In response to Kent Lauder’s letter “Seeing all sides” in the June 25 edition of the Daily Journal, I agree with you 100%.

It is too bad that peaceful protests can bring out many people with ulterior motives, using the protest to destroy property and “loot” goods. This often brings on injuries, assaults and arrests of innocent people who have been caught up in the crossfire and very unfortunate at time of the pandemic, damaging and/or destroying businesses who are struggling to financially survive.

Please vote. Wherever, whenever and however you can, to remove him from office. You never saw Ronald Reagan taking Bozo and crew to government meetings or hiring them as his henchman, then firing them if they did not agree with him. You have never seen Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George Bush or Barack Obama inciting violence among attendees of their rallies. It is time once again, to vote in a president who is concerned for us, will bring respect back to our country and will give us what we want/need, not what he wants/needs!

If this so called “leader” (I call him that loosely) had not called the National Guard, police on horses and police using shields, to bomb, spray, mowing down the peaceful protesters (I witnessed live on TV)  so he could have his “phony photo shoot with a bible” (appeared to be held upside down or backwards) in front of church, I believe would have remained just that, peaceful protesters.

Lynda Ruth

San Bruno

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Tommy Tee

Excellent post. If Trump cared about us, he wouldn't be suppressing the CDC, nor would he be downplaying this terrible pandemic. He is completely unqualified, only speaks to his base, and uses press conferences as campaign rallies. He will go down as the worst president in history.


Beautiful post.

Christopher Conway

Trump cares for law abiding US citizens. He cares about America First. He cares about our country being invaded by illegal immigrants. If you are a voter who thinks the same way, Trump is for you. Beat the socialists this November, vote Trump this fall and crush the left who want to fundamentally change our country. No way.


My goodness, Chris, - is this a sick joke, or are you still fooled by such a morally despicable, inept, incompetent, habitual liar as Trump, who cares for no one but his own sorry self? The steadily increasing majority of us are embarrassed about this clown, while the rest of the world is laughing at him. Has he not done enough damage yet, or do you need to see how close to the edge he is able to drive us, before he is finally booted out of office? It would be too kind to say that Trump has no idea what he is doing, but you seem to be in favor of letting him “Make America Ghastly Again”.

Christopher Conway

I guess we will see who wins in November Jorg, nothing else needs to be decided.


"America First"? Good thing I wasn't drinking my coffee when I read that or I would have spit it all over the table. In order of priority, the top ten things Donald Trump cares about are Donald, Donald, Donald, Donald, Donald, Donald, Donald, Donald, Donald and the number ten item is Donald. The only thing he cares about America is how he can milk more money out of it to line his own corrupt pockets before his loans come due from China and Russia. They have him by the short hairs and he knows the end is near.


But, how in the world can anyone in his or her right mind find anything of redeeming value in Trump? Just listening to his insane talks and looking at all the damage we already know he has done, never mind all the unknown so far, what is there to respect, appreciate or value? What a shame how he has tarnished the WH!


Perhaps he should take some classes alongside children

in schools he wants to open this fall (without a mask of course).


I don't think that's a good idea! Trump would set a very bad example by cheating on tests!

Tommy Tee

Good plan. However--he can't read, and would need someone to take the tests for him.

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