It’s too bad Ray Fowler is upset by a recent comment by another letter writer, who used the word “cult” in his description of Trump followers. (letter to the editor, “Where in the world,” in the May 14 issue of the Daily Journal).

I respect the right of every person to express his or her opinion. But, what I and most people don’t respect is, when people lie, make things up, spin, or, otherwise try to re-write history, just to make their opinion sound correct. In this case, what else would you call a group of people who blindly believe and obey every word from their group’s leader, without questioning it? Only self-centered, hypocritical, liars, cheaters and criminals support self-centered, hypocritical, liars, cheaters and criminals like Trump and the Republican Party. Saying something over and over again, that is not true or supported by any proof or evidence, does not make it true. When a liar spreads a lie and tells other people, and those people tell other people, those people passing the original lie are as big as liars, if not bigger liars than the original liar, because, they had the opportunity to verify if the information was true or not, but, didn’t do so. Any when someone tells someone else something, that is not evidence, that is called “heresy,” which isn’t admissible in a court of law, nor, the court of public opinion.

So, Mr. Fowler, I didn’t use the word “cult” in my letter, so I hope that makes you feel better?

Michael Oberg

San Mateo

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Terence Y

Wow, talk about running one’s mouth. One has to wonder how long it took Mr. Oberg to write 250 words (give or take) which basically amount to, “Blah, blah, blah, I have TDS!” I wonder if Mr. Oberg was paid by the word, explaining his 6 words into 250 words tirade. In other news, money was seized from the arrested BLM-Antifa organizer who encouraged violence at the US Capitol. Arizona’s Maricopa County audit is starting up again. Biden is working to lift sanctions on Iran even though Iran funds terror around the world. Should someone check Hunter’s bank account?



Sorry, you can't have it both ways. You complained about my comments to Mr. Kahl and then you complain about Mr. Oberg. In your earlier comment that was removed you were running your mouth about Mr. Oberg not spelling San Mateo right. Did you ever stop and think that it may have been a misprint by the DJ and not him? In other news, the money was seized from an independent idiot and trouble maker that should be jailed, not a part of Antifa or the right wing mob. Maricopa County does not have an audit starting up again. They do have a sham operation run by a right wing conspiracy promoter trying to damage the legally cast ballots and voting machines so they can claim fraud. BTW, did you find any bamboo fibers yet?

Terence Y

Actually, Taffy, if the DJ made a mistake, I commend them for repairing the mistake and removing my comment. I could have inserted another example (such as replacing the letter “y” with “d” in “Any”). Instead, I decided to give Mr. Oberg (actually, our dear readers) a break because I don’t want a 250 word essay explaining, “Oops, I forgot to proofread.” As for having it both ways, if I channel my inner Democratic (see how silly that sounds?), I can have it as many ways and be as hypocritical as I want. As for your heresy, and to take a page from Mr. Fowler, it sounds like you’ve got plenty of homework to do to find the truth. BTW, I notice you skipped over the Iran sanctions issue. At least you’re 1 for 3 on the truth so maybe there’s hope. In other news, I hear a Georgia judge may begin decertifying elections if ballots were counted twice.


Good morning Terence,

Would you be kind enough to tell me which one of the three truths I got right, in your opinion, so I know which truths you got wrong.

Terence Y

Thank you, Taffy, for admitting you weren’t telling the truth in regards to the BLM-Antifa organizer inciting violence at the US Capitol and the Arizona audit starting up again. Maybe when unaffected by your vices your posts are more indicative of sound mind and body? To again paraphrase from the inimitable Mr. Fowler, a little homework can help. Meanwhile, in other news, if reports are correct, the Windham, NH audit is finding issues with their voting machines, including miscounts and date/time stamp issues, all trending towards shorting Republican votes. What are the odds?



Once again you show the readers that you are only posting to amuse yourself and entertains others. If there is anything wrong with the voting machines in NH it is obviously after the fact and caused by some right wing Trumper tampering with them after the election. BTW, find any bamboo fibers yet?

