Here we are arguing over student loan forgiveness for less than wealthy folks, yet little debate when it comes to the larding on of Pentagon bloat. And no discussion of military contractors paying back on bulging windfall profits. The war drums for Ukraine as well as reckless China policies show surprisingly little daylight between the political parties.

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Mike Caggiano

I see Terrence supplied a link to 'antiwar.com' a venerable site for good info. So here's another, https://original.antiwar.com/veteran-intelligence-professionals-for-sanity2/2022/09/05/veteran-intelligence-professionals-ukraine-decision-time-for-biden/

Hopefully that will supply a bit of grist for discussion.

Stay well all.


Putin and Xi would love to have you in charge.


Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Mr. Caggiano,

War is horror beyond words. Enriching those providing the tools of war is a tragedy. I hope we agree. I have a disdain for career politicians, second to none. Regardless, we are said to be a nation of laws and the federal government is clearly obligated to provide our common defense. Consequently, as to how, I will not second guess the leaders whose burden it is to do so. While I contemplate what to think of your LTE, I will focus on history and human nature. I will ask myself, when have conquerors ever stopped? On the other hand, I am still fuming about the six figures the A.C.A. has cost me. Unless judges stop politicians, I get to fuel that smoldering infuriation with the gut punch of debt beats being offered a bribe by a government that is not supposed to pick winners and losers. What about the six figures I spent on three on my kids going to college? But most of all I regret the time away from my loved ones, as that cannot be reclaimed.

Terence Y

Mr. Caggiano, I’m not sure you’ve been keeping up since money from Biden to Ukraine is rolling fast and furious, but the US under Biden has given up to $50 billion (by some estimates) in aid to Ukraine. You expect Russia to allow the US and Europeans who supported Russian sanctions, to implement negotiations? Why would Russia agree to that when they’re winning and the US and Europeans are biased against Russia? If anything, it appears Biden is doing an Afghanistan 2.0 and supplying more aid and comfort to Russia since it’s very likely Russia is taking the military aid (by force) that is supposed to be going to Ukraine. Perhaps Biden is hoping some of the $billions in Ukrainian payments will indirectly filter back to Biden via “Where’s Hunter?”?

Ray Fowler

Hey, Terence... maybe $50 billion? Wow. Do you know if there is a way to track the hardware sent to Ukraine?

Terence Y

Hi Ray, I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend. We had BBQs where both the two-legged folks and the four-legged critters had their fill.

As per your request, below are a few links you can reference (although from the looks of it, we’re probably closer to $60 billion now).

For an overall amount as of 03AUG2022 (just the other day, the US was planning on opening our taxpayer wallet again to the tune of more than 11 billion): https://www.statista.com/statistics/1303432/total-bilateral-aid-to-ukraine/

Although I’m not a fan of Wikipedia, they do provide a comprehensive list from all nations (it looks like they're requesting an update - maybe I'll forward the below fact sheet for the US):


Here’s a fact sheet from two weeks ago (it reads like a cumulative list but it may just be for one "donation" - I won't bother comparing it against Wikipedia or other sources):


BTW, did Jorg ghost you again, or is Jorg trying to restart his SS, DD and “orange man bad” dialogue elsewhere?

Wilfred Fernandez Jr


Jorg ghosting? Perish the thought. Why, he is a crusader don't you know? His bible is written by MSNBC, and the politicians that provide a narrative to follow. No doubt Jorg will resume his mental gopher-holing soon enough.

Ray Fowler


Double wow... that's a lot of military aid. Again, I wonder who is tracking where all those weapons go after being shipped out of the US... stuff like 20 helicopters, 200 armored personnel carriers, and 1500 TOW missiles. It is good to see a ton of countries helping out with humanitarian aid.

No substantive response from Jorg. I don't think we'll ever get answers to some questions. As an aside... I'm wondering if Jorg sees the distinction between Trump supporters and Trump followers? It's easy to mix up the terms, but I think Trump followers are more likely the culprits in his mind. Maybe not.

Terence Y

Two for one…

Wilfred, I’m loving that succinct explanation. Are you close enough to witness any of the numerous migration routes of animals, sea or land? I’m still catching up on watching last week’s National Geographic specials highlighting National Parks and America the Beautiful episodes – great shows with beautiful photography and action scenes narrated by Garth Brooks and Michael Jordan (no, not that one, this is the actor). Like most teams with the Michael Jordan, I’d have to give the narrative edge to Jordan, too.

Ray, I misinterpreted your question in regards to tracking hardware. I mistakenly thought you were asking for a list of provided hardware, as opposed to what happens after hardware is sent. In that regard, in early August, CBS Reports released a documentary, “Arming Ukraine” that estimated around 30% of aid reaches its destination. Lo and behold, Ukraine wasn’t too happy and pressured CBS into self-censoring their documentary. I’m sure some folks are still trying to do damage control but if you’re interested and because the internet is forever, you can find the video online even though CBS removed it from their website. An article on the removal can be found here to provide some context, along with a link to the video: https://news.antiwar.com/2022/08/08/cbs-removes-documentary-on-ukraine-military-aid-after-pressure-from-ukrainian-government/

Needless to say, other reporting concludes there is virtually no oversight for weapons given to Ukraine. Even left wing mouthpiece CNN agrees with this conclusion. Ultimately, my guess is any military aid reaching Ukraine and not used will eventually be commandeered by Russia and sold, perhaps back to the US, but only if we’re the highest bidder.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr


A moose cow and calf dined in our front yard earlier this week. We watched them from our great room for about an hour. You can almost touch them from there, and the grandkids enjoyed it. Me, not so much. Fresh moose nuggets on the lawn awaited me. They will be back later this year, or early next depending on food availability. Migratory birds are no longer present in my vicinity. For us, winter is near. [ohmy]



It is late for me to join in the main topic but I wanted to say that in nine trips north to Alaska I have never seen a moose. Caribou, bear, sheep, whales, eagles and a host of others but no Bullwinkle.

Ray Fowler


That's because Bullwinkle lives in Frostbite Fall, Minnesota.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Tafhdyd and Ray,

Ray, thanks for sharing another verified fact [wink]. Tafhdyd, regain your strength and make one trip. We can plan a trip to make sure you do [beam].


How did I get dragged into this one, too, - as if I haven't had enough war in my lifetime?

Mike Caggiano

I'd say put it out there and see what happens. If the world sees that the ball is in his court he'll have to answer with something rational. There could be a combined force including observers from both sides as well as the neutrals.

Ray Fowler

Mike... I like your idea of working toward a rational settlement, but if the ball moves to Vlad's court, how can he be convinced to take his ball and go home?

Ray Fowler

Good morning, Mike

Good ideas... demilitarize some critical zones and insert a neutral third party, but it's unlikely Russian forces would withdraw and allow those things to happen. Is there a carrot big enough to dangle in front of the Kremlin to gain Russian compliance? If so, what would it be? If wishes were horses, ol' Vlad would cavalry units crisscrossing Ukraine.

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