In 1994, Greene County, Alabama, nine people pledged guilty for forging absentee ballots. In 2003, a mayor in East Chicago, Indiana offered jobs to people if he could fill out their absentee ballots. Fraud was so wide spread that election was overturned with a different winner. According to the Heritage Foundation Voter Fraud Database in 2015 city council elections in New Jersey was overturned because of absentee ballots. It was a tight race and 13 illegal absentee ballets were cast that were fraud and changed the out come. Fraudulent use of absentee ballots are been used to requesting ballots and voting without the voter knowing, obtaining a ballot from a voter and filling ballot and forging voters signature or illegally telling them who to vote for.

The false story for the new Georgia voting law for not being able to drink water while waiting in line to vote was made up by the Democrats. Page 71 of the bills states does not prohibit a a poll officer from making available self service from an unattended receptacle for drinking water for voters waiting in line. This prevents voter solicitation, which offering food, water or gifts to vote a certain way.

The 2020 election had a certain Indian tribe giving gifts of Visa cards if they could prove they voted while one person was wearing a Biden Harris face mask. Anyone who says there’s no absentee ballot fraud is wrong.

Linda Medrano

San Mateo

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Terence Y

In the AZ audit, almost 75,000 ballots received and counted that were never mailed out. Several ballot boxes with duplicated ballots. Ballots printed on the wrong paper stock. Sharpie-gate evidence via bleed-through. Thousands of missing chain of custody documents. Detailed report coming soon.

In Fulton County, GA, doors left open on a ballot storage facility while guards were away. Election officials feeding stacks of ballots at least three times after election observers were sent home. Recount performed with a 60% error rate. Identical computer copies of ballots counted numerous times. Unfolded ballots counted 100% for bumbling Biden in a recount.

Michigan: outside subcontracting group accessing voting machines.

Pennsylvania: may begin conducting detailed audits very soon, if they haven’t already.

Let’s see how the fake news media will try to spin these results.



Once again you spread your false imaginary claims of massive fraud with no backup support. Here is just one example of your list of false info you so foolishly believe. Sharpi-gate evidence via bleed-through. I will do your homework for you. Here is the story.

Another post with 12,000 retweets said, “Breaking news in Arizona. Voters were given Sharpies purposefully to mark their ballots so it would void their votes in Queen Creek and Gilbert. @PressSec I’ve said hundreds of times Arizona has a massive scale voter fraud problem every single election. SOMEBODY PLEASE LISTEN!!!”

Social media users sharing the false post labeled the conspiracy #sharpiegate.

Here is the actual.

Arizona election officials confirmed that Sharpies were allowed, and they would not invalidate a ballot. The Maricopa County Elections Department tweeted on Election Day that voting centers use Sharpies so that ink does not smudge when ballots are counted. 

“New offset columns on the ballots means bleed through won’t impact your vote!” they tweeted in an informational video. 

I couldn’t find any info on a couple of your other fake news claims so they must be so fake no one else has heard of them either.

Meanwhile, in other news, Donald’s idol, Vladimir Putin, authorized a spy operation to support a “mentally unstable” Donald Trump in the 2016 election because it would help Moscow secure its strategic objectives. They describe Trump as an “impulsive, mentally unstable and unbalanced individual who suffers from an inferiority complex”. WOW, truer words were never spoken.

Terence Y

My dear Taffy – once again you come up woefully short. Out of everything I listed, you find just one item to debatably refute (even though there are images showing bleed through, not smudging, and how it adulterates a ballot) and supposedly, you can’t find anything else. Hilarious! I bet you’re mindlessly repeating what a supposed fact check is reporting, without doing any real research. BTW, who is fact checking these supposed fact checkers? Who is funding these supposed fact checkers? And why are Democrats so dead set against election audits? After all, if there’s nothing to hide…


A committee led by Michigan Republicans published an extraordinary debunking of voter fraud claims in the state, delivering a comprehensive rebuke to a litany of accusations about improprieties in the 2020 election and its aftermath.

The 55-page report, produced by a Michigan State Senate committee of three Republicans and one Democrat, is a systematic rebuttal to an array of false claims about the election from supporters of former President Donald J. Trump. The authors focus overwhelmingly on Michigan, but they also expose lies perpetuated about the vote-counting process in Georgia.

The report is unsparing in its criticism of those who have promoted false theories about the election. It debunks claims from Trump allies including Mike Lindell, the chief executive of MyPillow; Rudolph W. Giuliani, the former president’s lawyer; and Mr. Trump himself.

Yet while the report eviscerates claims about election fraud, its authors also use the allegations to urge their legislative colleagues to change Michigan’s voting laws to make absentee voting harder and limit the availability of drop boxes for absentee ballots, as Republicans have done in other swing states as they try to limit voting.


