There are people in this world that still believe in Trump and Ed Kahl is one of them. To believe that Trump’s action or should I say lack off action didn’t cause this virus to go wild is a dream.

There is no convincing Trumpers that the reason he lost the election was Trump himself. Everything the man did was for himself or the 1%. Did he do other things? Sure. However, he never believed in teamwork or what was good for the whole population. For the people was not in his vocabulary. It is time to forget the last four years, the next four will be decided by what is needed and wanted by the majority of the citizens of the United States including those who voted for Trump.

Merry Christmas world, I got what I wanted for Christmas and I hope everyone did too. 

Robert A. Nice

Redwood City

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For the left, enjoy. For the right, deal with it. For the puritans there is one F word about at 1:03 if you want to cover your ears.


Ray Fowler

Politico pablum...

But why does an image of Jeffrey Epstein appear without the Clintons in tow?

Ray Fowler

OK, Jorg

I get a two-fer. I did not see your comment re: court appointments until a few minutes ago. Are you ready? Here we go...

1) Going back all the way to the beginning... there have been 160 SCOTUS nominations submitted. The Senate voted and 36 of those were not confirmed. (Even George Washington had a couple of nominees turned down.) Now, which party do you think has had more SCOTUS nominees rejected by the Senate? The Democratic party or the Republican party? If you guessed the Democratic party, you would be wrong. So... who is packing the Court?

2) It's a joke... an editor working for Pendant Publishing is using too many exclamation points according to the publisher. Watch (30 sec) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSKn8RlD7Is

Did you switch on Bill Withers, yet?

Ray Fowler


Physics, chemistry and medicine... science. Math? You're correct... there is no math award. My error. But I'm guessing there is a lot of math in the economics award. I might add... another day goes by and I didn't have to use any skills learned in my Algebra 2 class. I guess we're skipping the literature award... back to the peace prize.

I looked high and low, but did not see any comment from you about the Nobel Institute director's regrets about selecting Barack Obama for the peace prize.

I agree with your statement, "The Middle East is a troublesome part of the world, of course." But you have slipped back into your "Bush is bad" mantra. I agree with folks on both sides of the aisle who believe going in after 9-11 was a mistake. But what stopped Barack during his eight years in office from getting out? He had a majority in both houses of Congress when he was first inaugurated. What happened? Re: the Middle East, you said, "President Obama did what he could..." What does that mean? If you're going to suggest Republicans stopped him, please tell us when and how that happened.

You know, when Donald Trump talked about getting out of Syria, who objected? Congressional Democrats.

And please... please... tell us about your theory that Republicans conspired even before Barack took office "to make sure he wouldn't succeed in anything!" Some facts would be nice...


Yes, Ray, - the econ award was instituted later, to somehow cover for the missing math award, which was because Alfred Nobel had had some kind of run-in with a mathematician at some point. But, someone’s “regrets” for Obama’s award, so what? You can’t heap that one on President Obama, - no matter how tempting it may be. Re. math, it sounds like you have had less use of your math background than I have, - but so what? My math background has helped me tremendously, and not only in engineering.

But you know just as well as I do, that “getting out” of the Middle-East wasn’t that easy once we were into meddling with that mess. We should never have gotten in, nor should we have helped Iraq against Iran! How silly, - let them fight it out themselves. Why do we always have to get involved? Same thing in Afghanistan, - helping the “religious” Taliban against the “godless” Russian? Why?

Finally, Republican opposition to President Obama shouldn’t be news to you! From day 1 they conspired to make him a single term president. Books have been written about that, so don’t drag me into it.

Ray Fowler

Well, thanks. I did not know Alfred had a run-in with a math guy. The economics award was not one of the original Nobel prizes... it came many decades later.

C'mon, Jorg. We're not talking about regrets from some guy on the street. We're talking about a noted historian who was serving as director when Barack was selected by the Institute. I 'm betting that he knows something about how the Nobel selection process works. Plus, I'm not heaping anything on Obama... I am saying the Nobel selection process is flawed and that choosing Barack in 2009 is indicative of the Institute's star chamber selection process.

