San Mateo County is on the COVID-19 “watch list,” and the city of Burlingame is discontinuing the Friday night Burlingame Avenue street closure, telling residents it is because “many people have been ignoring mask requirements and gathering in large groups without masks.” Blaming people for a rise in case count due to not wearing a mask, is absolutely disingenuous when the data clearly shows that cases have increased since masks were mandated.

If Burlingame is looking to place blame for the empty storefronts and shuttered businesses, look at city officials who refused to push back on the draconian restrictions when it was clear our health services were not being overwhelmed and we could mitigate the virus with limited measures.

If Burlingame wants to shut down businesses again, city officials need to take responsibility for the economic and social degradation. Burlingame residents can only fix the damage done by city, county and state governments when we are set free.

We’ve put up with our parks being fenced in, our libraries closed, our schools shut down — when is it enough? How many more sacrifices do we have to make? Wearing masks has not, and will not, save us. Protect the elderly and infirmed, and let us live our lives.

Wendy McArdle


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Tommy Tee

Scott-I didn't use the word "despicable," it was in the name of the url. You call it a hit piece. I don't think it is. You are free to disbelieve it, just as we are free to disbelieve Dr. Victory. So what's the issue?

Scott McVicker

The article has reached the correct conclusion. The lock downs have become a habit of those who lack the intelligence to understand how a virus moves through a population. Look at the County's statistics. My most recent calculation yielded a 1.6 in 10,000 chance of dying due to this flu. Compare this with the odds of being struck by lightning in your lifetime: 1 in 3000.

We understand who the susceptible are. Protect them if possible. Release the rest to their lives. Stop the pretense. End the fear mongering. Schooling may resume as it has done elsewhere.

Open Now / Abierto Ahora / Remove Useless Newsom (The Destroyer)


Scott --- Very wise comments ! Thanks !

Scott McVicker

Sorry to tag this on, but I found this video quite helpful:


Tommy Tee

Scott- A YouTube with the well known conspiracy theorist, Dr.Kelly Victory? Much of her nonsense has been fact checked and debunked by the medical community. She has no experience in virology or epidemiology; she's an ER physician. Here's a nifty link for you to disbelieve.


Scott McVicker

In all the months of writing about this over-reaction, yours is the first response to use the word "despicable" and point me to a hit piece. Makes we wonder about your objectivity. I will need to look you up before reviewing that "info".


What a silly comparison! Don't you understand even the basics of statistical randomness? "Being struck by lightning" has absolutely no relationship to statistics, anymore than being bit by a shark has! Just stay out of the water, and you will not be bitten by a shark, anymore than you'll be struck by lightning if you stay inside!

Scott McVicker

If you did not like my chance occurrence, please provide one you find more relevant / to your liking. If you would like to update the death percentage in this County, please do (still 119 deaths, just checked).

As for the realm aquatic: The virus is the shark. Stay out of the water. No way for the shark to bite. YOU are safe. Congratulations! But wait, we are missing something: Water = Life.

Others who think differently (you know, those among the 9,998.4 out of 10,000) would like to return to their lives. Why? Because “safety” is not the be all and end all of life. They know that life has always carried some risks...and this flu virus represents a very, very, very small risk for those outside the susceptible group.

P.S. - Also, the gloomers refuse to accept that the health/psychological/economic damage done to the lives and livelihoods of those being held hostage to “safety” will far exceed the cost in lives saved from the government's over-reaction to this virus.


This is a typical case of misuse of statistics, mixing numerous variables, while plain facts are called “statistics”, - not an uncommon mistake, though. For statistics to be meaningful, you have to control the variables! Lotto is pure, unadulterated statistics, where your chance of winning can be calculated mathematically. Corona facts aren’t! However, you may say that if you stay home, with no contact with any sources, the chances of you contracting the virus, is practically zero. If you mingle close to already affected people who cough right in your face, your chance of getting it is so-and-so in this more closely defined group of like people, something else in another well defined group of more or less identical people. That is closer to real, meaningful and useful “statistics”.

Scott McVicker

(Sorry for the long post)


It would seem you have talked around the point. Off with the shoes and socks. Time to put your feet in the water.

