No government in the world can legislate and control human thoughts and emotions. So, the logical step is to legislate and control the physical elements of common denominators of every mass shooting, the guns and ammunition. The Federal Government and all 50 states and territories must all have identical gun control, gun use and gun carry laws, including the buying and selling of guns and ammunition, so there are no loop holes.

New gun control laws should first include: a 15-day waiting period, so government agencies have sufficient time to complete a background check. Second, a gun safety and training class should be required to be taken by every gun buyer before he/she receives their gun. Third, a written psychological test and interview with a psychiatrist should be required for every gun buyer, before he/she receives their gun.

It should be noted that every police officer candidate goes through a psychological screening test and interview because of the possibility of the use of force, by gun, that may be required for the job. If cops have to go through the psychological screening, so should gun buyers.

Lastly, every state and territory should have the same gun use and gun carry laws. No more ‘stand your ground,” like in Florida. No more “right to carry.” Permits to carry a gun should continue to be controlled by the local county Sheriff’s Office, on an individual basis, based on a legitimate legal need.

Michael Oberg

San Mateo

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