Who has the right to call someone “evidently ignorant” because there’s a difference of opinion? This alone has made a terrible divide in our blessed country. Please, this has got to stop. Enough of this name calling. I’m personally disgusted that I can’t express my beliefs without being called ignorant, bigot, racist, cruel and so many other very insulting words. Why didn’t the writer who wrote about immigrant health care also mention the many other people in this country illegally who don’t contribute but instead take housing vouchers, food plans (stamps), special schooling, etc. There are numbers to prove this; all of this is paid for by citizens who have lived, worked and contributed for years and still are. Why don’t these people at least show their appreciation by learning the language of this beautiful land and go to an English class after work like my father had to when he legally came here. I agree completely with the letter writer’s “Free Buys Votes” and therefore also takes away the citizen’s vote.

Arleen Johnson


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