Michael J. Perkins, in his July 6 letter to the editor, “National debt,” had a righteous concern over increasing the national debt. He criticized presidential candidates who are advocating for student loan forgiveness, the Green New Deal, health care for all and universal child care. However, the real point was missed. All of these programs are, at the very least, beneficial for the common good.

Perkins claims many of the candidates floated ways of paying for the outlays. Where is his outrage for the current administration? We have record-breaking trillion-dollar deficits now and projected well into the future, and for what? There are tax breaks for the very rich who did not ask for them. But there is no replacement health care plan, no infrastructure action and no noteworthy common good ideas to be found. Even more concerning is the fact that, in a record plus economy whereby we have the means to pay for such programs, federal taxes are being reduced under the guise that increased revenues have been “trickling down.” What will happen and where will the funds be derived from when the economy reverses?

So yes, a few of the candidates are floating “pie-in-the-sky” actions, but at least plans are being discussed. Voters will evaluate those ideas as well as their means to pay for them. All we have now from the current leader is an absence of any plans of substance and ever-increasing deficits.

Rel Kempf

San Mateo

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