I would like to thank the Daily Journal for publishing the letter from Bernard Ames titled “The delusion of Jackie Speier” in the Jan. 3 edition of the Daily Journal.

By publishing the letter, the educated readers of the Daily Journal can see firsthand how deranged Trump supporters are. Mr. Ames either purposely insulted Representative Speier by the mention of drinking Kool-Aid, just as President Trump often insults people from everyday laborers to world leaders in a number of ways, or has no knowledge and is ignorant of the facts of the Jonestown Massacre.

Perhaps Mr. Ames has enough backbone to offer an apology, something Trump would never do, to Representative Speier who was shot five times and laid on a runway for a day before being rescued.

David Amaral

San Mateo

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David: The usual suspects can’t help themselves from exposing their complete lack of common decency!

As many of us know, Speier entered politics by serving as a congressional staffer for Congressman Leo Ryan. Speier was part of his November 1978 fact-finding mission organized to investigate allegations of human-rights abuses by Jim Jones and his Peoples Temple followers, almost all of whom were American citizens who had moved to Jonestown, Guyana, with Jones in 1977 and 1978.

Several Peoples Temple members ambushed the investigative team and others boarding the plane to leave Jonestown on November 18. Five people died, including Congressman Ryan. While trying to shield herself from rifle and shotgun fire behind small airplane wheels with other team members, Speier was shot five times and waited 22 hours before help arrived. That same day, over 900 remaining members of the Peoples Temple died in Jonestown and Georgetown in a mass murder-suicide.

And now the Trump supporters attack Speier in the most vicious way, - Trump, who would never risk anything to help others, and who even cheated to get out of military service!

Dirk van Ulden

Jorg - as expected, you missed my point. They were on a mission that was not sanctioned by the government and were warned beforehand. Yes, they were shot and if you ever had taken time to watch the various investigative reports, including one on PBS, you would know that Jim Jones panicked and ordered the mass suicide. His direction, while extremely criminal, was prompted by the Ryan mission that the congressman took upon himself. I know that you are a confused individual but I am not sure what my writing has to do with being a Trump supporter. Facts are as usual difficult to digest for you. BTW, were you ever in a US military service?


What on Earth does my military service have to do with anything? However, since you are so curious, after boot camp I was transferred to a NATO research facility due to my science background, but what I did is still classified and none of your business.

Dirk van Ulden

This is the same woman who indirectly blamed our President for the downing of the Ukrainian passenger jet, calling it collateral damage due to US aggression? She went off the rails years ago when she and her boss Ryan went on an ill-advised and foolish rescue mission to Jonestown which precipitated into the murder of over 900 US citizens. By her inherently incomprehensible logic it must have been collateral damage. While I don't condone the attack on her and the entourage, she and Ryan were playing with fire and had to own up to the consequences. But, as an elite Democratic hack she is still pandering to the voters based on that avoidable and self-inflicted scene as evidenced by the writer of the above article.


Jackie Speier owes the public an apology. She is an embarrassingly poor role-model in her capacity as public servant and spokesperson for our community (and nation). Her "personal hatred" for Pres.Trump courses through her veins as she makes statements like, and I quote "Pres. Trump should be TAKEN OUT" (on Forum radio recently) , and "Pres. Trump is responsible the the downing of the Iranian airliner," (which we know is untrue). As said in a recent meeting of public officials, "Jackie has gone off the rails." Let's hope she apologizes and resigns.....soon!

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