With Gov. Newsom’s announcement that in the current budget almost $200 million per year will be made available to provide for health care for those in the country illegally up to 26 years old, we should realize that the voters in California need to wake up and get rid of this pandering phony. I believe that this is a straw that should break the camel’s back.

As a retired Californian who worked here for more than 40 years, I still have to pay supplemental insurance to cover what is not included in the federal Medicare program. Thus, in addition to the $230 per month that is deducted from our Social Security checks, my previous employer is also deducting more than $400 per month for this supplemental insurance from my pension. It really shocks me that someone who has not contributed a thing to this state other than crawling over the border illegally, now gets more of a medical financial benefit than my wife and I.

Meanwhile, Newsom is ignoring the needs of tens of thousands of homeless on our streets, many of whom are veterans. He is instead sucking up to a demographic that is even more encouraged to come to California, illegally, from elsewhere, precisely because of his promises. He is oh so generous with our money, not his own.

We Californians need to stop this lunacy and dump this smiling snake oil salesman.

Dirk van Ulden


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"We Californians need to stop this lunacy and dump this smiling snake oil salesman." Someone resembling this description is currently occupying the White House.


Thank you Dirk. Well said, and it speaks for thousands (if not millions) of us who are in the same situation paying Medicare and supplemental health insurance premiums, while the illegals receive these generous benefits at the expense of those who worked hard, followed the rules ("rule of law," also) all their lives. This is jut one example of the egregious leadership by Newsom. Here's the wake up call (last straw) being voiced; now we need leaders!! Remove him and reinstall honest systems to restore California to the once great State it enjoyed for decades in the past.

Cindy Cornell

Crawling ... like an insect or a reptile? These are fellow human beings and such language belies underlying racism that eclipse concerns about health care

Dirk van Ulden

Cindy, you have not watched the news apparently on TV. Many are crawling underneath what is supposed be a barrier., And with respect to underlying racism, please note that I have been married for 47 years with a legally immigrated Latina, a proud Trump supporter. In your playbook, if one disagrees, it is automatically branded as racism, a cheap, not well-substantiated comment.

Cindy Cornell

Being married to someone other than the white race does not make anyone non-racist. I know this from my own family experience. But language when describing human beings is very important and words need to be chosen carefully.

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