In the latest news, we learned that the president downplayed the seriousness of COVID-19 for political considerations resulting in the deaths of thousands of Americans. We also learned that Homeland Security personnel were directed to downplay the threat of foreign interference in our election, the threat of white supremacy groups, and were directed to focus on the “threat” of peaceful protestors (gassed in Washington, D.C., for a presidential photo opportunity) and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Add to the list the president’s comments disparaging POWs and military war dead as “cowards and losers.” He has continually denied and lied about his sexual predator behavior, including commenting on the size of his niece’s breasts at a family pool party.

What if this president was a woman? Not only would she be impeached, she would be in prison.  My hope is that one day we can restore the office of the presidency to one of integrity, empathy, trust and credibility. Our future as Americans depends on it.

Pat Suplok

Half Moon Bay

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Tommy Tee

Terence: "They call people names because that’s all they can do."

That's hilarious coming from you, with your inane nicknames and acronyms.

Terence Y

Aww, poor little Tommy animosi-Tee. You and your fellow TDS-infested folks made the rules so I’ll play by them. Or are you pushing another hypocritical Democrat stance – applies to thee but not to me? If you malcontents stop the name calling and become civil, l will return the favor. Until then, count on pushback. You have to admit, brain-dead Biden has a certain cachet.


We saw the president the other night in Henderson...we were 11 rows from front, on his left side from podium.

Just one demonstrator thrown out inside (about 30 min. in).

Good, enthusiastic crowd.

NV has voted Democrat the last 3 presidential elections...was a fairly conservative state in 2003...now leans left.

The electoral math not there for Trump, at moment, anyway.

He has to duplicate the swing states wins (most barely squeaked out vs Hillary) in '16...still behind in those, but, polls are indeed tightening as we move along.

If Trump manhandles him in the debates (I think he could make Biden look foolish), things will tighten even more.

The potential big loss for Pres. is that seniors are turning to Biden...a big part of his victory was older folks.

White blue-collar males are his base.

All this said, Clinton was projected to win right up until the election...every poll got it wrong.


Best Argument for Trump........


Dirk van Ulden

Interesting allegations of indignity. Has the writer forgotten that Obama invited every race baiter and despicable rapper multiple times to the White House? How about Kennedy with his orgies in the WH swimming pool, Roosevelt living openly with a mistress and Johnson maintaining a paramour right under the nose of Lady Bird? Dignity is how you define it. Whatever you say about our President, focus on what he is doing for our country economically, as well as our domestic and foreign policy, results that will be hard act to match. Focus on what he does, not on what he says!

Ray Fowler

Hi, Dirk

You forgot to include a Democrat impeached for lying about his relationship with an intern. And all your examples refer to incidents that occurred while those chief executives were in office.

Let me toss another reference to the movie, "Tombstone," into the mix... when it comes to the left's* criticism of others (not just the current president) their "hypocrisy knows no bounds."

* In my view, there is a clear distinction between the terms liberal and leftist.

Terence Y

Mr. Fowler, another reference to “Tombstone”? I didn't understand your previous reference since I've never seen the movie, but it sounds like I should add it to my watch list. With a title of "Tombstone" I assume it's an oater that shows what ultimately happens to bullies, a la Clint Eastwood oaters. Hmm, parallels to today's idiot BLM and Antifa goon squads?

Ray Fowler

Hey, Terence

Yes! Ya gotta watch "Tombstone." It's a great movie with a lot of quotable lines. Of course, like a lot of westerns, it takes some poetic license, but Val Kilmer's portrayal of Doc Holliday is classic. He got robbed at the 1993 Academy Awards.

Yes, you have to hope bullies get their comeuppance... maybe not Eastwood style.

For a great examination of what happened at the O.K. Corral, check out "The Last Gunfight" by Jeff Guinn. Wyatt Earp was a whole lot different than how he's portrayed in the movies.

Terence Y

Five Pinocchios! Nice try with rehashing the fake news, Mr. or Ms. Suplok. I hate to tell you but we restored dignity to the Presidency in 2016 and will again in 2020. Your treasonous Obama is gone. Brain-dead Biden and his lemmings can continue to kneel to their superiors.


Pat - Pres. Trump IS the most dignified President is generations. He has those qualities you speak of "integrity, empathy, trust and credibility."

As far as the Covid downplay, he was just being a great leader, caring for us, and not wanting to alarm us. Such as a true leader should do. The POW story authors have admitted that it was an error.

We are, as a Nation, at a tipping point!! Time to stand up with and support our very capable, professional and gifted President......... with gratitude .........before we fall to socialism (and Marxism)


Lou, you were speaking as a satire right? Trump the "most dignified President with qualities of integrity, empathy, trust and credibility"? The great tragedy of Trump is his total lack of any of these qualities. Maybe you think it is dignified to lie over 20K; mock people with disabilities; call military vets "losers" and "suckers"; separate families at the border with no plan of reuniting them; being an admitted sexual predator; or ask a foreign power to assist in defeating your opponent. I don't, and the American voters will not either in November.


