I want you to know the Electoral College is the last bastion against the U.S. left and their ugly ideas, this is a republic not a democracy. In 2024, I intend to vote for the Libertarian candidate for U.S. president because the Democrats are evil and most Republicans are incompetent, but I will vote for some GOP candidates for lesser offices in November.

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Dear Mark - Republicans are people. Democrats are people. Libertarians are people. Independents are people. Evil exists, best explored for me in books by Stephen King. Calling gigantic groups of people who happen to identify with one political way of thinking or another "evil" is dangerous and wrong. I've worked with people on all sides of politics and most who bother to spend their time and energy on issues with which they are passionate are good people, even if I totally disagree with them.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Mr. Wiesner,

I agree with you and would add my belief that it is through each other that we find balance.

Ray Fowler

Hey, Wilfredo!

Wisdom from the Last Frontier,,, It's late and not too many DJ readers will probably read this post. Craig makes some good points. People... regardless of their political stripe are people... and most of them are good people.

I have asked some vocal left of center readers the same question over the past couple of days... is there any common ground? No response.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Mr. Fowler,

I have watched your efforts go unanswered by our friends on the left. If anyone can suceed, it will be you. Don't give up.

Terence Y

Wilfred, my friend, so nice to see your avatar, and your words, of course, on these pages… I agree that if anyone can do it, Ray can (and God bless him for trying). But remember it takes two to tango and for now Ray is dancing solo because the other side is too bashful to make an honest effort. BTW, how’s life in the North? I’m assuming you’re no longer in “This land is your land, this land is my land…”?

Ray Fowler

Thanks, Terence

I have asked our friends on the left whether we can find some common ground... no response.

I also made this comment (more than once) over the weekend... "Jorg mentions posts that he finds inappropriate and degrading. It's a fair point. However, I would say more inappropriate and degrading ad hominen rhetoric comes from contributors with a decidedly left leaning tilt... and some of those voices on the left have called for censoring opinions that differ from their own viewpoints."

Again, no response. I have more to say on left and right... blue and red.


Ray: How has censoring of opinions been suggested on this site? I can’t recall I have seen any, and certainly not intentionally from me, anyway. Example(s)?

Wilfred Fernandez Jr


We have returned home to our slice of heaven. Our trip to Disney World this year was a letdown. Their new system for avoiding long wait times for rides is fraught with unintended limitations and annoyances. Hopefully, they will see the error of their way before the dollars they pursue evade them.

The Matanuska-Susitna Borough, where I live, has recently approved term limits for our mayor and assembly members. Voters also approved an increase in the property tax exemption given to seniors and disabled veterans. The exemption will be adjusted annually following the federal Housing Price Index. My wife and I have lifetime fishing licenses and lifetime license plates on all our vehicles. Unfortunately, Sarah Palin seems destined for Congress, to replace Don Young. Odds are on Lisa Murkowski winning her primary race, despite her opponent having been endorsed by Trump. I have not cared for Lisa since her father gave her his seat in the U.S. Senate.

Until our friends on the left decide to join us in civil discourse, for mutual gain of course, we should continue offering different perspectives on topic matter.

"Remember, there are always two sides to every story".

In the mean time, I will enjoy the solo performances provided by a few in this forum. Yours included, my friend.

Ray Fowler

Hello, Jorg

You asked about censoring opinions on this site, and you also asked for examples of such censorship. Fair points.

In your LTE published last week, you spoke to inappropriate and degrading ad hominem rhetoric in the DJ. I responded with... "I would say more inappropriate and degrading ad hominen rhetoric comes from contributors with a decidedly left leaning tilt... and some of those voices on the left have called for censoring opinions that differ from their own viewpoints."

Perhaps you missed a couple of DJ editions over the past year or so when more than one, more than two readers called for the DJ to stop publishing or limit Matt Grocott's columns. That's why I posted in the comments following your LTE, "... some of those voices on the left have called for censoring opinions that differ from their own viewpoints."

Terence Y

Two for one…

Wilfred - thanks for the update. Sad to hear about Disney World but they’re imploding due to their go woke, go broke strategy, so I don’t feel sorry for them. Now if I were going to visit Alaska, any thoughts on which National Park would be first on your list: Kenai Fjords, Wrangell, Denali, another? In regards to your local politics, will we soon see a Mayor Fernandez? As for civil discourse, it appears there are only a few folks on the left willing to partake, but even then, many of them tend to ghost us when they’re peppered with questions they can’t answer. BTW, I’m looking forward to a few more Wilfred-isms, unless your campaign for mayor heats up.

Ray, as I mentioned to Wilfred, our friends on the left tend to ghost us when faced with questions they can’t answer. It’s too bad because I think we (maybe just us on the right) want a beneficial exchange of information. Perhaps these lefties are afraid their arguments are too lengthy, or perhaps they realize when putting pen to paper their arguments don’t hold up. I can only assume the latter, since we’re greeted with radio silence. BTW, I haven’t seen our mutual friend, Taffy. I hope he’s well and hasn’t taken an ill-advised trip to Ukraine.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr


My relationship with Disney began in 1992. In my opinion, Disney World has been "woke" since then. But the creative staff under their employment disguised, in the most subtle of ways, "wokeness". What has changed is a diminishing return on premium vacation dollars. I hope the Disney Board of Directors replaces the current leadership.

I love taking day cruises out of Whittier or Seward in May. The narrated Denali bus tours in June are nice and I have not visited Wrangell. Normal weather permitting, you should have wildlife viewing and scenic vistas galore during the months indicated. If you have time and don't mind gravel roads, take The Top of The World Hwy. to Dawson City. Some links if you care to explore.





