If a man behaves indecently toward a woman, others will shun him. If he gropes, and brags about it, he is a worthless outcast.

A pathological liar is never taken seriously. Not much coming from that mouth carries any weight.

Braggers are shunned by normal people. If you brag about how good you are, you probably aren’t. If you brag about having passed a memory test so simple that one would only praise a somewhat slow child for making it — you have put yourself down to that level.

If you lie to avoid the draft, and instead expect someone else to risk life and health, you are not considered a solid, reputable person, and certainly not manly.

Kids properly raised are taught not to call others derogatory names and not to make fun of anyone’s appearance or difficulties, mentally as well as physically.

Neither racists, xenophobics or sexists are considered upstanding role models.

Waving a Bible and pretending to be religious to score cheap points in certain circles is beneath contempt among decent people.

Having someone else take entrance exams to get into a school you are not intellectually fit for, or cheating on tests to get ahead of those better and more honest than yourself, is not someone respected in an educated society — and certainly not someone you would let pick a secretary of education.

Who would trust someone with either one of such character flaws with your health, life or money? Who in his right mind would put his country in the hands of someone like that? If burnt once, who would do it again? How would you classify someone so easily duped? Die-hard Republican?

Jorg Aadahl

San Mateo

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Mike Caggiano

Aside from all the supposed 'democratic playbook' which some have mentioned, I'd just check out the party platform and compare with the Republican one. They stress very different topics. I'd go with the guy/gal who goes with scientific majorities who see man made climate disruption as the number one issue. Then the one that goes with the medical consensus on the right way to behave in a viral pandemic and provide medical care for the entire population. Then I'd go with the candidate who would have reacted closer to the way the Taiwanese, Vietnamese, The Germans, Swedes, New Zealand etc. etc. and that would have saved us from the multi trillion dollar catastrophe that has occurred due only to the lack of a proper plan to the above mentioned challenges. That leaves one very clear but of course imperfect choice.


Thank you for supportive comments from all of you who understood my points. And the rest of you, - thank you for underscoring my point about die-hard Republicans, - and as expected, inadvertently without grasping it.

Who in his, her, or for that matter, its, right mind would even dream of voting for Trump after all he has done and what we have seen? The simple, obvious answer is: nobody!

Terence Y

Thank you, Jorg, for explaining why you lecture us on racism although your home country doesn’t keep statistics on black people because their numbers are so low. Thank you for lecturing us on open borders when your home country is unwilling to take in migrants. Thank you for explaining why you support the death and destruction wrought by the idiot BLM and Antifa goons. Oh wait, you didn’t explain because you can't explain. Maybe your other TDS-infected cronies can explain, but I highly doubt it.


Terence Y: Of course, I can’t explain your wild, bewildered fantasies! I’m not a psychotherapist, - although I’m not sure even a shrink could help you. I can’t figure out from where you get all your nonsense! If I had been less polite, I might suggest a dark source.

And, by TDS, you mean “Trump Dethroned Soon”? That’s what the steadily growing, informed majority of us are waiting for, - before this completely incompetent moron in the WH does more damage to the country and our reputation around the world.

Terence Y

Thank you, Jorg, for another weak JUNC (Jorg’s Uncouth Nutty Conniption) comment. Thank you, Jorg, for showing us you’re unable to defend the Democrat playbook. Thank you, Jorg, for not being less polite although it’s quite hard to believe. And if, as you say, he’s a completely incompetent moron, what does that say about you, who voted for a loser in 2016 and will again in brain-dead Biden? Is Hiden Biden even coming out of his basement today?

Terence Y

Hey, it’s my buddy, Jorg. He took the time to submit his fake news and TDS-infested rants into a letter. Unfortunately, he still can’t explain why he’s a Democrat, why he keeps falling for debunked Democrat hoaxes, why he mindlessly accepts fake news, why he supports open borders, and why he blindly follows Democrat leaders. If you looked under lemming in a dictionary, I think we'd probably see Jorg’s picture next to it. BTW Jorg, Colonel Sanders is still looking for you.


TY: Failing to understand the points I made, you inadvertently underscored them. Hard to grasp? I thought so.

Terence Y

Jorg, still afraid to answer simple questions (they're easy to grasp)? I thought so. Avoidance because you don’t have a leg to stand on? I think so.


You still don't get it, do you? Did you have such a hard time even in elementary school?

Didn't the brighter students try to explain stuff to you, like I did in grade school?

Terence Y

Jorg, you still don’t have any answers, do you? I see you’re having a hard time with such simple questions. Do grade school kids need to explain the questions to you?

Ray Fowler

I'll pass today...