Re: the Middle East... you ask a great question. Why do we always have to get involved? Why, indeed? American exceptionalism? American exemptionism? While we cannot neglect events on foreign shores, we have to find a better way.

You wrote, "From day 1 they conspired to make him a single term president. Books have been written about that, so don’t drag me into it." Jorg... what books? Some facts, please. Who... with any ability to derail Barack's second term... tried to do so? Who? Remember, the Democrats lost 1,000 legislative seats during Barack's tenure. Was that a conspiracy, too?

It's after 5 pm. Switch on a Bill Withers playlist... chill.


He, tRUMP, tweeted yesterday an inference that he won the Nobel Peace Prize


How can anyone believe anything from someone who is so delusional believing he won that ?

Or he will claim only joking when called out...to then ask him if he is ‘joking’ on other POTUS positional ?

Ray Fowler

Mr. Toy

I don't use Twitter but I'm sure your mention of the Nobel Peace Prize posting is accurate.

Were you aware that Barack Obama was nominated for that same award after serving only 11 days in office? What happened between Jan. 20, 2009, and the end of January 2009 that would qualify him for such an award? Oh, I remember... it's because of the world peace his election would inspire... particularly in the Middle East. And I also remember that in his last year as commander-in-chief, the US military dropped 26,000 on foreign countries... particularly... wait for it... in the Middle East.

Donald Trump has zero chance of getting the Peace Prize. But one last question... how would assess Donald Trump's effect on the Middle east peace process compared to the Middle East peace results associated with his predecessor?

The real joke is not Donald Trump referencing the Peace Prize in a tweet... the real joke is the Nobel Peace Prize nominating process.


So you don’t believe in the Nobel Peace Prize award process...okay with me...but the majority of world believes and supports that process

Between #44 and #45/#3, which one was ACTUALLY awarded the Nobel Peace Prize ?

The one coveting and joking did NOT, nor was he nominated...

Ray Fowler

Mr. Toy

Thanks for responding. Nobel awards in the sciences and math acknowledge real accomplishments. However, the awards in literature fall prey to controversy, and the peace awards sometimes feel gimmicky.

With respect to Barack Obama's 2009 award, CNBC reported on 10/13/16, " In 2015, the former director of the Nobel Institute, Geir Lundestad, seemed to regret the decision, writing in his autobiography that the committee thought the prize would strengthen the president, but that it didn’t have this effect." So, granting President Obama did not work out as the Nobel Committee had intended. What other evidence would you need to show that the Nobel process is flawed? (Hint: Yasser Arafat in 1994)

Which brings us full circle to this point... how do you assess Middle East peace prospects at the end of Barack Obama's tenure compared to Donald trump's term as president?


Perhaps this from the Nobel Committee will help your understanding, Ray:

Inspires hope for a better future

Barack H. Obama, the 44th President of the United States, had been in power for less than eight months when he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009. Among the reasons it gave, the Nobel Committee lauded Obama for his "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples". Emphasis was also given to his support - in word and deed - for the vision of a world free from nuclear weapons.

Even before the election, Obama had advocated dialogue and cooperation across national, ethnic, religious and political dividing lines. As President, he called for a new start to relations between the Muslim world and the West based on common interests and mutual understanding and respect. In accordance with a promise he made during his election campaign, he set in motion a plan for the withdrawal of U.S. occupying forces from Iraq.

During his first year in power, President Obama showed himself to be a strong spokesman for human rights and democracy, and as a constructive supporter of the work being done to put effective measures in place to combat the climate crisis. This is in line with his appeal: "Now is the time for all of us to take our share of responsibility for a global response to global challenges".

Ray Fowler

Oh, Jorg... I'm sorry. I posted a comment to Mr. Toy before seeing what you submitted about 45 minutes ago.

