The Daily Journal front page on July 28 has nothing on the congressional Jan. 6 commission. Four brave congressional policemen testified to their nightmare experience on that shameful day. The most outrageous U.S. betrayal since the Civil War and the Daily buried it on Page 6.


Gary Madden


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No one was killed in the capitol riots except for one woman who was shot in the back by a police officer. The Capitol rioters had no guns unlike the BLM rioters who killed over 20 men, woman and children and destroyed over $2 billion in private property. Violence of any kind should be always be condemned along with the double standards used to judge them.


Mr. Kahl,

Talk about double standards. You are a Trump supporter, the root of much of the troubles in America today.

Terence Y

Taffy, my friend, I didn’t realize our great President Trump forced Democrats to become the party of slavery, found the KKK, establish Jim Crow laws, and ignore the death and destruction wrought by idiot BLM and Antifa goons, to name a few. Oh wait, he didn’t - the Democrats get all the credit. The root of much troubles in the history of America.


Terence Y: You cannot blame today’s Democrats for past deeds, nor can you praise today’s Republicans for deeds in the past. Democrats have learned from their mistakes, evolved, matured, and improved over the past 100 years or so to what they stand for today. Republicans went the other way, degenerated, stagnated, and became what they are today, unable to accept and learn from their mistakes, and so gullible that they elect someone as inept and incompetent as Donald Trump, a selfish, habitual liar!



Sorry you didn’t understand that I am talking about current troubles not the old history you are obsessed with. Did you see that Trump’s favorite candidate he campaigned for in Texas lost😁. Shows you that as off track Texas is they still have a few people with common sense. If you turn in your tinfoil hat you can still join the world of reality. BTW, how are you doing with your bamboo fibers?

Ray Fowler

Hello, Jorg... no surprise... I disagree with you.

I do not fault today's garden variety Democrat for the Democratic Party's transgressions of the past, but the party's leadership is just as immersed in oppressing minorities as it was in years gone by. You wrote, "Democrats have learned from their mistakes, evolved, matured, and improved over the past 100 years or so to what they stand for today." That simply has not happened, and that's exactly the point Professor Swain was making. I asked for you to rebut her remarks and you have not responded. I wonder why you have gone silent? Are you proud of the conditions virtually enslaving Blacks today in Democratic Party controlled cities?

You believe the great Democratic Party has learned so much from it's mistakes. Skrrrrip! Take a look at our southern border. Chaos, suffering, death that are the direct result of progressive Democrats. You don't want a selfish, habitual liar as president... OK. Do you prefer an 18-wheeler driving, hair sniffing, plagiarizing person in the Oval Office?

You know... the Donald consented to a cognitive test. Do you feel the current president should do the same? If not, why not?

Terence Y

Sorry Jorg and Taffy, but the history of your knowledge of history leaves much to be desired. Your so called Republican to Democrat party switcheroo hoax has been thoroughly debunked, multiple times, no matter how much spin you apply. You two are better off with personal attacks – at least there’s some semblance of truth. BTW Jorg, readers are still waiting with bated breath for answers to some of Ray’s questions. Should we expect any answers sometime this decade?

Ray Fowler

Hi, Tafhdyd and everyone else...

I was at the Giants game today (SF 5 - LA 0) and just logged on. Gary is correct. The January 6 riot and the hearings convened this week about the riot is an important story. However, Jon Mays runs a good paper and I'm willing to wager there was nothing politically purposeful or nefarious concerning the riot story showing up where it did.

But Gary... c'mon, man! The riot was the "... most outrageous U.S. betrayal since the Civil War... "? Do you remember left wing radicals igniting a bomb in the Senate on March 1, 1971, and again on November 7, 1983? Those attacks were purposefully directed at Republican administrations and Republican lawmakers. The radicals were also connected with bombings at Fort McNair and the Washington Navy Yard.

They were arrested for the 1983 bombings then sentenced to prison for firearms and explosives violations. One of the radicals had their sentence commuted in August 1999 by a Democrat president, and two others had their sentences commuted by that same president on his last day in office.

Coming full circle... a riot that was the "... most outrageous U.S. betrayal since the Civil War... "? What crimes have been charged against the rioters, insurrectionists, knuckleheads or whatever term you would like to choose to describe them for storming the Capitol on January 6? I'm not pointing to the behavior of left wing radicals to justify the conduct of right wing extremists... but I feel we need some perspective.