You are so right, Rel! These Trumpsters must have a very low regard for the US Presidency and who occupies the most important and powerful office of the world. How incredibly gullible and easily fooled do you have to be, to feel that someone like Trump is good enough for us in the WH, such an inept, incompetent and uneducated liar? Do they ever watch him on TV? Are they really so intellectually challenged that they simply do not understand?



I think you are being way to generous with the Trumpers. I may be wrong but don't they have to have an intellect to be challenged?

Tommy Tee

Rel: Right? I thought Lou was channeling his inner Andy Borowitz! Dignity, Empathy? LOL Trump doesn't have an empathetic bone in his body. Pathetic yes, EMpathetic no. Hey, it is what it is. Trump on tape: "I downplayed the virus." Trump in person: "I up-played the virus."

How about his buddy, Caputo (former Roger Stone's personal driver and Boris Yeltsin's adviser) with his deep state conspiracies, accusing government scientists of sedition? He's now on mental leave for 60 days. Or Scott Atlas, the MRI reader with zero training in virology or epidemiology? Then there's DeJoy, who doesn't know what stamps cost, but donated over a million to Trump. The list goes on and on. The swamp needs some serious draining, doesn't it? Stay tuned for the responses on here--always about Obama or Pelosi (last time I checked neither of them are president). But hey look--a squirrel! By the way—what is “Herd Mentality?’


Have you always had trouble understanding things? Do you have a history of being duped, fooled and easily taken by con-artists, like Trump? Do you ever watch him on TV? Don't get it?

Dirk van Ulden

I am still waiting, in vain I suppose, for an original reply from Jorg and the gang. How can they keep on turning on their recorder and spout the same drivel for months at a crack? They are pushing their First Amendment rights to a level never intended by our Founding Fathers.


And you keep listening to Trump, - without grasping that he is fooling his gullible followers and hanging them out as useful idiots? Don't you understand how he is lying to you and using you?

Terence Y

Mr. van Ulden, you are waiting in vain. Jorg the JUNC man and his TDS-infected ilk have no valid answers. They call people names because that’s all they can do. Jorg and his gang can’t even explain why they keep falling for debunked Democrat hoaxes, mindlessly accept fake news, and blindly follow Democrat leaders. If Jorg and his gang ever become capable of making a valid argument, then we may need to worry. Until then, they’re irrelevant.


Terence! Y don't you let Dirk answer questions directed to him? The thinking, well informed majority of us know very well that YOU have been fooled by Trump, so you don't need to repeat that ad nauseam.

Terence Y

Jorg, I guess you can’t comprehend I’m answering Mr. van Ulden’s question. And you just proved my post. You can only name-call and are unable to answer simple questions. Irrelevant, indeed! And wow, “ad nauseam”? You must have found your word-a-day calendar. Or somebody else used it against you in reference to your daily posts. BTW, Colonel Sanders is still after you.


Terence: I would think Dirk is a bit brighter than you, so he should be able to respond himself, instead of you who doesn't even grasp what we are talking about. But, since you came on line, let me ask you who is paying you for all your nonsense? You are probably someone who needs a few bucks here and there to make ends meet, - yet, who is willing to pay for your BS? My goodness, this country is dumber than I thought.

Terence Y

Jorg, Mr. van Ulden may be brighter than me, but he’s definitely brighter than you. You continually beat a dead horse about me answering for Mr. van Ulden, yet you’re a fraidy-cat. I’ll go ahead and do something you’re terrified of - answering a question. Even if somebody offered, I wouldn’t take money to refute your nonsense – you’re too easy. My goodness, if this country is dumber than you thought, why do you stay? So you can lecture us on racism although your home country is 95% non-black? So you can lecture us on open borders when your home country is unwilling to take in migrants? You live here because President Trump is the greatest President of your lifetime.


Terence: You are clueless re. what I expect Dirk to respond to! You are so bewildered that you claim I’ve defended open borders, - where on Earth did you get that from? And my home country unwilling to take in migrants? Duh? Quite the opposite, they have taken in too many without any restrictions. Have you always had trouble understanding things the more informed are talking about?

Terence Y

Still trying to deflect, Jorg? Still afraid to answer questions? Not surprising. And we’ve already gone over this: Democrats support open borders, you’re a Democrat, ergo you support open borders, regardless of your claptrap. BTW, Colonel Sanders spied your wing but you scurried away before he could catch you.


Terence: Putin may appreciate you as a somewhat useful, - someone. But what he may not realize, is that people so dumb that they fall for your nonsense, are already stupid enough to vote for his favorite, the easily manipulated agent Trump.

Terence Y

Still trying to deflect? Still afraid to answer questions? Not surprising. And FYI, Jorg Van Winkle, we’re now in September of 2020 and the Russian hoax was debunked a while ago.

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