In response to Neil Wild of San Bruno’s Sept. 30 letter to the editor, “The country is worse off now more than anything Trump did.” I say that country is worse off now because of everything Trump did!

Drop the mic.

Lynda Romero


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You’re right if you don’t count Trump’s WARP speed vaccine roll out that saved 100,000 lives, the best economic growth in jobs and incomes in the past 30 years all while he beat off the Democrats' faux impeachment and the Muller investigation.

Tommy Tee

Great letter, Ms. Romero.

Terence Y

I see we have another person who prefers America Last policies instead of the America First policies of our great President Trump. Hey Ms. Romero, maybe you can pick up the mic and help out your rabid leftie cousins list at least one bumbling Biden accomplishment instead of living in the past. To date, they’ve been following coward-in-chief Biden’s lead – epic failure. BTW, when in your lifetime have Americans been purposefully abandoned and left behind enemy lines? When has America given aid and comfort to the enemy? Spoiler alert – just a little over 30 days ago by treasonous Biden. Sorry, but you can’t pin these debacles on our great President Trump.


Terence, Y Great? You mean great liar, great p-grabber, great embarrassment for the nation, great at making a laughingstock of himself, great at bankruptcies, great at cheating in school, on the golf course and everything in-between, great at taking credit for what good things others have done and blaming others for his own blunders? Then, I have to agree with you, - you got that one right, if nothing else.



I am a little surprised. You forgot to mention that he is a great xenophobe, great at tax evasion, great at throwing people under the bus, being a bully, creating hatred and divisiveness and being a petulant child. Of course I understand that if you listed everything you would still be filling the page.


Thanks for your help, Tafhdyd! I simply ran out of steam. It is such a drain on my otherwise good spirit, to be reminded that we sank so low in this country, that we let someone like Trump get into the WH. What a shame for us who care about the country, that a nothing like Trump, - so inept and totally unqualified, uneducated and totally void of presidential potential, should make it into the most prestigious and powerful office in the world. It is hard to believe that it was possible, but I guess, with enough gullible voters so easy to fool, it was possible, unfortunately. Yet, we don’t know the whole election story and to what extent foreign forces may have helped Trump, clearly favored by our adversaries because he is so easily manipulated and fooled. Say something nice to boost his ego, and he melts like yellow snow in the sun.

Terence Y

Dear readers, I present two of Ms. Romero’s rabid leftie cousins who, predictably, also continue to live in the past because they’re unable to defend the present. It’s patently obvious both Jorg and Taffy recognize Uncle Joe is a global disaster and that’s why they’re unable to list a treasonous Biden accomplishment. Epic fail on their part, but then again, they have nothing to work with. Thanks, Taffy and Jorg, for proving my point, for at least the hundredth time. BTW, Jorg, you never did explain what "compact obstruction" is?


Sorry, TY! If you don’t even grasp what “compact obstruction” Mitch McConnell demanded by his followers, both when President Obama and President Biden were inaugurated, I can’t help you. Do you know who McConnell is, and do you understand what he does? What else would you call it? Treason? Anti-American? Misunderstanding of a senator’s role? Undemocratic? Evil spirit? Childish rant? Willful destruction of cooperative spirit?

I have done a fair amount of teaching in my life, but I have learned to recognize when someone is beyond getting it, whether in math, structural analysis, philosophy, - or politics.

Ray Fowler

Good morning, Jorg

I was at the Oregon-Stanford game for most of yesterday and didn't get a chance to remark further on who is responsible for the deteriorating conditions at the border. Here's a clue... it ain't Trump. Your thoughts on my 10/2 6:44 pm post?

Terence Y

Sorry Jorg, but another epic fail! Maybe you should google the term, because I get the feeling you’re experiencing a “compact obstruction” in your effort at verbal gymnastics. You are right though, you can’t help me. From where I’m sitting, you may have done what you think is a fair amount of teaching, but it appears you didn’t precede that with a fair amount of learning. It doesn’t appear you believe in truth, justice, or the American way. BTW, thanks for sharing one of your exclamation points - I see you’ve learned where that key is located. I’ve returned the favor, after all, sharing means caring.

Ray Fowler

Been to the southern border lately?


Ray: Blaming President Biden for the earthquake in Haiti, too?

Ray Fowler

No... just the untold number of unvetted and unvaxxed persons allowed to enter the country and told to show up in court later. The deaths and assaults at the hands of coyotes. The increased smuggling of fentanyl and other narcotics across the border. The threats to Americans living near the border...

Even the Washington Post has recently remarked that Biden's immigration policy "has been a failure” and that the president "needs a coherent strategy for the border.”

A majority of Americans do not approve of Biden's border policy. Maybe that's one reason his approval ratings are sinking. Returning to the theme of the LTE... are things better at the border since January 20? If you think so, please explain how you plan to "whip" up support for Biden's disaster.