The Civil War was a conflict that cost the lives of over 300,000 Union soldiers. Adjusting for differences in population then and now.. those losses would be the equivalent today of 3 million lives lost. January 6 was horrible, and the knuckleheads who entered the Capitol should be held accountable, but it's not the worst thing that has happened since the Civil War.


Good evening Ray,

No wonder I didn't find the game on the radio tonight, it was this afternoon. FYI, I dropped you a couple of lines on the racist country in case you didn't check back.

Ray Fowler

Tafhdyd... thanks for the heads up. I made a few remarks in the other thread re: racism.

Ray Fowler

7/26, "We are not a racist country" LTE,


Sorry, Ray! I have no sympathy with mobsters like her. None whatsoever. I also believe that we have the right to defend ourselves, our property and others under attack, loved ones or strangers. And if an intruder on your property gets killed, fine with me. When an idiot many years ago attacked me with a knife, I knocked him out, so hard and thoroughly that he was still unconscious when he was carried away. Would you hold it against me if he had died?

Ray Fowler

Jorg... you are out of your element.

There is a right to self defense but there is no right to use lethal force to protect property. I disagree with last summer's protests, but none of the "peaceful" protesters should have been shot for breaking windows and looting. An intruder entering property is not an automatic green light to blast away. If the January 6 mobsters entered offices and shredded every piece of paper they could find, should they be shot for doing so? According to you, the answer looks to be "yes." Should persons crossing the border who enter private property be shot on sight? According to you, the answer looks to be "yes." Things can be replaced... you cannot replace people.

Somehow... I'm just not buying the story of a highly educated scientist one-punching a knife wielding assailant and knocking the assailant out cold. But if it did happen... could anyone hold that against the scientist? Not if he or she or another person with the scientist was truly in imminent peril of death or serious bodily injury. But even those circumstances are not a lock against criminal liability... just ask Columbus OH police officer Nick Reardon.


No, Ray, I was not a scientist yet, my science discovery came 6 years later. But with a guy older than 19-year old me, charging me with a knife directed at my stomach, the last thing on my thought was not to hit him too hard! I reacted instinctively, without a second to spare. Thank you, Dad, for teaching me self-defense!

Ray Fowler

Sorry, Jorg

Forgive me, but somehow... I'm just not buying the story of a Rocky Balboa-esque single punch knocking out a knife wielding assailant.

You skipped over the real issue. OK, Jorg... no foolin' around... Ashli Babbitt, according to you, "deserved" to get shot for breaking a window in the Capitol. So, would deadly gunfire be acceptable, in your view, to stop vandals and looters at last summer's protests? It appears you are OK with the use of deadly force to protect property. If that is not accurate, can you set the record straight?

Do you remember the White Night riots 43 years ago in San Francisco? Members of the gay community outraged at the light sentence meted out to Dan White for the killings of SF Supervisor Harvey Milk (one of the first elected gay office holders in the country) and Mayor George Mascone massed downtown to protest which turned into riot. Probably over 100 protesters and dozens of police officers were injured. The outnumbered cops and protesters got physically tangled up, but no one was shot. If an officer those many years ago had shot and killed a protester torching a police car would you say the protester got what he "deserved."?

Coming full circle... the outnumbered cops in DC on January 6 got physically tangled up with rioters. However, Ashli Babbitt was shot and killed by an officer. Did she really deserve to die? Like I said earlier, you can replace things but you cannot replace people.

(Note... to anyone more familiar with the history of the White Night riots, if I made an error in my comments, please accept my apology.)


"shot in the back"? Are you sure about "the back.'


No she wasn't shot in the back. She was shot in the left shoulder while breaking into the chamber through the window. You should know better than to expect true facts from right wing Trump supporters.

Terence Y

Taffy, my friend – the bigger question is why she was shot in the first place. The cop was allowed to use deadly force when there was no imminent risk to the officer, or anyone else? What was the threat? Was she armed? So it's okay to shoot first and ask questions later? Sorry Taffy, sounds like you’re applying one standard to this cop and a different standard to the cop subduing George Floyd. The definition of a double standard, as Mr. Kahl presciently wrote about.



Sorry, she was breaking the law. You do the crime, you do the time. Sound familiar? BTW, how are you doing with the bamboo fibers?


She had no business being there among the window breaking and police attacking mob! She got what she deserved.

Ray Fowler


This part of the story... the woman from San Diego being shot and killed... is tragic. But it looks like authorities in DC were not forthcoming about the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

Remember three months ago when a Columbus police officer shot and killed 16 year old Ma'Khia Bryant? Another tragic loss of life. Within hours of the shooting, the media had crawled into the officer's life and he was vilified on social media. Some of the judge, jury and executioner postings came from no less an expert on these matters than LeBron James. We didn't see this treatment of the January 6 DC shooting by a police officer.

