One of the ills, the most serious, that has darkened our society is the ignorance of the truth, the contempt for the truth, reckless hatred for the truth, ignoring the truth and misrepresenting the truth. Our country and the rest of the world have fallen into this darkness of truth because they have refused the light of the truth that has been written in their hearts.

Society today lives in a state of uncertainty, and in a state of fear because it refuses God, who is the truth. If the world continues to stay on this path of darkness and continues to ignore the truth, it will certainly end up destroying itself. Lastly, as it has been said, the truth will set you free and, I will add, bring you peace of mind, true love, and happiness that is certainly lacking in this country and the whole world.

Ross Foti


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So, where do you get your "truth" from, Ross? If it is the Bible, bare in mind that more and more of us, and in more progressive and educated countries, the vast majority, consider that a made-up story book that has caused more problems around the world than anything else. Religion is considered a hoax by many, and a reason why we in more recent times have been stuck with two Republican presidents that only got into office because of evangelists, who didn't care about their competence or what they could do to set us back!


Your truth is not my truth. I see darkness in zealots who would disrespect other faiths or the absence thereof. Recent killings/burnings have been driven by religious hatred or fanaticism. History is bloodied with barbaric acts in the name of God. Our Nation was founded on the idea of freedom of religion and we need to protect our founding fathers' separation of church and state. Your letter implies that your truth is the only truth and I find that very dangerous.

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