiz

Redwood City

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Religion has no place in government, supported both by the US secular Constitution, and plain old fashioned common sense. About time to downplay it’s bewildering, contaminating impact.

Tommy Tee

Great letter, Steve!

Terence Y

Mr. Ortiz, in the time it took you to write this letter, you could have easily searched for, “Biden administration won’t allow A National Day of Prayer to be held at U.S. Capitol” and “Biden mentions everything except God during National Day of Prayer proclamation” and you would have easily found the headlines you claim to be unable to find. Time to ditch those four fake news newspapers. BTW, you can also search for the White House transcript on Biden’s proclamation, click on the link, access the Find function, type in “God” and quickly see there's no match. Now, to paraphrase what the inimitable Mr. Fowler says to others demanding something or other, “I’m done doing your homework.” Maybe this lack of finding the truth has made you a believer in the Big Lie that Biden won an election.


Sorry Terence,

If you refresh your memory by reading Matt's column again you will see my reply on the 11th about the same headlines and their source. The headlines were on Christianity Daily, not exactly in the top top ten publications for the general populace. I also commented on our "national religion" and offered some bible quotes for him. BTW, maybe your lack of finding the truth has made you a believer in the Big Lie that Trump won something other than Lie of the Year 3 of the last 4 years.

Terence Y

Taffy, I’m not sure what your point is, and maybe you don’t either, but I’m not surprised a story about God or prayer is covered in a Christian publication. Just as I wouldn’t be surprised that baseball or hockey is covered by Sports illustrated. Or cars are reviewed in Car and Driver. I do notice you don’t deny Mr. Grocott’s assertions and that speaks volumes.



I don’t have a problem with the headlines being in a Christian source. The point that you missed is Mr. Grocott gave the impression that it was big news on the front page of the NYT. I just pointed out that it was not. You are partially correct, I did agree with him that the country is in deep trouble, I disagree with his reasons and possible cures as I pointed out.

Terence Y

Taffy, to use the parlance of business folks, let me unpack your comment. You say you don’t have a problem with headlines from a Christian source, yet you’ve tried to denigrate said source by conveniently stating Mr. Grocott gave the impression it was from the failing NYT (of which Mr. Grocott did not). I hate to tell you this, Taffy, but the DJ (minus biased political AP stories) has more credibility than your NYT (of which probably does a great job as birdcage liner).

Dirk van Ulden

Steve - "our great awakening"?. Who are you referring to please? By your own numbers the total voter turnout far exceeded the number of eligible voters in this country. Among your awakened voters were millions that were not eligible and like the lemmings they are, are now all paying the price: Inflation, open borders, major crime increases, fuel shortages, and a bumbling national healthcare system. Thanks Steve for all you did.



Once again you jump in the water without checking the temperature. You really should get your "facts", if they can be called that, from someplace other than Twitter or Facebook or whatever right wing fake news outlet you listen to. What is your source for the debunked "more people voted than eligible voters" nonsense you spew?

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