Terence Y

Taffy, once again you show readers you’ll say anything in a pitiful attempt to deflect from the truth. Mr. Oberg described you to a T. Meanwhile, in other news, Secret Service records show Hunter flew from American military bases while Biden was VP. Where was he going and for what purpose? Check the Biden's bank accounts? A sample of military ballots was audited in Georgia and all went for Biden. What are the odds? All this talk about defunding the police and what’s happening in Democrat-controlled cities? Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and Baltimore, to name a few, are approving additional police funding. NY is building a new Queens police precinct. Locally, Oakland is increasing police spending. Maybe Oaklanders intent on crime can migrate to SF while SF police migrate to Oakland police.

Ray Fowler

Hey, Terence... what happened to your comment?

Terence Y

Hi Ray, my original comment was removed, rightly so, as one of my end notes was no longer applicable. Thank you, DJ.

Ray Fowler

Good morning, Mike

Feelings have nothing to do with it...

Jorg submitted another anti-Trump rant on May 7 disguised as what he called a "Radical Republican" cult credo. It is exactly what we have come to expect from the left wing. During the back and forth generated by his letter and other readers' comments, I acknowledged that the former president exaggerates, shapes facts and sometimes just makes up things. However, what I find extremely curious is the left wing's silence on exaggeration, shaping of facts and outright fabrication that comes from the left side of the aisle as well as the MSM. In response to Jorg's latest diatribe, I responded with a "Progressive Democrat" credo. It used the same items listed in Jorg's credo with a twist... they were applied to the left but cited real examples from current issues and events. I invited a rebuttal... crickets. I asked again for a response... more crickets. So, I penned an LTE that appeared in the DJ on May 14 that called out such rants for what they are... disrespectful and divisive.

The author of the original Republican credo finally did emerge and join the conversation, but unsurprisingly his comments did not offer any explanation for the point-by-point refutation of his earlier rant masquerading as rhetoric.

I get it... "Orange man bad!" Your intense dislike for the former president is on display. And you know what? That's OK... it's your prerogative. But you are going backwards... and the same old refrains will do nothing to address the issues facing us today.

So, I will ask again... Please explain the progressive left’s approval for using racial epithets against conservatives, the progressives’ intent to federalize elections, pack the Supreme Court, add a 51st state for political purposes, and why progressives ignored the science and kept schools closed. Please explain the current president’s award of “four pinocchios” for making false statements about Georgia’s voting laws.

And the final item... on May 3, NBC News reported that five young girls, ages 11 months through 7 years, were found abandoned on the U.S. side of the border “in the middle of nowhere.” So, where in the world is Kamala Harris? It's been 61 days since she was appointed by the president to start fixing the border crisis, but she has neither visited the border nor held a press conference to share information about what the administration plans to do about the crisis it created.

Ray Fowler

More for Mike... a preemptive post. I will be busy later today then tied up with some medical procedures.

Systemic racism essentially exists in the minds of woke left wingers. Need proof? Chicago's African American mayor refuses to grant one-on-one interviews with white reporters. Further, I doubt if her anti-police rhetoric represents the viewpoint of most of Chicago's black residents. On the subject of Chicago... with one more week remaining in May 2021, more than 1350 people have been shot in Chicago this year. Nearly 200 of those shot were killed... all African Americans. How many persons have Chicago police officers shot and killed in that same period of time? Three.

Let's stick with Chicago... five weeks ago, a beautiful African American 7 year old girl was shot and killed while sitting in a car with her father. Jaslyn Adams. So, the left wants to defund the police?

Why is it that the ten American cities with the highest homicide rates are all run by Democrats and have been, in some cases, for decades? I can hear the crickets already...

I will have to correct the first line of my initial posting for today... It IS about feelings, and I feel sorry for the folks who are gobbling Progressive Democrat pablum and buying into the intellectual dishonesty so prevalent on the left.


Good morning Ray,

I am not going to rehash some of the info we have done before, but I want to update or correct one item. I am not sure of your source about the mayor of Chicago. I believe the the situation is she sent a statement to the press that she would only meet with reporters of color on the anniversary of her being mayor for two years. The condition was for that day only and the purpose was to call attention to the lack of diversity in the press. It is not an ongoing condition, as far as I know, as it sounds like in your comment. I could fine tune a couple of others items but I don't have time today. Take care.

