I have read Mr. Grocott’s column (“Socialism in America” in the Aug. 27 edition of the Daily Journal) with the perverse delight one takes in watching a poor fellow being struggling to squeeze in a few words what took Marx and Lenin many volumes to fail at. Socialism or capitalism are abstract concepts whose reality varies widely depending on the national culture of the people who adopt these socioeconomic systems. There are national cultures which made both socialism and capitalism work in exemplary fashion and there are national cultures which failed miserably at both.

A national culture like ours which cannot even get capitalism, which is mercifully running itself, to run properly has little chance of succeeding at socialism because socialism is a much more complex socioeconomic system and as such it requires a lot more discipline and coercive grand scale coordination.

Implementing socialism in America is tantamount to attempting to get 300 million cats to march in unison in a first of May workers parade. I am certain that even Bernie Sanders knows that. All our Democrats want is to shackle and saddle the same old capitalistic cow with a new social contract, strap a solitary green horn in the middle of its forehead, make it jump over a very meaningful rainbow and milk the life out of it while hoping that is it dumb enough not to notice the unnatural proceedings and do something about it. Chillax Mr. Grocott, it ain’t gonna happen.

Virgil Stevens

San Carlos

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