First, let me say that I am a sports fan. I love watching them and going to games, but I believe sport are outpricing the normal fans and that money should be going to more important needs. I want to present a few figures to think about. The Golden State Warriors have a salary budget of $319 million. The San Francisco Giants have a budget for players of $178 million. The Warriors just offered Durant $31 million and Thompson about the same. They are both great players worth a good salary, but there are limits. The San Francisco Unified School District pays their teachers who educate your children between $62,000 and $82,000. Sports figures build mansions and live where they want, while your teachers can’t afford to live in the city they teach.

The Giants and the Warriors do not pay the players’ salaries; the fans do. I really think we have our values mixed-up. I didn’t get where I am today with help from the Warriors or the Giants; my parents and my teachers did that.

Robert Nice

Redwood City

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Dirk van Ulden

Mr. Nice, nobody is forcing you to go to or watch a sports team. I am not sure what the salary comparison has to do with your education.

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