The Nobel science and math awards acknowledge quantifiable achievements. Literature awards... not so much. The peace awards can be gimmicky as the 2009 award to Barack Obama clearly demonstrates.

With respect to the Committee's flawed process, CNBC published on 10/13/16, "In 2015, the former director of the Nobel Institute, Geir Lundestad, seemed to regret the decision, writing in his autobiography that the committee thought the prize would strengthen the president, but that it didn’t have this effect."

Jorg... a Norwegian historian and former director of the Nobel Institute sees Barack's choice as a mistake! What about other candidates that year? Oh, yeah... that's right. The Nobel Committee doesn't divulge the names of candidates until 50 years have passed.

I know... let's have a spelling contest. How do you spell "transparency"? I'm betting that you can... but it doesn't look like the Nobel Committee can.

Question... how do you assess the prospects of peace in the Middle East at the end of Barack Obama's tenure compared to the the peace process at the end of Donald Trump's term as president?


Ray: Nobel math award??? I have never heard of that! Have you?

The Middle East is a troublesome part of the world, of course. We all agree on that. But Bush's unnecessary and unwinnable attacks after 9/11 didn't help, nor did Trump's pardon of those 4 murderers of civilians. President Obama did what he could, with anything but compact obstruction from the Republicans, who conspired even before he took office to make sure he wouldn't succeed in anything!


Ben: No wonder the world is laughing at Trump, who among so many ridiculous things even tried to promote himself for the Nobel Peace Prize! How detached from reality and common decency can you be? President Obama, on the other hand, was rather humbled by his win, and somewhat embarrassed about it, because he was so modest that he felt he didn’t deserve it! What difference between the two, - and not only intellectually and educationally!

Ray Fowler

Jorg... more agreement Yes, Barack was "somewhat embarrassed" and for all the right reasons. As you so aptly pointed out, "he felt he didn’t deserve it!"

BTW... you frequently use exclamation points in your commentary. Did you ever work at Pendant Publishing?


No, - and I have no idea what that has to do with my exclamation marks?


Just published ....

"A new poll shows that 72 percent of likely Republican voters think President Donald Trump should be the role model for the GOP going forward, rather than the average Republican member of Congress.

“As the Republican Party reorganizes itself next year, should it be more like President Trump or more like the average GOP member of Congress?” respondents were asked on Dec. 21-22, according to a Rasmussen poll published on Monday.

This race is not over. Trump will win.

Tommy Tee

Trump as a role model for anything is laughable at best.


Well, TT, - to be fair, Trump seems to be a great role model for his followers, who must like his lying, cheating and p-grabbing!


In addition to being a direct role model, - we have to understand how Trump appeals to people who can identify with his far from outstanding academic record, lack of understanding of science, low level language and uncivilized manners. That's just human nature.

Terence Y

And yet you conveniently forget about Biden’s sexual misconduct against Tara Reade (and others). And you conveniently forget about Clinton’s sexual misconduct against Monica, Juanita, Paula and Kathleen (and others). As usual, another JUNC (Jorg’s Usual Niggling Comment) entry.


Lou: The only way Trump can win, is getting out of the office he was not qualified for and let someone who is, get a chance to repair the damage he has done, - damage so severe that it would probably take someone of President Obama's caliber to repair it, - but for now we can just hope that President Biden with Obama's backing can to the almost impossible.

Ray Fowler

Robert... Happy Fourth Day of Christmas

You wrote, "There is no convincing Trumpers that the reason he lost the election was Trump himself."

This is what I posted in the DJ two days ago: While I would personally like to see a more cordial transition... it's not happening. I am just as disappointed as some folks on the left side of the aisle. But I'm more concerned about COVID in SoCal than delays in spray painting new names in the parking stalls outside the West Wing.

Which brings me back to cordiality... I really don't think that history will remember Trump in the way a lot of lefties believe it will (unless they are writing the history). But one thing is clear... the 2020 election was Donald Trump's to lose.