Thanks for the detailed letter about Trump's "finer points". Unfortunately your information will fall on deaf ears and blind eyes. His easily fooled followers are allergic to facts and truth and take extreme measures to avoid them. The rest of the civilized world can see that he is cheating in every way he can to stay in office because he knows it is the only way he can forestall the inevitable.

Vladimir won't be happy when he can't supply Russia with confidential information and actions like reducing support for our allies. China won't be happy when he can't pay the hundreds of millions he owes them for loans due next year. His corrupt family won't be happy when he can't funnel millions he skims from campaign funds and steals from the American tax payers to pad his own pockets. And lastly let's not forget the extra-large orange jumpsuit waiting for him in New York.


"If you lie to avoid the draft, and instead expect someone else to risk life and health, you are not considered a solid, reputable person, and certainly not manly."

Did Biden serve?


Fact check: Biden received multiple draft deferments from ...

www.usatoday.com › news › factcheck › 2020/09/16

Claim: Lifeguard/football player Joe Biden got five draft deferments for asthma during Vietnam

Claimed by: Marietta Mitchell

Fact check by USATODAY.com: True


You are correct. It is not a secret. How did the rest of the family do?

Joe Biden's sons: Beau joined the military and served in Iraq. Hunter joined the Naval reserve .

Donald Trump's sons: Donald Jr. uhhhhh nope. Eric uhhhhh nope. Barron not old enough but when he is he will probably get a deferment so he can visit his father in prison.


The rest of the family?" Sounds desperate. You even went after Baron.



Sorry, I need to make a slight correction. My age is showing, I forgot that there is no draft so Barron would not need a deferment to visit Donald in prison. As for going after Barron, no, I only mentioned him out of respect and to acknowledge him, something his father didn't do. At a press conference, Sept. 11, 2019, on the dangers of vaping he praised Melania on the issue saying "We can't allow people to get sick, and we can't have our youth be so affected. And that's how the First Lady got involved. She's got a son."

Dirk van Ulden

Taffy - you forgot to mention that Hunter was dishonorably discharged due to drug use. Even his Daddy could not save him.



You are right. Hunter did have a problem with drugs but the point is, he did serve for a short time in the military which is more than the spineless descendants of Donald did. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree as they say.

Christopher Conway

Jorg- I can see Trump winning over and over has you upset. Go ahead and vote for who you want, we will vote for who we want. Calling people names every article on who they vote for shows your immaturity and the fact that you have not embraced America and what is stands for. Reading your letters it has occurred to me that you suffer from some type of inferiority complex and your outbursts reflect that you have some self esteem issues. Maybe you need a long vacation back to your native home country before you have some sort of serious medical issue from the severe case of TDS you obviously have. Seek help Jorg, if not for America, at least for your family.


Chris, he's not calling other people names, he's talking about things the current POTUS has actually done, been caught on video saying, or has been guilty of doing. However, unlike Jorg, you disparage almost every female you refer to including Sue Lempert and RBG by using nasty adjectives to describe their character, their age and their beliefs. Chris, there are females in your family, that not only will naturally and gracefully grow old, but also don't approve of your disparaging comments towards woman and of course Democrats in General.

You once told all of us here on the comments section that you were soon taking everything and moving from California. We will be crushed when that occurs. ;-)

Christopher Conway

Better yet, I am out of here the day after the election. actually. My last post to the SMDJ will be November 3rd, never to be heard from again.


Thank you very much, Chris, for your clear and insightful response to my question. Very helpful, indeed, - although I wouldn’t be too surprised if some Republicans might disagree with you, - if ever so slightly.



Maybe someone should start a go fund me page to buy you a mirror. Apparently you don't own one, or if you do you have never looked in it. Everything you say to Jorg in your comment seems to fit you to a T.


Chris: With today's long overdue Trump tax revelations, do you still want him to get another 4 years to cover up his crimes and possibly get away with it all? If so, why on flat Earth? How can you defend such a failure in business and such a cheat in everything, including taxes that we all have to pay? Do you still see Trump "winning over and over"? Haven't you already made enough of a fool of yourself? Isn't there something in your religion that says "repent"?



Like the evangelical extremists he probably is a cafeteria Catholic, pick and chose what applies. Pro-life, meaning pro-birth, you must have the baby but you won't get pre-natal care and it is up to you to take care of it after it is born. Go ahead and kill thousands of innocent people in trumped up wars like Iraq. They disregard the lying, cheating, stealing, raping, etc. for the one item they like.

Christopher Conway

I don't believe one word that comes out of the New York Times. That fact that you do tells me everything I need to know.

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