Ray: The Southern border is an age-old problem, and it doesn’t look like it is getting any better, especially not after the Haiti crisis made it even more messy. But I don’t think you can blame President Biden for it, any more than you blamed Trump for what happened under his shift.

Ray Fowler

Jorg... you're a scientist and you know the value of gathering unbiased data. In April last year, about 16,000 persons tried to cross our southern border. In July, just three months, more than 200,000 came across. So, is the number of illegal border crossings increasing under Biden's presidency or are they staying about the same compared to when Trump was in office? An estimated one-third of women have been assaulted during their trek to the border (some sources place that statistic much higher). You know, maybe one-third has been the figure for assaults regardless of who sits in the Oval Office... but when you apply that number to hundreds of thousands more women who have crossed the border since January 20, how can anyone say things at the border are better under the Biden administration? In the El Paso border sector, 9 pounds of fentanyl were recovered out in the desert during 2020. In 2021, 41 pounds were recovered. 41 pounds of fentanyl has the potential to kill more than 9,300,000 persons. That's about how many people live in the Chicago metropolitan area.

You keep referring to Haiti... OK. How many thousands of Haitians were permitted recently to cross into the US, and how many of them were infected with COVID? This one is easy... no one knows... and that includes the WH.

Jorg with the number of crossings increasing, the number of abused persons increasing, the amount of dangerous drugs coming into the US increasing... who is responsible to secure our border and keep Americans safe? This one is also easy... our president. In fact, Joe has acknowledged that responsibility in some of his past speeches. Let's take the word "blame" out of the discussion and frame the question this way... who is responsible for the worsening conditions at the border?

Your answer?

Terence Y

100%, Ray. 100%. I wanted to show support earlier but I had to wait until our mutual friend made an appearance.


Ray: The Southern border is certainly a mess, but I don’t think you can blame it on any one individual in particular, neither Biden, nor Trump. Why not blame whoever it was that stuck us with such a long, unimaginable border? Perhaps a local issue shared by Texas, Arizona and New Mexico?

Ray Fowler

OK, Jorg... we've now established that you believe the border crisis has not worsened during Joe Biden's tenure... never mind the increasing number of sick and unvetted persons who have crossed illegally, never mind the increasing abuse suffered by persons trying to cross illegally, never mind the increasing amount of dangerous drugs being smuggled across the border, and never mind the increasing risk to the safety of Americans who live near the border. In the words of Emily Litella... "Never mind."

You know, I'm willing to wager your position on this issue would change dramatically if the southern border of the City of San Mateo was the line separating the US and Mexico.

But you feel the present border crisis can be laid at the feet of someone else... OK... let's go all the way back to US President James Polk. He started a war with Mexico to push the border between Texas and Mexico further west. Some historians connect the war with Mexico, which led to expansion of territory where slavery was allowed, with the US Civil War. Maybe. One more thing, James Polk was a Democrat who owned slaves while he was in office.

Another border fiasco was created by US President Woodrow Wilson. He unilaterally sent troops across the border, and his actions nearly led to another war with Mexico. That WH created crisis essentially destroyed harmonious border relations. Oh, yeah... Wilson was also a Democrat... and a racist.

Follow the science...


Ray: What a silly discussion: who is responsible for the Southern border mess, and why hasn’t it been fixed, and why has it gotten worse, and why not, as if there is a simple solution to such a complex problem that has been with us for ages. I certainly don’t have a solution, nor do I feel responsible for the mess, so don’t hang me for it. And, gee whiz, former Democrats did this or that and even owned slaves. My goodness, what a shocking surprise! Let’s be honest, - everyone could have, and should have, done a better job, and as hard it is for me to admit it, - even President Obama! But right now, nothing is better than blaming president Biden for everything, anything, - let us tear him down, for the good of the country! As if he hadn't enough of a mess left after Trump!

Ray Fowler


We, the people, must insist on holding elected officials responsible for their actions... let's try to keep the discussion on point... we're talking about the border situation since Joe has taken office. Given the conditions mentioned more than once in this thread, it s absolutely not "silly" to discuss "who is responsible for the Southern border mess, and why hasn’t it been fixed,"

You said you do not "feel responsible for the mess... " That's fair, bhe answer to the question... who is responsible for the border crisis... has a fairly simple answer. It's the person obligated to protect our borders, and that would be Joe.

As I said earlier, let's take the word "blame" out of the conversation. Voicing an opinion that the president should get more involved is not tearing him down, and a majority of Americans want this problem addressed... Joe is not doing so. Sure, he assigned his VP to take charge of fixing the crisis, and she didn't go near the border for three months. When even the MSM started showing Joe's failures, the Haitian camp got bulldozed and cleaned up. That's not fixing the problem... that's a band-aid on a torn ACL.

This is not a problem inherited by Joe from the previous administration, but if it was... it would be Joe's responsibility to start fixing the problem.

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