We are a group of climate-concerned high school students representing the Climate Citizens’ Lobby San Mateo Youth Chapter. We are writing to you about the benefits of home electrification — from a health, economic, environmental and ethical lens.

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Great letter. Don’t let the nasty comments get you down. The silent majority is with you.


You don't mention the total bill for the conversion to electric. If your objective is to minimize CO2 emissions the money is best spent electrifying new construction.


The fear based alarmist rhetoric of these GenZ kids is truly pathetic - foisting blame on people you dont know for some contrived problem you perceive to be paramount for your survival. The sky is falling and its all YOUR FAULT. None of you have owned a home - ran a business - or ever paid taxes - very minimal experience dealing with real life problems with real life consequences - havent traveled the world yet to really see how many different "normals" exist - and that in terms of "climate action" nothing America does will change the global landscape one iota. So it becomes all about control and virtue signaling. You dont get to tell other people how to live their lives because it makes you feel some kind of way. America is still a free country - until we let kids like these make decisions.

Dirk van Ulden

LittleFoot - Hear, Hear! They just repeat blather from their social media sources. Thoughtful?


Always appreciate your insight/comments, Dirk.

Terence Y

LittleFoot - if there’s an award for response of the year, I’m nominating this one. Id say that you could cut/paste this response as much as you want so others that missed it this round can appreciate it In the future.


Thanks for the kind words, Terence. My goal is to articulate the feelings and sentiments of the real "silent majority" while being as blatantly honest and realistic as possible in hopes of maybe redirecting some misplaced energy. At the end of the day - its about helping everyone. My mother was a therapist to celebrities in LA growing up - so I really have seen all levels of crazy - and understand how to meet the energy of each one. She had Mickey Rourke when he was first going through it...

Terence Y

Dear group of climate-concerned students. How much did it cost to transition to an all-electric household? You say transitioning can save $1650 but how long will it take to realize those savings after the multiple tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket have already been spent?

As for converting to electric energy, I hope you realize that when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing, electricity is provided by natural gas power plants. Which is why Newsom authorized a number of gas plants to operate.

As for stepping up and taking responsibility, you’ll need to convince China, India, and other developing nations. Maybe even Germany, who has imported more coal from Russia the past several years.


I like that you include the health aspect. I'm reminded of when we moved into a rental house, and over a year later discovered that the gas wall heater was leaking gas under the house. I thought my headaches were due to lack of fresh air and always cracked the window at night. It was just luck that we didn't suffer worse consequences.

It is so very possible to eliminate gas and move towards more sustainable and safer modes of energy. It requires the kind of work you young people are doing in educating and motivating and showing the path. Thanks for doing the work.

Dirk van Ulden

Westy - please pick your poison. There are 1.2 million electrically caused accidents in our homes and only 420 residential natural gas mishaps per year. I think we need to get better educated students before they are allowed to spread misleading statistics.


Thank you for working together for the world you wish to see! I'm reminded of Margaret Mead saying "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Dirk van Ulden

Craig - I am sorry but I think Ms. Mead had something else in mind. These kids are not thoughtful but products of shameful indoctrination.


"These kids are not thoughtful"...so you know each of these individuals personally? Thanks for keeping us informed.

Dirk van Ulden

ALMC - they certainly do not sound like individuals. All just repeated the green propaganda without comment and clearly thoughtlessly. Another batch of group thinkers.


100% true, Dirk.




"Green propaganda"...sounds familiar. Maybe a term used by the esteemed Dr. Tucker Carlson of Fox Entertainment?

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