Continue reading the main story

“This committee found no evidence of widespread or systematic fraud in Michigan’s prosecution of the 2020 election,” the authors wrote, before adding: “It is the opinion of this committee .


The Arizona Supreme Cour unanimously affirmed Biden's victory in the state, upholding a lower court's finding that there was no misconduct, fraud or illegal voting in the general election.


At issue is whether or not the 2020 election was free and fair. That election was scrutinized and watched over like no previous election. The results were certified by Republicans and Democrats alike. Was it likely there were fraudulent absentee ballots or other acts of voting malfeasance? Because there were humans involved, absolutely. (Ironically, the only cases discovered were committed by Republicans!) When all was said and done, a Republican director of voting; and a Republican AG, Barr, declared the election certified and predominately free from fraud.

Terrence, once again, your opinions don't line up with the facts. Can you cite any verifiable source whereby Democrats are on the record of being against election integrity audits? The issue is not integrity but suppression. Why, with turnout the highest ever, do the Republicans want to install voter suppression laws in 26 states? Why not more voting drop boxes rather than less? Why not longer voting hours rather than less? Maybe the Republicans know these laws are not fair, but know they can not win otherwise.


Right again, Rel! As if it isn’t sufficiently embarrassing for the country that some 70 million were gullible enough to be fooled into voting twice for someone as inept, uneducated and incompetent as Trump, - Republicans claim there should be more, because a liar like Trump said so, - even before the election! Can’t they even see how detrimental the more recent Republican administrations have been for the country, where the two on both sides of President Obama’s, took the country down, even lied us into unnecessary, unwinnable wars in the Mid-East, while it took Democratic administrations to bring us back up again. What do Republicans want, besides clinging to their own positions, - at all cost?


"In an interesting twist, Pennsylvania House representative Seth Grove has admitted that Republicans were responsible for voter fraud in the state during the 2020 election.

Grove, who is also the chairman of the PA House State Government Committee, was among the Republicans who wanted Congress to reject the results from his state during the 2020 election. He conducted multiple hearings to question the state’s results in favor of Joe Biden, took part in events that revolved around election conspiracy theories, and spearheaded a letter that claimed administrative actions and legal rulings “undermined the lawful certification of Pennsylvania’s delegation to the Electoral College.”

Grove on his objections to the election results — asking him point-blank “Was there election fraud in 2020?”

Terence Y

Rel-ly, the same old blah, blah, blah, fake news. And we also have the same blah, blah, blah TDS-rant from living-in-the-past Mr. Exclamation Points Jorg. Sorry, Rel, we already did this dance a week and a half ago and I don’t plan on doing your homework for you. Again, just do a quick search for “Democrats against election audits” and “chain of custody 2020 election” and you’ll find plenty of sources – even from your fake news media. And please stop conflating election integrity with voter suppression. They are two different things. BTW, between the two of you, why can’t you name a bashful Biden accomplishment? Because there aren't any.

Terence Y

Thank you for your letter, Ms. Medrano. Unfortunately, it’s not only a case of absentee ballot fraud. There are chain of custody issues, issues regarding altered voting machines, voting after being purged from voter rolls, illegal votes, etc. Fortunately, more election audits will be held and the truth will come out. One has to wonder why Democrats are dead set against election integrity audits. After all, if Democrats are all about free and fair elections, what’s the issue? Maybe because Democrats know it wasn’t fair.

Dirk van Ulden

Terence - for the Democrats the end justified the means. That's all.


More on Jeff Grove of Pennsylvania answering questions about election frauid;

"Grove: Yes, there was. They have confirmed cases of election fraud.

Caruso: Who committed that fraud in Pennsylvania?

Grove: Right, Republicans. But it’s still election fraud. It doesn’t matter who [commits] it. We don’t want that fraud to occur. And to say there wasn’t any is a lie. Now, I will say there’s not like this mass amount of fraud, that’s going to shift hundreds of thousands of votes. But there was election fraud. We have had repeated, repeated election fraud in this commonwealth for decades.

Caruso: This is not the message that, particularly Republican politicians, were giving to their constituents-"

Dirk van Ulden

OK JME - that is one state. We are still awaiting audits from Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan. All of which reported irregularities and would have swung the vote to Trump if our suspicions prevail. Just the fact that many voters, be they Republicans or Democrats, are losing faith in our election systems is terrifying.

Terence Y

Sorry, JME, I’m not sure why a dentist from Pennsylvania named Jeff Grove is “answering questions about election frauid (sic).” Meanwhile a PA State Senator is planning to issue subpoenas to audit elections in Philadelphia and two other PA counties. That’s a start. So JME, if Democrats think Republicans committed fraud, it’s in the Democrats best interest to comply with any subpoenas, don’t you think?



Pennsylvania Republican House Representative Seth Grove..}

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