Ray Fowler

Hey, Tafhdyd!

I stand corrected. Thanks for the info. Mayor Lightfoot has a lot of issues swirling around the Windy City. A recent CNN report clarified the mayor's only setting up interviews on the anniversary of her mayor-ship. The CNN reporter added that some push back on the mayor's declaration includes the idea that politicians don't get to pick who interviews them. Hmmm... maybe. I think it's OK to tell a network like CNN that you don't want to do an interview with Elmer Nordlinger (made up name) but the reason Elmer won't get an interview can't be because he is white.

The mayor is being selective based on race... and she should not do so as a matter of regular policy (she isn't) or even for one day (she is).

Interestingly, a Latino reporter was granted an interview with Mayor Lightfoot on the anniversary of her mayor-ship, and he declined to meet with her due to her exclusion of white reporters. Situational racism is still racism... even if it's for one day.

I'm out the rest of the day...


Ray, to answer your questions. Racial epithets are likely to be used on the street against the right is simple: they apply - especially when the January 6th insurrection is witnessed. The intent to federalize voting laws is because the public is subjected to 50 different set of voting laws whereby a national standard needs to be applied, especially in light of red states promoting laws subverting the ability of people to vote. Biden has come out against packing the Supreme Court. That said, the minority has had unequal representation on the court long enough and using the flexible number to be in line with Distrcit Courts would be altogether fitting.

Adding a 51st state will always be political. Under what circumstances would it be apolitical? The D.C. area has every right to pursue representation they do not have. Schools have been closed because of the science, not despite it, at the right espouses. Why is the right angered over the supposed "ignoring science" when it comes to schools when when it has politicized the use of science in wearing masks and social distancing? Hypocritical much?

American cities have been overwhelmingly Democratic so it is logical for the homicide rates to be higher due to demographics. If the right is so concerned about the homicide rates, mostly by guns, why does it fight common sense gun laws at every turn. Again, hypocritical.

You also assign lying to Biden over voting laws. Let us go with it. Let stretch it to say Biden telling a dozen lies for the sake of argument. Given Trump's 21 lies a day, at this stage in office, Biden is behind Trump by about 2500+ lies.

Finally, your designation of crickets is off. Could you be confusing them with the 17th year of cicadas? That's likely to be the last time the conservatives actually held to their values and done anything the public wanted.

Terence Y

Thanks Rel, for showing us that Mr. Oberg’s letter should be amended to replace Trump and Republicans with Democrats since you’re blindly following the Democrat playbook by lying, making things up and trying to re-write history.

Ray Fowler


My comments posted at 12:41 p.m. were a response to your earlier remarks. Sorry, but I'm going to have to check out for a while. You've got plenty of homework to do...

Ray Fowler


A few, but not all, of folks who align with the left side of the aisle actually look at a variety of news sources. I would suggest you do the same. This is absolutely the last time I will do your homework for you... again, I just feel sorry for you.

Racial epithets used against the right on January 6? No, you missed the point. Racial epithets used against black conservatives by the left. Of course, someone popular like Candace Owens will draw the left's ire, but black officials like Burgess Owens (not related) and Ben Carson have also drawn the left's ire. Check out Senator Tim Scott...

What's wrong with federalizing state election laws? A little something called the "US Constitution." It provides for individual states to develop state voting guidelines and protocols... not a Democratic Party majority Congress. As record numbers of citizens voted last November... in both red and blue states... where was the subversion mentioned in your post?

Biden against court packing? As you recall... or maybe you don't... candidate Biden refused to answer the question about court packing because the voters don't "deserve" to know his stance on this issue. That's what he said... voters don't "deserve" to know. Wow. Adding Supreme Court justices so the number would line up with the number of district courts? Pure ackamarackus. The number of Supreme Court justices has been set for over 150 years... what has happened in this century that compels increasing the court? The last federal circuit court was organized almost 40 years ago... what has happened in this century that compels those courts to be realigned? What has happened? Easy. The left has lost its stranglehold on the federal judiciary. There was little if any talk of expanding the Supreme Court until that happened.

