Many of the people rioting in Washington, D.C., recently did not wear a mask. It certainly makes me wonder what they were thinking. The man who sat at Nancy Pelosi’s desk is now known by millions of people and his life is forever changed because of his actions. He is in jail and is going to pay a heavy price for a poorly thought-out plan of attack. Let us hope he does not come down with COVID-19 along with the many other rioters at the Capital.

Had these rioters worn masks they not only would have been harder to identify but more importantly, they may have been saved from COVID-19.

It is unfortunate that the wearing of masks has become so political in this country, especially as we are running out of rooms for COVID-19 patients and a place to store the bodies.

As far as I am concerned, I have no interest in whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, etc., I would simply like to see you stay healthy for the sake of our country and our future.

Most of the people who were in the Capitol recently were probably well intentioned. But, there is no place for the violence that occurred. The violence and lack of masks has done more harm than we can imagine.

I have no issue with someone disagreeing with my thinking on issues at hand. When this happens it is an opportunity to have a civil discussion and even then we may not agree. But it leaves the door open for another discussion through peaceful means.

David Thom 

San Carlos

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Terence Y

Mr. Thom – during the many instances of BLM and Antifa vandalism and destruction, many protesters also gathered and rioted without masks, without observing social distancing guidelines. Maybe they’re the ones who caused the COVID resurgence in the past few months? I have no doubt Antifa will be looking to cause mayhem in the near, and far future, in the hopes the media will blame Trump and his supporters, similar to what occurred at the Capitol.

Ray Fowler

Hi, David

Yes... let's try to leave the door open for peaceful discussions.

Re: the mob storming the Capitol. They may wind up suffering enough in federal court without suffering ill effects from the virus. We'll see.

Tommy Tee

I agree, Ray--but worried about reports of "protests" at all 50 state capitals next week. The report of 4,000 armed "patriots" to surround the Capitol in DC to "prevent any Democrat from going in" is also disturbing. They have reportedly published rules of engagement, meaning when you shoot and when you don't. Let's hope this doesn't happen, because it doesn't sound like a peaceful protest at all. Personally, I'm still trying to figure out how a Confederate flag and "Camp Auschwitz" t-shirt is patriotic. Again, let's hope and pray for peaceful protests, but after last week I am not optimistic. Thoughts?

Ray Fowler

Hey, Tommy

I'm always amazed how good law enforcement can be when their hands are not tied by progressives... not the rogue cops who have caused so much grief... they need to be weeded out... but the hard working rank and file folks committed to keeping everyone safe. Remember those goofballs and the plot to kidnap the Michigan governor... foiled!

So, while there may be protests... maybe in each state capital... hopefully, the real bad actors will not be able to develop any momentum, and anyone who does show up to protest will do it peacefully.

Yeah... I cannot imagine how a Holocaust themed t-shirt would be appropriate, but it's protected... and it identifies the wearer as someone you might want to give a wide berth.


Does our very own Patrick Henry don a facial mask? I better ask Tophe Conway.


Hello Ray,

I have thought or question or whatever to toss into the mix as long as the LTE is about masks. Even if I don't agree I know you have a thoughtful reply with a reason to support your comment.

As of this morning I heard that three members of congress have tested positive for the virus since they were confined in the safe room or location during the attack. Many (most?) of the Republican members were not wearing masks and refused or mocked those that offered masks to them. I am not surprised at that but that is not where I am going.

If three have tested positive since Tuesday all must have been exposed to some degree. What I have not heard is who was the original carrier and why is there no news about the entire group being tested or quarantined. The right wing would say it is the fake news MSM keeping info from people but that argument I won't buy because they would surely want to tell the world that the Repubs were spreading the virus if they had any hint at all that they were the cause. Any thoughts on that one?

Ray Fowler

I, for one, believe the virus poses a real threat to everyone's health. My great grandfather died in 1919... a victim of the last century's pandemic. About a half million Americans died from that virus which did mutate and surge. While not so many wore masks back then, when you were quarantined... you were really quarantined. Sometimes guarded with folks with guns (see Gunnison CO).

As far as the folks in that safe room... you're correct... it's odd we have not heard much about it. I feel that even if one person tested positive, that's worth reporting but only if the report can identify where the probable infection occurred. That may be too difficult with the circumstances that faced lawmakers last week.

You're correct, again. The MSM would be tripping all over itself if it could reliably report that R's were super spreaders during the riot. As that has not happened, can we say the MSM is acting responsibly? Not yet...

And you never know... maybe a D was infected before the riot without symptoms and passed the virus completely innocently during the rush to the safe room. But if a Patient Zero in the safe room can be identified... D or R... that's newsworthy.


We definitely agree. I expected a thoughtful reply and you did. I will tip a single malt for you tonight as I assume you are still on the waiting list.

Ray Fowler

Ah... I can see us, now. Sitting in a couple of Adirondack chairs on a deck overlooking the Kenai River with Wilfredo in a Kodiak bear costume serving those single malts.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

ROTFLMAO, with pleasure

Ray Fowler


I did see a Yahoo! News article today re: Democrat legislators and positive COVID tests following last week's riot. The Dem reps claim Repubs without masks exposed them to the virus. Is it possible the Dems were exposed by someone else either before or after the riot? Yeah, but the infected Dems are convinced they contracted the virus during the riot due to some Repubs not wearing a mask. The missing piece to the puzzle is... did any Repubs herded together with other Reps test positive? You would think a journalist might ask that question.



I just turned on the computer and saw your comment. That is basically what we talked about yesterday. There are pieces missing in the puzzle. It could be a Dem was carrying it before and could be the R's. Without the testing and contact tracing we are only able to point fingers. If both sides did wear a mask I think the tensions would be just a little bit less.

Terence Y

I can't tell from this comment string, but if Dems were wearing masks, it should have saved them from contracting COVID, because masks works, right? Maybe not. Or if Dems were not wearing masks, why not? Seems to me the infection could have been contracted from any party. BTW, what's the ratio of D vs. R. who have contracted and/or have died from COVID? My guess is more D's, else we would have read about it in the lamestream media.

Ray Fowler

Hey, Terence

Once again, maybe different paths to the same mountain top... it appears at this time, there's not enough info available to say R's infected D's (or vice versa).

If we can ascertain who is infecting others... get them into quarantine. News reports should stop trying to politicize who was or who was not wearing a mask. It's a distraction.

Between you, me and the fence post... if I was a rep... regardless of political affiliation... and an angry mob was beating down the doors, my first concern would not be looking around to see who was and who was not wearing a mask.


Sorry Terence,

It was in the main stream media that you and your cohorts don't understand because it tells you facts rather than fiction like OAN etc. FYI, of 37 in Congress that tested or had COVID, 11 were Dems and 26 were Pubs. In the Senate of the 11, 2 were Dems and 9 were Pubs. Your Welcome.

Terence Y

Thanks Taffy, but if the lamestream media says, then I’ll take it with a grain of salt. After all, didn’t they push the Russian collusion and impeachment hoaxes? And let's not forget Covington, Blasey-Ford, Trayvon Martin, etc.



Once again you drift off to your imaginary world of Trumpism and fantasy. What do any of those have to do with wearing a mask?

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