Media Kit 5 - Daily Journal Distribution Strategy

Not all free newspapers are distributed equally.

Some free newspapers’ “strategy” is to simply blanket a particular business district much the same way marketers send out spam emails. The papers are delivered in front of business or offices, whether they want the paper or not.

”Free home delivery” newspapers follow this same strategy. They choose the most desirable zip codes, with the highest demographics, and simply saturate the area. Again, more spam.

Both strategies are good for artificially boosting circulation figures and lower ing CPM”s for advertisers. But how many of those newspapers, delivered by the “spam” method, are being read? Think about it. How accurate are those circulation figures and CPMs? If you don’t like spam in your e-mail, why would you ad vertise in a newspaper that uses a spam circulation strategy?


The Daily Journal is a  permis­sion-based newspaper.

For each of our 3,000+ distribution points, we have permission to deliver. We go only where we are wanted.

We audit our circulation every week, stringently working to make sure that we provide the best circulation numbers and locations for our readers and the stron­gest readership for our advertisers.

If you are looking for a targeted, permis­sion-based free newspaper, please call us and let us show you how The Daily Journal can help you fulfill your marketing goals on the San Francisco Peninsula.

By the way, if you are interested in giving us permission to deliver our paper to your place of business in our coverage area, Please contact us. Your customers and em­ployees will thank you, just as we thank you.


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Find out exactly what a permission based free newspaper can do for you. Please fill out our Advertising Inquiry form.

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