Check out Trump hosting Dan Gable and Gable's family at the White House earlier this month, and take a look at Trump and Melania giving their Christmas wishes to Americans last week. If the guy we have seen for four years would have been the same guy in those December 2020 videos, Trump wins in a landslide. Yes, the media would have still ranted daily, and Nadler and Schiff, et al would have still put on their dog and pony show... but Trump would have remained for four more years.

Well, Robert, you also said you got what you wanted for Christmas. I hope that doesn't mean Democrats will be changing the genus of their party's symbol from Equus to Sus over the next four years. I hope they didn't get a pig in a poke for Christmas.

Terence Y

Blah, blah, blah, another day, another Trump bad, Trump supporter bad letter. Actually, Mr. not-so-Nice, Mr. Kahl is not alone. Much better to be a Trumper than to have been an Obama-nable.

Patrick Henry

72 million voters, more than any other president received in the history of presidential elections and his legion of followers will not be looking to come together with Biden or people like you Robert. Get ready for the most heated and contested presidency in the history of our country. You must think of us as fools to take four years of abuse by liberals, Democrats and the media and then want to join hands with people like you. Not going to happen so be prepared for half of the country to make the administration of Biden and Harris a living nightmare. As they say, paybacks are a you know what.


Unfortunately the thinking and beliefs of the majority of the 72 million voters are the reason that America is now looked at as a nation to be skeptical of and laughed at by much of the free world.

Ray Fowler

Who is laughing? CCP?

Dirk van Ulden

Taffy - you are parotting Jorg. I am well-connected with world events and I have not ever seen, or read of, this laughing stock allegation. Except for Jorg's snarky friends of course. The only country that may be laughing at us is China. Not because of Trump but the swamp that you and your ilk have stupidly reinstalled.

Tommy Tee

Dirk-I have heard this from many countries. Perhaps you're not as connected as you think you are.


So, you don't read European newspapers or watch snippets of TVs from various countries "over there"?

Ray Fowler

Hello, Patrick

74 million... but I don't see large numbers of that contingent paying back the left in kind. I doubt if you will see them stifling free speech with violence, protesting with violence or squelching legitimate demonstrations with violence. Of course, there will be some exceptions and their antics will be splashed all over news outlets by the MSM.

Positive and substantial change can be achieved, and to do so without violence will make such change more meaningful. My .02 cents...

Old San Matean

Mr. Henry, while Trump did receive more votes than any other presidential candidate in US history, Biden received 8 million more votes than Trump did and won the election. Joe Biden is the record-holder, not Donald Trump. And you can contest the election results all you like, but if there was any proof of widespread voter fraud, you would have thought Trump's stellar lawyers would have presented it to the numerous courts who have dismissed all lawsuits, including the Supreme Court which was packed by McConnell with the assumption that since they are conservative, they would support Trump rather than the Constitution. They did not support Trump’s legal arguments in any of these courts because there were no facts produced or evidence submitted. My fervent prayer is that Georgia voters will elect both Democrat Senate contenders, then it won't matter if you want to join hands with "people like us”.

Terence Y

Welcome back Ms. Old San Matean! It was too hard to stay away from adding your 2 cents, wasn’t it? At a bargain price of a five-spot per month, I’m glad to see you (or a benefactor) cracked open a wallet and renewed your subscription. As I said at your exit comment, your viewpoints were well represented by fellow TDS-infected folks while you were gone, but hopefully, you can express your opinion without the usual name-calling exploits of your like-minded associates. BTW, the election is not over.

Ray Fowler

Hey! Old San Matean... welcome back.

Given the local history you have witnessed, it was disappointing to hear you were canceling your subscription. Hopefully, we will learn more about the peninsula through your commentary.

As an aside, Sen. McConnell did not pack the court. Filling vacancies is not packing... the progressive agenda advocating for additional justice positions is support for court packing.


So, Ray, - what do you call it when McConnell blocked President Obama's nominee for the Supreme Court? Unpacking?


Conway Chris, the YMCA has free virtual anger management classes.


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