The article “Biden objects to raising gas tax” highlights Biden’s commitment to protecting the lower and middle classes by rejecting the tying of the federal gas tax to the inflation rate.

I agree that this mechanism will increase the burden on that population. Upgrading our infrastructure is intricately tied to shifting away from an energy system based on fossil fuel. We need to ensure this transition to renewables isn’t carried on the backs of the most disadvantaged in our country.

Start with pricing carbon intense products so they reflect the true cost of carbon dioxide … on our personal health and our environmental health. Just like the price of cigarettes was raised to reflect its true cost on human health. Charge polluters a fee that gradually rises. Then rebate the revenue to households so that those who aren’t able to buy electric vehicles and solar panels aren’t burdened with the rising cost of carbon based products. It cuts carbon dioxide emissions at the source, which is necessary if we’re going to address our climate crisis effectively. It’s better than attacking climate change in a piece meal manner which is partisan and clumsy. Start at the source and let the market drive innovation and behavior. We’ll think twice about buying that new combustion engine car. We’ll naturally shift toward renewables as they will become cheaper. We’re heading in that direction anyway.

The administration should be including the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, the bill that U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier, D-San Mateo, just co-sponsored, in its package. Thank you Rep. Speier!

Ellyn Dooley

San Carlos

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Dirk van Ulden

Ms. Dooley is parroting the same worn-out argument for the carbon tax. Not only is the tax unsustainable, she is also oblivious to the false promise and premise that the collecting agencies will return all of the revenues to those who need it most. Come on, do you really believe that? We already have a tax on carbon that is tacked onto our utility bills and we get a fraction of that back from PG&E, once in a while. I suspect that Ms. Dooley goes by different names as we seem to get this unfounded support for the carbon tax bill on a periodic basis. Let our politicians deal with urgent issues such as crime and vote fraud, that is what we pay them for, not for an unhinged proposal by tree huggers.

Terence Y

Ms. Dooley – if memory serves, didn’t you write a letter a few month ago acknowledging that people will see increased costs due to this boondoggle Act? Rebates for people who aren’t able to buy electric vehicles and solar panels? People who don’t want to buy an electric vehicle or solar panels will welcome the free money. Raising the price of carbon intense products? Products everyone uses? Do a search for “products made from petroleum” and see if you’re able to stop using all those products. Money doesn’t grow on trees so everyone will pay. Meanwhile, I have no issues if you want to penalize your kids and their kids with higher prices for everyday products. BTW, electricity doesn’t grow on trees so if CA is willing to pay the upcharge for importing electricity, I’m sure other states will happily take CA’s money. We just need to pray they have excess electricity, else... blackouts galore.

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