Three recent letters to the editor, two by the same person, but both letter writers obvious far left Democrats, are prime examples of why this country’s political parties may never see eye to eye ever.

Jorg Aadahl and Michael Oberg have written multiple letters to this publication, one seemingly possessed with Donald Trump and the other spewing vile on any columnist or letter writer who doesn’t walk in lockstep with his political beliefs. In other words, in Oberg’s world you mindlessly adhere to his method of thinking and screw your individuality by thinking or saying something different than what he wants to hear. In Aadahl’s obsessive case, your guess is as good as mine as to his motivation. As I’ve written before, get over it, Jorg. Move on. Or hire a new speech writer.

The reason I mentioned earlier that neither political party may (being optimistic I don’t want to use the word “will ever”) see eye to eye is because of these two miscreants who philosophies are “my way or the highway.” What they both seem to fail to accept is that just because they live in an almost ultra liberal state, almost one half of the country, 47%, voted for Trump, or 74,000,000 votes out of a record 158,000,000+ total votes. Their continuing arrogance may work around here, but if you keep pissing off the independent voter like me across the country with your seemingly endless vitriolic rhetoric shaming those of us with different points of view, come mid term and the 2024 presidential election, you may not like what you see. To this observer, the independent voters will decide the political future of the country. And if we’re real lucky, California as well.

Bob Wackerman

San Mateo

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Many thanks for pointing out the countless unsupported assertions and hypocrisies of the left.

Terence Y

Well written, Mr. Wackerman. Unfortunately, Mr. Aadahl and Mr. Oberg (and a few we’ll be able to identify as soon as they comment) continue to live in the past and rather than face the present and defend their positions, they instead run away or ghost you, to reappear after they feel the coast is clear. Seeing as how America Last policies are destroying our nation, can you really blame them? These rabid left wingies are unable to list a single Biden accomplishment and would instead prefer to channel their inner cognition-impaired Biden. I can imagine a conversation with them… “Good morning, Jorg (or Michael).” Response, “Orange man bad!” “How’s your day?” “Orange man bad!” “What’s two plus two?” “Orange man bad!” Of course, we're assuming they haven’t yet ghosted you. Lather, rinse, repeat.


Yeah Bob, I'm not buying your claim of being an independent. A true independent would have decried the slanted letters on both sides of the aisle. There are plenty of right wing zealots who spread their vitriol on these pages. If you think those on the left are going to ignore the constant falsehoods and conspiracy theories of those on the right, then you are mistaken. The price of democracy is eternal vigilance. In case you have not noticed since 1/6 our democracy has been under attack as never before and we cannot be idle while it happens.


Some examples and names, please.


Not sure about what examples you are looking for, but Ed Kahl, Scott Abramson, Dirk von Uhlen, and James Constantino are frequent right wing letter writers to the DJ.

Dirk van Ulden

Rel - disagreeing with, or even be critical of, the current administration does not make one a right wing zealot. I am not sure of your allegation that there are such zealots furnishing LTE's. But then, in your party leadership's opinion, anyone who disagrees is now a racist, a domestic terrorist or a Jim Crow descendent. Shame on the leadership and it will surely come to bite them in November.

Ray Fowler

Hello, Dirk

Wow! What a week. Things went bad for Joe... and his minions could not restrain their uneasiness at Joe's effectiveness continuing to slip. The tone of comments from some, but not all, readers from the left side of the aisle seemed a tad strident at times. While TDS may not be recognized by clinicians, what we saw posted from the left this week is a clear indication that some readers' fear and/or loathing of all things Donald Trump has affected their cognition and emotional well being. The curious thing is that while they're criticizing a former president who has been out of office for nearly a year, they unfailingly manage to ignore their own political party's mismanagement of our country's security, economy, and most importantly... the welfare of its people.

Ray Fowler

Good morning, Rel

NPP may describe Bob's political preferences better than "independent" voter. It does for me.

BTW... In the comments section following Robert Nelson's LTE, "Political math," I stated why I believe the situation at the border is a genuine crisis. I invited a rebuttal from you... no response. With respect to political math, you wrote, "Today, 32% of the population has 52% of the representation in Congress... " I invited you to explain what your statement meant... no response.

Could you address those two topics, now?

Ray Fowler


Well said. This week, I engaged three very left DJ readers... Mark O, Michael B, and Rel, but it looked like they were not ready to defend their positions and they scurried away. To his credit, Jorg A actually responded but ultimately (and politely) declined further debate.

In my view, these gents' fear and/or loathing of all things Donald Trump has affected their cognition and emotional well being. What's more, they routinely fail to even recognize their own political party's failings.

To your point, no single political party enjoys a majority. Jorg and Michael plus their fellow Democrats make up almost 40% of the electorate. That means they need to convince a good number of independent voters to support Democratic party candidates to achieve a majority in Congress. However, at present, it appears they will fail to do so during next November's midterm elections. That's only ten months away.


Ray, I was not aware you set the agenda on these pages. As to scurrying away, I have replied, many times at length, to your opinions. But, unlike you, I don't feel the need to have the last word in every discussion. I do have a life outside these pages.

Dems do make up 40% of the electorate, but Repubs also represent 30% so they have an equal necessity to convert independents on a national level.

As to loathing Trump, I plead guilty. In my opinion, he is an evil man, a conman who is extremely detrimental to our democracy. It is difficult to ignore him when he won't go away and the Republicans continue to bow at his throne and make him the centerpiece of their philosophy.

Dirk van Ulden

Rel - before you scurry away again, please explain why Trump is extremely detrimental to our democracy. Talking points from your side are not backed up with any evidence. I am awaiting your lucent reply. And, the next time, also bother to spell my name correctly.


Well, Dirk, if I have to explain why Trump is detrimental to Democracy, especially in light of the 1/6 evidence, then my ink is a waste of your time and mine. I am sorry I misspelled your name, it was not intentional, but lazy on part.

Ray Fowler

Rel... I was just asking why you stated that Republicans enjoy a majority of representation in Congress when that is not true. It would not be the first time you have mangled some numbers in a posting. Was your... 32% of the population (Republicans) control a majority of representation in Congress... an honest mistake?

You can have the last word... I promise.

Dirk van Ulden

Well Ray- give him credit as he did not include you on his list of right wing zealots. I wonder, would any of us who disagree with him call him a left-wing zealot? I wouldn't, we should all respect one's opinion, regardless of the isle that we may be on. But, Rel did scurry again this time, just a lame reference to 1/6.


Dirk, you can call me a left wing zealot if you like and I won't take offense. In fact, I would take it as a badge of honor. FYI: any reference to 1/6 and the right wing insurrectionists will never be lame - only in the eyes of a fellow traveler would it be lame, unless you think attacking the Capitol and trying to subvert the certified votes is OK.

As to the inquiry on my 32% remark, red states represent 32% of the population yet have 50-52% of the representation depending on whether you think Manchin and Sinema are Dems or Repubs. Essentially, our representation is based more on geography rather than population.

Terence Y

Ray, we all knew Jorg eventually would walk away. Jorg probably didn’t expect that all his bluffs would be called and he would use up his repertoire of cut/paste excuses in an effort to wait you out. Thanks for the entertainment and revealing a few more talking points rabid Dems are unable to address.

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