Under what circumstances would DC be apolitical? You're kidding, right? How about when it was created as a district intended to be apolitical? Did anyone not move into DC because they would be living in a jurisdiction without two US senators? No. If there is now a clamoring for those folks to get more representation, the answer is simple. Retrocession. Residential areas in DC can be added to either Maryland or Virginia. Poof! They'll get instant senators.

Science and schools... experts and the CDC clearly stated several months ago that schools could be reopened based on the science. Dems trying to please teacher unions have stalled the reopening of schools. They are simply not following the science. Period. What about the science supporting that children are being harmed mentally and socially in addition to falling behind in school work because schools were closed longer than needed? Now to masks... you're kidding, again, right? Check out Tony Fauci's past comments on wearing masks. Then ask yourself... what IS the science behind wearing masks?

Democrat run cities... you missed the point. Not only do they have the highest homicide rates but also higher school drop out rates, higher teen pregnancy rates, higher crime rates, and higher unemployment. These conditions didn't just happen... they have been decades in the making and are largely unique to Democrat-run cities. The question is... why do Democrats allow this continue? Where is the leadership?

Common sense gun safety measures should not be a political issue. It is a national health issue and needs to be addressed. But the problem is not solved by over-regulating responsible citizens... common sense regulations to keep guns out of the wrong hands is desperately needed as well as gun technology making firearms safer and mental health support. As you know... or maybe you don't... more than 60% of gun deaths are suicides. Which conservative officials are fighting gun laws "at every turn"? I'm not sure, but I believe you offered up a couple of weeks ago an unsupported statistic that showed a very small percentage of illegal guns were used by criminals in the commission of a crime. I responded with some verifiable numbers that showed about 40% of gun violence involved either a stolen firearm or a firearm obtained illegally.

Presidents and lying... Trump has told lies, so it's OK that Biden tells lies because Biden will not tell as many as Trump. Skrrrrip! (sound of stylus on vinyl) What?! So, you're OK with President Biden telling lies to the public about Georgia's new voting laws? When the false statements were mentioned to him... he repeats the same untruths... that's OK?

I noticed you skipped over the border issue. Imagine that. A majority of Americans want the border secured... those Americans live in red states and blue states. The Biden administration bans the press from covering the real crisis... and where is Vice President Harris? She had no problem showing up at the border in the past to support protests, but when we need the administration to start fixing this crisis... crickets... not cicadas.



Ray, answers to your points will be treated with respect to the subject at hand, not at you personally. I do not need your condescension on doing homework, or feeling sorry for me, or calling different viewpoints pathetic. Until you learn a lesson of respect, I will have no time for you.

Ray Fowler


It often appears you repeat left wing talking points without bothering to consult any accurate, credible or relevant sources... in essence... you don't do your homework. Your lead comment this morning regarding racial epithets is a good example. I asked you to explain the progressive left's approval for using racial epithets against conservatives. Your response, “Racial epithets are likely to be used on the street against the right is simple: they apply… “ So, you’re saying it’s OK to use racial epithets when the left decides it’s OK? Hmmm… maybe a lot of the systemic racism many on the left like to talk about is actually in their own ranks. Did you bother to check Senator Tim Scott (D-SC) who was attacked by the left for the color of his skin?

In fairness, perhaps my use of the word “pathetic” needs some clarification. I do not feel liberal viewpoints are pathetic. I disagree with a lot of them but not all. What is pathetic is the inability of some on the left to form thoughtful and well-reasoned responses to advocate for those viewpoints. I feel sorry for them. A good example of the left’s failure to put together cogent arguments for their positions appears in my response to you concerning the border. Where is the Vice President and when will she tell the American people what needs to be done to fix the border crisis? More crickets…

Respect. I believe you sent a quote attributed to Mark Twain to me during an earlier discussion in the comments section. It said, “It's better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt.” Condescension, maybe? Whaddya think? BTW… Twain did not say the above quote. FYI… a little homework can help someone avoid wrongful attribution.

Tommy Tee

Excellent letter, Mr.Oberg. Spot on!

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