To carry on with your example...If someone coughed in my face who was ill with something (I expect this has happened to you too in prior years), then I might be infected with whatever they had. Did I even know I had that disease or did it pass through me harmlessly? Did I become ill? Did I require hospitalization? What was the disease-specific death count? And most importantly, did the death count justify the measures taken to prevent individuals from dying? Let's look.

We have never shut down the world economy for a virus (novel or not). The very thought of that option would have been laughed off the planet. It took a disproportionate threat from a flawed model to change “leaders” minds. Imagined high death counts. Hospitals to be overwhelmed. Overflowing corpses stacked in freezers.

But as it turned out, that model was wrong. By an order of magnitude at least. So the justification for closing the economy evaporated. We could have all gone back to our normal lives May 1st (while offering considerations for those in the susceptible group). But no. The narrative continued despite the data we were receiving.

Back to those questions (reference the SMC COVID-19 Data Dashboard). Take into account the poor graphing examples...as blue bars may represent 1000+ on the left of the dashboard and bars of the same length on the right indicate values less than 100.

With increases in testing, more positives are being discovered. Look at the Latino/Hispanic category for an example. Lots of “cases”. Very few deaths. Most either had no significant reaction or shook it off. This is a virus passing through a population.

Out of 765 “Whites” listed as cases, 69 died. Seems high...until you add up the 80+ and 90+ categories for a total of 71. I concluded that these were the old folks. Think of a forest of trees. A strong wind comes and blows some of the older or diseased trees down. Should a similar wind come again (a second “spike”), the majority of the susceptible trees have already been eliminated. No need for a repeat of the extreme lock down measures.

The total death count stands now at 120. In the under 50 group, 2 deaths. Total under 50 tested = 294+472+1144+1156+896=2921. Roughly a 1 in 1500 chance...never mind the prior health status...for someone under 50. Is our response (the lock downs, the new indebtedness at all levels of government, the deferred medical care, the destruction of businesses, and on and on) proportional to this threat? My answer is no. Your thoughts?


Simple solution is to move to a place that cares more about their self-centered freedoms than the wellbeing of everyone. A state that has a governor that is in lock step with Donald Trump would be a good start. Florida or Texas comes to mind. They seem to believe Dr. Trump and the wizard of science, Dr. Stella Immanuel, rather than the actual scientists. Don't forget your bottle of bleach and your tinfoil hat to protect you while having sex in your dreams with demons.

Dirk van Ulden

Wendy - you are correct but the herd mentality has been successfully tapped by our leadership. What does not seem to get any news coverage is that the overall death rate in California, around 500 to 600 per day due to all causes, has not increased noticeably considering that Newsom and the gang keep on hammering on new cases. Statistically speaking, the death rate due to the Wuhan virus is not causing an incremental depletion of the California population. That is where we need to focus, not on shutdowns, masks and other unproven and unscientific measures that just make our lives impossible to enjoy.


Maybe you should call Herman Cain and ask him if he thinks social distancing and a mask would have helped him avoid the COVID-19 virus.

Dirk van Ulden

Well Taffy - you seem to have an answer to everything. I am so glad we can lean on you for wisdom. The usual leftist suspects are using the unfortunate passing of a great American for propaganda linking him with no evidence to attending a Trump rally. I was not aware that only Republicans died because of the Wuhan virus. But thanks, nonetheless.


Sorry dirk,

Your great American didn't do very well in his presidential attempt once his sexual harassment charges came out. He was also a great supporter of Trump's no mask policy and I didn't say anything about Tulsa so it doesn't matter where he was exposed. I also didn't say anything about only Republicans dying. The COVID-19 virus doesn't care what your political background, race or religion is. If the shoe fits, wear it. BTW, you are welcome. Anything I can do to help the uninformed.

Cindy Cornell

The Burlingame City Council did the right thing. It has been appalling to see the hordes of people gathering on Burlingame Avenue without masks and social distancing. It's time for Americans to stop whining and grow up.

Tommy Tee

It's that, but mostly it's gatherings, parties, etc. If you use social media, you see photos of people at bbq's, birthday parties, etc without masks and no social distancing. I've seen it over and over. That's what's causing the increases--not just masks. Yes, it's our fault!


Well said! It's about time !

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