Local kingmakers invited me to run for office back in the 90's. I passed. My youngest son is currently looking at opportunities being offered him. I'll encourage him to pursue it.

Wilfred-isms are part and parcel of who I am. I make no apology.


Ray Fowler

Hi, Terence

Yeah... what are goin' to do? You can put together a thoughtful rebuttal supported with factual information only to hear crickets in response. It happens...

Tafhdyd's dance card is pretty full, but I'm guessing he will jump into the fray with a grand do-si-do when we least expect it.


Ray: Oh, that's what you meant! I totally agree! Such "censorship" is silly and totally uncalled for, especially on a site like this!

Ray Fowler

Jorg... Could it be? Did it happen?

Yes! Some common ground!

We agree. For websites legally bound to guarantee freedom of expression and those websites that agree to do so... unless someone strays into an area not protected by the First Amendment... no one should be censored. I believe Jon Mays and his staff do a great job ensuring everyone can have their say.

While some left leaning readers have called for conservative opinions to be left on the cutting room floor, I cannot recall any right leaning readers calling for the censorship of liberal viewpoints? Can you?


A three for one,

Wilfred Ray and Terence,

Wilfred it’s good to see your commentary back in the DJ. Ray, I thought I saw a reply to one of the items that said you had op-ed on the way and I will be looking for it. Terence, thanks for asking but no I am not doing well. I can only do about three minutes on the computer before the pain takes over in my neck. You will need several trips to Alaska because it is one big place. One of the six trips I made was fly to Anchorage and take the train to Denali and stay a couple of nights (the bus tour Wilfred mentioned is all day and about 180 miles round trip). Then we took the train to Fairbanks and flight back.

Terence Y

Taffy my friend, I’m so sorry to hear about your malady. Thanks for the info on visiting Alaska and Denali. Get well, preferably sooner rather than later.


Jorg - Evil democrats explained (partially, for openers)....."Satan Responds To Roe v. Wade Overturn"


Meaning what?


Jorg (and all) - Open link in my post or go to ..."https://babylonbee.com/video/satan-responds-to-roe-v-wade-overturn


Lou: I would think that the issue of women’s natural right to control their own body, would be held in greater respect than held up for mockery based on superstition. But, I guess, nothing is too far below dignity for men with low regard for women, whether a result of being rejected, or what comes naturally for bullies.

Terence Y

Well written yet again, Mr. Krvavica. Your one sentence, like the one in your letter two weeks ago, explaining the purpose of the EC once again trumps the thousand plus words recently pushed forward by those who don’t understand our American system of government. As for voting, I intend to vote for any of our great President Trump’s endorsements, as well as anyone willing to put America First.


Mr. Krvavica: I may agree with you that at least some elected Republicans, are incompetent, but can you give us examples of what you claim Democrats to be, - evil, with ugly ideas?

Dirk van Ulden

Jorg - for starters our current President. How can he let over one million illegal immigrants cross our border, causing thousands of minors to be sold into sex slavery and allowing unfettered imports of fentanyl that has already killed over 100,000 of our youth? If that isn't evil, please come up with a different explanation of his administration's policies.


Dirk: That’s even a sicker joke than Mr. Krvavica’s! Much sicker, and quite unbecoming a professional like you, - even if your divine purpose is to trash our President Biden, - as noble as that may seem in the eyes of your fellow Republicans.

Dirk van Ulden

Jorg - your promise to remain civil is not holding up. Are you telling me that what is happening at the southern border is not evil? He has provided us with ample evidence that thrashing him is still not budging him from destroying our country. Of course, I understand that you love inflation, grocery bills through the roof, crime escalation and staggering energy prices. He has already destroyed himself without any of my assistance.


Dick: Get serious! You not only blame President Biden for everything under the sun that is wrong and beyond his control, but you imply that’s what he wants, because he is so evil? How can anyone take such nonsense seriously, - except perhaps some of the most intellectually challenged Trumpists.


Drugs are smuggled through ports of entry, in private vehicles and shipments of goods, not with refugees crossing. Building a wall through the desert diverted resources needed to address this.

The threat to minors is in their being turned away after a journey of thousands of miles and forced to camp in rough conditions just south of the border. People are fleeing desperate conditions, they have given up a lot to make the journey, and now that they are unable to present themselves at legal checkpoints for processing, they resort to crossing illegally, as many times as they need to or until they die trying (more and more are dying trying). It also has contributed to the number of apprehensions rising.

As for minors being sold into sex slavery, shades of Hilary Clinton's trafficking children in the non-existent basement of a pizzeria? The real problem at the border is the flow of American-made guns southward which feeds the drug cartels.

Dirk van Ulden

Westy - you may recall, but perhaps not, that Biden during his campaign threw the border open to anyone. That invitation causes the current invasion. Most of these folks are economic refugees, can't blame them when one is promised freebees in this country. They are using the kids as pawns. Yes the drugs are coming by truck and vehicles but there is no effort to seriously intercept those shipments as massive bribing is taking place by the cartels. And if you think there is no sex trafficking going on, read the newspapers in El Salvador, as I do. Many horrific stories. But then again, Democrats can do no wrong in your book.


Mr. Krvavica: I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to be disrespectful! My fault. I actually thought you were serious by what you said, but realize now that you meant it as a joke, although it sounds like a sick one. Going back to your previous LTE about the Electoral College, I understand now that was meant as a joke, too. Of course, it had to be, and I should have understood that. But really, I think the issue is too serious to make a joke out of it, which will only confuse others, me included when I thought you meant what you wrote. So, how on flat Earth could I expect you to back up your joke with actual examples? Mea Culpa.

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