You wrote that Ashli Babbitt was shot as she was trying to break through a window. What do you think would happen to a homeowner if that owner... inside his or her home... shot and killed someone (with a legally purchased firearm) as that person broke through a window?

Ray Fowler


A woman shot and killed by a DC police officer, according to you, "got what she deserved"? Seriously?

Gosh... where is all that humanists do good in the world stuff you were preaching earlier this week?

Terence Y

And the trap is sprung… Thanks, Jorg and Taffy, for letting everyone know you’re okay with all actions taken by law enforcement, especially those involved with George Floyd’s death. I fully expect both of you to support cops if they shoot and possibly kill any idiot BLM and Antifa goons causing death and destruction. Personally, I’d beg to differ on the methods, since Floyd was resisting arrest whereas Ashley was never allowed the courtesy to resist arrest, since she was never arrested.



I caught your comments from the other LTE and I just read your comment today about the breaking in. I would agree that the way they go with property damage / theft is not death penalty I also say that if someone breaks in and you are startled by them in a dark room and you have the means to injure/kill them it becomes their problem and the courts will decide.

If you are at home and an angry mob shows up and tries to break in I would expect that my life, not just my property, would be in danger and fire away if I could. I would equate that with Jan. 6th.

Back in the days of the Vietnam war protesting there was a saying that if you shoot the first one the rest will pay attention.

Ray Fowler

Hey, Tafhdyd

On the racism issue in the other thread, it looks like we have some similar ideas and perspectives. I'm thinking that's where most folks are... regardless of whether they lean left or right.

There are probably some, but not many, who might not even use deadly force in self defense. That may seem odd to some, but the mere fact that an intruder comes into a home does not automatically justify deadly force. A teenager raiding a liquor cabinet? A knucklehead grabbing an iPhone or laptop?

However, if an intruder advances on the resident... everything changes. And you are correct... someone who breaks in and enters a dark room may be in for a big surprise. But none of those scenarios fit the Ashli Babbitt situation.

Cops didn't shoot last summer at "peaceful" protesters doing some rather un-peaceful things. Those protesters were violent, but deadly force was not used. Deadly force was used in DC against a rioter. For Jorg to say Ashli got what she deserved says a lot. Now, I think all I'm hearing is chirping.

I disagree that an angry mob showing up at a private home and advancing on a civilian is the same as an angry mob pushing through a doorway or breaking a window in DC on January 6. The point at which deadly force is authorized for the civilian is not the same point that allows law enforcement to open fire. If it was, the same point, the ranks of Antifa would have been thinned out a year ago. In my view, Ashli should not have been shot.

Switching gears... my rule of thumb is: don't go some place where you feel you need to have a firearm. The counterpoint to that position is that a concealed carry permit is like insurance. You have insurance for your car but you don't plan to have a car accident... the CCW is there just in case.

Carrying a bladed weapon is probably not an option for most people. It takes more fortitude than most people have to use a bladed weapon in self defense.

Hmmm... what to do... what to do...

I usually carry a small (palm sized) metal flashlight with me. A flashlight? Yes. It is rated at 1600 lumens. At night, it will deter any attacker. You can see the bad guy but he cannot see you. That will allow you to get away without getting mixed up with some chowder-head. It also works well during daylight. 1600 lumens. Of course, if you are still worried about personal safety, you can hire One-Punch Jorg as a bodyguard.

Terence Y

Mr. Madden, if you consider that article’s location to be shameful, what about AP articles regarding the over $1 billion in damage from the idiot BLM riots and the damage caused to over 1500 businesses or buildings? What about testimony from the over 700 cops that were injured in those riots, in just a month? What about AP articles documenting the increase in violent crimes in major urban Democrat cities, and the associated increase in homicides? Oh wait, there were none. Sorry, but Pelosi’s dog and pony show is more deserving of your shame and outrage and should be buried in the Misc. For Sale section at the end of the DJ.


Decade ago, the AP inherited a virtual monopoly on news gathering and distribution.when UPI drowned in red ink.




I noticed the same thing - national stories are often played down in the DJ, but I think there is good reason: the subjects were thoroughly covered in the major league media. The DJ can concentrate on local coverage. It has a limited staff and is doing a good job, given its budget. Help support it any way you can.BTW: if there is shame here it is that there has been little, if any, mention of the unarmed woman shot to death during the riot.

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