Just saw the documentary about “IT Invasion of SF.” I was wondering — as San Francisco creates all those thousands of new jobs in their town, what are they doing to house all the resulting new employees? They could create multiple blocks of five-story condos and apartments in the Tenderloin, south of Golden Gate Park and around San Francisco State by removing old row houses. Or do they not want to change the character of their neighborhoods but instead want to bully us in San Mateo County to create the housing. For me, those who approve the jobs should supply the housing.

Lois Hallen


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Yes, there is certainly a problem of San Francisco and San Jose approving jobs without commensurate housing. But that problem exists in our county as well, perhaps even worse so. For example, Menlo Park has approved enough office space for Facebook such that there are more employees working at Facebook in Menlo Park than there are residents of Menlo Park. So then they are in effect "bullying" nearby cities to handle the housing for those employees. Of course we know the nearby cities are Atherton and Palo Alto, some of the most exclusionary cities in the country. Over just one more town, Redwood City has also approved millions of square feet office space without nearly enough housing to match. It's a serious regional problem. Are the individual cities acknowledging the problem and just taking a while to address it? I would say no. There is little acknowledgement and for the most part we are moving forward as-is. That is why I supported state intervention with measures such as SB-50. That being said, if our local cities wanted to fix this, they could, and I would certainly support that route over state intervention. But it doesn't seem to be a priority.

Cindy Cornell

It would be a good idea to ask Mayor Colson in Burlingame about its own plans to keep adding jobs without enough housing. 3500 new jobs coming to the new Facebook campus in Burlingame without sufficient housing, and she and others are eager to add thousands more jobs on the bayfront.

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